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“Vacation” is over

Tomorrow I go back to the day job. I am on reduced pay (75%) but the expectation is 100% time… Since I was never at 100% time when I was at 100% pay, we’ll see how this goes.

I was called back in to work. And by called in I mean, mandated to go into the office 3 days a week. This irks me even though I prefer to work at work. I hate that I am not given a choice. Especially since I can do my job from home. Even more so as my mayor is still asking all who can stay home and work to continue to do so. Even more so as I know there are those in my company who don’t think it’s safe and still have to show up. But this is not my hill to die on right now as I have financial goals to meet and this is the means to an end.

I am actively job searching. Seems like a herculean task but I am up for it.

I shot myself in the foot by changing my availability at the night job and my manager signed me up for all the shifts. So not only do I have to go to my day job but I will be working my night job EVERY night until 11 pm. Pray for me. It is going to be a long and caffeinated week. As long as I go to bed before midnight I should be able to make it work.

The exercising is still going well. My plan is to continue the 6 days a week and work out before starting my day. I have set multiple alarms and asked a couple of friends to call me at 7 am. Hopefully I am able to keep this up.

I read a book in 2 days. I am as surprised as you are. “The Perfect Wife” was an interesting read. I stayed up way too late last night devouring it, finishing it off this morning. I am 3 books behind to meet my yearly goal according to Goodreads. I need to find more books like this that capture my attention.

Alright, time for bed.

Hope all is well with you and yours.



Back on the wagon

Today is day 5 in a row that I have exercised. A small feat!!

I have brought back this oldie but goodie and the first time I did it, I had to pause it 3 times and was a hot, sweaty mess at the end. 🙂

the firm

I am out of shape.

I have been alternating The Firm workout with Callenetics Express, a 17 minute total body, non impact workout. Sounds easy but it is not.


These two workouts have been kicking my butt in a good way. I plan to do each video three times a week and then take a day of rest.

While I am not convinced I will be returning to my day job at the beginning of June, it would be nice if my clothes still fit comfortably just in case. Elastic waist pants are too forgiving.

Not much else is going on. My night job is handing out hours like it’s candy on Halloween. I have yet to work a week that was less than 40 hours. In fact, I keep getting requests to start earlier. Great for my wallet!

I have also started looking for a new day job. I know this is probably not the best time to be job searching but I am not certain that I will actually be returning to my current gig as the date keeps getting pushed out. Plus I am ready for change and should keep my options open.

Hope all is well in your world and you are healthy.


I am still struggling to get myself into some kind of routine that isn’t staying up way too late and sleeping in. I need to start being productive. I have a list of things to do that I have been ignoring. I keep adding to it and not crossing anything off.

This past Thursday was bright and sunny and all I could focus on was the dirt and dust in my home. Fridays are long work days so I knew Saturday would be the day for chores. Last year, August or September, I bought new doorknobs for all the doors inside my apartment. When the handle on Diva’s door came off in my hand late last year, I changed it and also the one on Princess’s room to keep things even. Especially since it was Princess’s idea to change the door handles. And then I rested…

So yesterday I changed 3 of the six remaining doors. I then dusted like it was my job. It was gross. Then I vacuumed the living room and hallway. We threw out some crap and put some other stuff in a bag for donation. Unfortunately no one is open to take these treasures so I will be adding them to my sister’s pile in my mother’s garage as I do not have any space for junk.

My place looks better but there is still so much more to do. I have yet to tackle my bedroom and it needs assistance. It is overdue. So I am going to try to get up at a reasonable hour this week and work on it bit by bit. I only recently emptied the suitcase I used in November … 😒😳🙄😲

I did my taxes today. I was procrastinating as I knew I owed and since Trudeau gave me that extension I figured I had time… but since my taxes are done with my daughters I didn’t want to delay them too much as they are eligible for all kinds of rebates I am not. They are both getting back money so I’ll be hitting them up for meals out. LOL

Even though I owe a small fortune and am now working way too much for very little, I still feel privileged. Life is still good. We are still healthy. There is lots of food in the fridge and freezers. Ironically I have more money in my accounts and a smaller than normal credit card bill this month. It has got me thinking about how much of my spending was just on crap and unnecessary. I know most of it went in my belly and it was how I socialized. It is bringing to front that I should change my ways. I think our “new normal” will help with that, whenever we are allowed out again.

Hope all is well in your world and you are healthy.

Less is more

One of the joys of being home all the time is realizing just how lazy my kids are. The little one is more helpful that the older one. Unfortunately the big one is the one that is home the most. Since I was working 60+ hours away from home I noticed the mess but I was tired and had other priorities. Now that I’m only working 45+ hours at home all day, the mess was driving me to the brink of madness.

