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IWIW – 11/14/12

Confession time, I am a camera addict.  I’m not sure if I really like taking pictures or just buying new gadgets.  But I have 3 functioning cameras right now, but they are all point and shoot.

I would really, really, really, really like a DSLR.  Like REALLY.  But I have yet to justify the high price.

I have always wanted a Canon Rebel.  I am a Canon fan.  All my current cameras are Canons.

Every year I say “I’ll get last year’s model and be happy” and then the next model would come along and I would think “Oh my … feature blah blah blah is really nice maybe I should wait until the price drops on the new version and get it instead”

This has been going on for 4, maybe 5 years. 😦

Last year I said I would stop at the Canon T3i as it has the flip out screen that I find handy to have.

But then I started looking at the Canon T4i … and it has a touchscreen … blah blah blah. 😦


Isn’t it pretty?

Anyhoo, I started researching lenses and I came across the new 18-135mm STM lens that would allow me to do close up and a longer zoom without having to change lenses.  It will also maintain autofocus while in movie mode.  And that is where trouble started.

The Canon T4i and the new 18-135mm lens bundled with a few extras are on sale.  I have until Nov 21 …

I have avoided going to look at it as I feel like I would finally give in to temptation.

I have to confess, that at least once every couple of days I look at it online. 😦

What do you think, spend the money and stop torturing myself or continue to lust from afar?



IWIW – 11/7/12

It’s “I Want It Wednesday”!!

For those of you who are new to the party this is a day where (when I remember *blush*) I post about things I want.  Sometimes they are crazy outlandish wants and other times I am a bit more down to earth.

Today is a down to earth day.

Today I am lusting after … a massage.  A full body massage.  It’s on my to do list.  This is not the first time this want has appeared on this list.

In fact I have decided that when I lose my first 10 pounds this will be my reward.

Unfortunately I regained 3 of my lost 7. 😦

But I will keep hope alive.

IWIW – 10/24/12

I used to think that my list of wants was longer than long but as time passes I have learned that I don’t suffer from wanton consumerism like I thought I did.  Maybe I’m getting older wiser, but I no longer find myself yearning for things.

I want to create.

I want to have experiences, like travel or good food.

I want to be financially secure.  That means so much more to me than another “thing”.

I want my children to grow into productive responsible members of society.

I want to look back at the end of my life and feel like I became all that I could be.

A while back, I played with the idea of creating a vision board.  Then like some great ideas, it fell by the wayside.  I think I will task myself with this undertaking again.

Stay tuned.

IWIW – 10/17/12

With my recent health kick, I am debating a heart monitor.  I think it would be great to accurately track calories burned.


This is a want right now.  I don’t think at this point in my fitness journey it is necessary.

I haven’t done a lot of research yet, but the prices seem to vary from $50 up to $600. 😦

Anyone have any recommendations?

IWIW – 09/26/12

It’s been a long while since I wrote about my wants.  Lately there hasn’t been much that I have really wanted.  Strange I know.

But then Kitchen Stuff Plus sent me this week’s specials and *ding* *ding* *ding* something caught my eye.


I have a few ton of small kitchen appliances that could be better stored on this shelving unit than on my kitchen table, above my kitchen cabinets and in my kitchen cabinets.

A year or more ago a co-worker told me this his wife forced convinced him to buy some metal shelving for the purpose of storing all their small appliances.  He said it was a great way of having things on hand without taking up a lot of counter space.

Since counter space is minimal in my kitchen I thought this idea might work for me, but never got around to researching it.

Based on the hot mess that my kitchen has become I think that the 5 shelf version could bring order to my kitchen.  I’m just not sure that it is strong enough to hold a stand mixer, food processor, toaster oven and blender, among other things.

What do you think should I spend the $60+ or try to get creative?

IWIW – 08/01/12

I am in need of a new bed mattress.  It is overdue.

My mattress has been in my possession longer than Princess has been alive. 😦 I think you are supposed to change your mattress every 10+ years.  For those of you new to the party, Princess is 14.

