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Day 11 of 12

The end is near!!  The end is near!! 

It’s Day 11 of 12.  The end is so close I can almost taste the bread and ice cream I have been denying myself for the last 11 days.  I have started to dream of food.  😦  I spend a few minutes a day (almost every day) reading staring and drooling over the Pizza menus on my desk.  Don’t ask why I have not moved them to a drawer or the recycling bin.  I just like to torture myself a bit. 

Funny thing is when I tell people I am on a cleanse, almost every woman has replied with “So how much have you lost?” as if that would be the only acceptable reason or result.  Why are we women so obsessed with those digits on the scale?  I for one REFUSE to own a scale.  I can’t see what benefit it would serve me.  I go to the Doctor once a year and he forces convinces me to step on the scale.  That’s enough for me.  Do I need to know that between Monday morning and Monday night I lost/gain weight.  HELL NO!

It’s crazy I tell ya, absolute madness.  I refuse to judge my self-worth based on any number.  Do I feel healthy?  Am I getting enough nutrients?  Am I moving my body daily?  Those are my defining questions.  What are yours?

**Getting off soapbox now**