So last Friday I had the day off and with the kids in and out of the house. I washed EVERY dirty dish and utensil, then dried them and hid all but 3 plates, 3 bowls and 3 small bowls, 4 little spoons, 4 big spoons, 4 forks and 3 knives. The reduction was not mentioned by either child for some time.  The mess is still there but it is more manageable to me. I am realizing that visual clutter is not my favourite thing and this helps. Having said that I am eating crackers and cheese out of a small bowl as all the plates are dirty or missing. Time to crack down on these two.

Now to get the rest of the house under control.


Feeling blessed

I really thought I would have posted more by now. Especially since I have more free time than usual as my day job laid me off 2 weeks ago. However in that time I opened up my schedule to the night job and they took full advantage. I have worked the past 29 days straight at one or both of my jobs. The last 2 weeks schedule at the night job had me on for 50 hours each week. Ordinarily I would complain but since it is my only source of income I am going to just smile and say thanks.

I have applied for unemployment benefits just in case these long hours do not continue. I have a bit of a break this week and am only working 33 hours and I have Friday AND Saturday off. Too bad I have no where to go. If I was a more productive person I would used those days to knock some chores off my list. We shall see.

I am still checking my day job emails daily to handle any easy fires. I am not obligated to but I am nosy and still a team player. Hurts to know that there are 3 people working reduced hours to try to accomplish what 9 people did full time. I will help out where I can.

In addition to this, I have tweaked my resume and have been applying to jobs. I have been feeling for a long while that it is time to start a new adventure but got complacent. Ideal this is probably not the best time but I have the time so I should make use of it.

With all my spare time, I have started exercising again. Leslie Sansone for the win!! I am hot, sweaty mess at the end of my 20 minute sessions and am starting to feel like I am getting back in shape.

Easter brought the end of Lent, so meat is back on my plate. It hasn’t happened yet as I think my body works better without meat. I am going to slowly introduce meat back into my diet and see what happens. Or maybe just eat meat twice a week as my new lifestyle choice.

Last week we needed groceries and braved the lineup at Costco. It took 30 minutes to get into the store and I stocked up on everything as the thought of lining up again just was not appealing. I am still out of some items I usually buy at a regular grocery store and will learn to get by without them for a bit longer. We have lots of meat, rice, bread and frozen veggies so we should be good for a few weeks.

The only thing that has suffered in this time is my reading. So this week, I am going to try to get up earlier and use that time to read. I am 4 books behind on my Goodreads yearly challenge.

I am trying to get current with my emails. I am a little embarrassed to say there are over 10,000 unread emails in my inboxes. 🙄 I am slowly catching up. There may or may not be emails from 2018 that I am still working on. So if I am commenting on old posts of yours please don’t judge me. LOL

Other than that, life is pretty relaxed over here. I’m avoiding the news a little as it is wearing on me. It is heartbreaking to hear all the tragedy. These are unprecedented times and it sucks feeling helpless. Despite all of this I still feel blessed. I have income in a time of such uncertainty. I have savings. My family is all safe and accounted for. We are all healthy for now. I really can’t ask for anything else.

Hope all is well with you and yours.

Overdue greetings

I think we can all agree, I am not managing this blog as well as I could. But I only have so much time and I prioritize rest before most things except work and exercise. I am working 60+ hours and still trying to work out at least 4 days a week. This was working well until I feel off the exercise bandwagon 3 weeks ago. I had to admit I was burnt out and needed a break. I am trying to find that perfect routine for me. Becoming a morning person is hard work.

My day job is slowing down and there were some lay offs last week. The rest of us have had our hours and pay cut to compensate for the decrease in business. This gives me 1 day off every week. On the flip side, the night job is ramping up so I am still busy. No rest for the wicked. At least I have the option to work from home with both jobs. So I see lots of days passed in pants with elastic waist! 🙂 I feel very fortunate to still have both jobs in a time when so many are faced with uncertainty.

I could not continue without acknowledging this global crisis we are all facing. Coronavirus has taken us all for a loop. It is frightening how quickly this virus has travelled around the world. Even more alarming is how casually way too many people are treating this situation. My heart has been breaking at the images of the elderly standing in empty aisles of toilet paper. Don’t get me started about the kids who depend on their schools to feed them and those schools are now closed. I pray that we somehow survive this and become better humans in the process.

I hope this message finds you in good health and you continue to be healthy.

Take care.


Feeling slightly violated

So last Sunday I am at a family function and I receive a text message advising me that my cell company is getting a request to move my phone number to another provider and if I didn’t make this request to call an unrecognized 1-877 number. I thought it looked spammy, showed my cousins who agreed and left it alone.

Fast forward 2 hours and my phone is telling me I have a unregistered sim card. We remove it and put it back, still the same message. I go to the local Rogers store and was told the text message was legit and I will need to buy a new sim card and they will assign me a temporary number until they can get my number back from the other carrier.

I didn’t think anything of it and went to work. BIG MISTAKE. On my break I tried to log into my hotmail account and couldn’t get in. I had my number back by this point so I reset my password. Logging into my account I saw an email from Amazon that my account was suspended for the next 2 hours.


This was close to my end of shift so I figured I’d deal with it when I got home. I spent the rest of my shift twitching and willing time to pass. Got home, cussed my computer for taking long to boot up. Logged into my email to see another email from Amazon telling me my order was placed. WTF!?!

Logged into Amazon, reset my password and removed my credit card. Looked at my open and cancelled orders and found nothing. The deviant also signed me up for Prime and looked at a Nintendo gaming system. Got on a chat with Amazon, while checking my credit card account. Was assured me that everything seemed on the up and up until I mentioned that there was a pending charge on my credit card for $19.99 and to then I was told someone would contact me on Monday as this needed to be escalated.

Monday morning I woke up to an email saying my order had shipped. Saw that the charge was not cancelled but charged to my card. Decided to cancel my credit card.

Reached out to Amazon again on Tuesday. Was told someone would get in contact with me in 2-3 days. Still waiting, thankfully not holding my breathe.

Did I mention that I also logged into a very old Paypal account to see someone else’s email address and a different mailing address. BLOODY HELL. Luckily I have not used Paypal in over 5 years and never had a credit card or bank account linked to it. There is $15 in the account that I have no clue how to get out.

My mind has been racing for the past week on what else could have been compromised.

2020 has got to get better right?

2019 – A look back

The last real update I posted was early July. This past summer was a good one. I was out and about almost every weekend and it was tiring and fun. I went to 2 different cottages and caught my first fish.


I have no idea what kind of fish it was. It was small and returned to the lake. I think I might be more of a pretend fisher, really only doing it to be out on the water.

Hung out with my friends and we went all over. I had a lot of day trips all over Ontario. Went to an alpaca farm. Went to 3 different outlet malls. Finally made it to St. Jacob’s Market. Spent an afternoon at the beaches. Took a drive to Tobermory, which is beyond beautiful. Took my kids to do the Whirlpool Jet Boat ride. Went to visit a friend in Ottawa. Visited my Aunt in MD. Saw Michelle Obama.

People, I was tired and my wallet was crying. I was trying to good, then my friend’s sister died and she requested my presence at the memorial. I booked the the tickets to Chicago and my friend booked everything else. In the spirit of generosity, I refused to take payment for her ticket. She is a student and has always been there for me, so I figured it was the least I could do. My bank account is not pleased with me.

Since I was already off the budget train, I bought myself a smart watch. I absolutely love my Samsung Galaxy watch. I appreciate the gentle nudges to move more than I thought. I installed a water reminder app which helps greatly. I am trying to get back to healthy in 2020.

Next time, we will talk about my goals for 2020. Until then, I hope life is treating you well.

Happy New Year

Image result for happy new year 2020 images

Well look who’s back!?!

It was never my intention to stay away so long. I actually only planned to take the summer off as it got away from me. I had the best time socializing and my bank account acknowledges this. The fall came around and I was not inspired to say anything. Not sure I am now but I figured it’s a new year, time to give this another go. I miss this space.

I am sadly still trying to manage my time better. Since I am typing this up at almost 1 am I am not succeeding. But hopefully accountability is really what I need.

I’ll be back sooner rather than later with a brief recap of the past 6 months and my plans for the foreseeable future. Until then, good night and I hope life has been treating you kindly.

Living it up

If the busyness of this summer doesn’t kill me I will be shocked.

Now that I have Saturdays free from work, I am making the most of it. Every Saturday from now until September has something booked or penciled in. And I am still socializing in the week.

Last Wednesday my new friend P sent me a Groupon for Lionel Ritchie tickets for the following evening. As a huge fan of both live events and Lionel, I could not say no. So after working Thursday I was fighting traffic to get to my local mall to meet my friend so we could travel down together.

Lionel was amazing. I had a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that he is 70 years old. He preformed for 1.5 hours and it was fantastic.

Last Saturday, had me trekking across the city to visit my oldest cousin. It was a long overdue visit. I brought my Mom along and it was very reminiscent of my childhood. Complete with 50+ minute time line to leave her house. My cousin’s husband had a stroke almost 2 years ago and I have been meaning to visit for at least the past year. It has been a rough road for her but she handles it with such grace.

This past Tuesday, I crossed off another to do item. I FINALLY saw “Come From Away” and it was everything I thought it would be.


With just chairs and tables and 12+ people, this cast told one of the greatest stories of the best of humanity. It was very moving. This play tells the story of what happened on 9/11 when 7,000 people were forced to land in Gander, Newfoundland, town of 9,000. I had heard many stories about the kindness and hospitality of my country folk to the East but this story brought it all home for me.

Today, I was supposed to have a spa day but instead I am going fishing and will be playing hooky tomorrow. Shhhhhhh, don’t tell my many bosses. 😉