I have looked at mattresses and then my inner cheapness frugalness comes out.  I think that I should have a good mattress, I just don’t like that it will cost me lots to get one.

Last week, Diva & I walked to the local mall.  We stopped in at the furniture store.  Diva laid down on a Tempur-Pedic and fell in love.  It was a nice mattress until I saw the $3700 price tag.


For. Just. The. Mattress!?!

Not happening any time soon.

But I do have to ramp up my search for a mattress.  Sooner rather than later I need to put some serious effort into finding a replacement.

A friend of mine has a foam mattress that I liked.  Turns out he walked in to his local Costco and picked it up.  Oh to live in America.

Costco Canada offers me a several options online.  But having things delivered to my apartment always puts me off.  I envision either the delivery company leaving it in the foyer for anyone to steal or taking it back to their distribution centre and then I have to go get it and fight with it to get it home.

I think that I need to move to a “simpler” country.  As I age, I am finding myself suffering from option overload.  I like having choices, I just don’t want too many.

IWIW – 07/18/12

My recent athletic endeavours have created today’s list.


A foam roller.  It is used to stretch your muscles and tendons.  Something I don’t think that Jillian does enough.




A good shoe with support.  Not sure if this should be a running shoe or a cross trainer, but they are usually rather ugly.  The ankle I rolled last year hurts a bit.  I’m not sure if this is because I need new shoes or exercising itself has hurt it.  Either way, my shoes are old and a new pair couldn’t hurt.




A good massage.  My poor muscles are hurting.  They need some tender loving care.



IWIW – 7/11/12

When I moved I was lucky enough to receive a free couch from a friend of mine.  Over the past 5 years that couch has been abused and it starting to talk.  Surprisingly only when I sit on it but I digress.

For the past couple of years I’ve said I should get a new couch but did nothing about it.  I think I drove my friends crazy with my day-dreaming.

Well a few weeks ago I met up with a girlfriend for dinner and since we had time to kill we went looking for a couch.

My Dad bought recliner couches and my kids love them so I figure I would at least look at some.

I went to The Brick but nothing in there really called my name.

Sears was next door and there were a few couches that caught my eye.


I liked this one but the $4000+ price tag quickly changed my mind.  Plus I need at least 3 recliners or else there will be a war in my home.


I can’t remember the price and the Sears website is not helpful with this one, but I thought I should get more than 3 seats.


This one has power reclining and a light in the cup holder.  Not sure that’s worth $4500+ though.


I really liked this one.  But $2900 is still a bit more that I would like to spend.


This one really caught my eye.  I would have walked right past it, had it not been for the salesman who suggested it.  It fits my basic criteria, 3 recliners with extra seating!!  But it is huge.  Based on the measurements I took in the store I would have to turn around my living room in order to accommodate it.  At $1500, I was told this is a steal.  I don’t know about steal but it was the cheapest recliner couch I liked so far.

When I see these $1000+ prices, it makes me pause.

I will continue to look and keep my eyes open for sales now that I think I found what I like.

IWIW – 07/04/12

I want a toned strong body.  Particularly strong arms.  I have spoken before about my fear of “Oprah arms”.

I really like love Ciara‘s body.

And I understand that she’s 16 26, AND has never given birth to a child AND it’s her job to be in shape but that still doesn’t change my desire to have a body like hers.

 (Source)   (Source)

While trolling the internet I came across Ruby Carter-Pikes.  She is a 64-year-old great-grandma who is taking the body building world by storm.


And Ernestine Shepherd, a 75-year-old body builder.


Body building has never appealed to me but what these two older women are doing is just phenomenal.

Very inspirational and motivational!!

IWIW – 06/27/12

A few odds and ends that have caught my eye. And some examples of how it sometimes sucks to be Canadian, usually only where shopping is concerned as living in Canada is fantastic … ahh umm ok back to the subject at hand.

Item #1 – Belkin Mini Surge Protector


Why is this $11.89 on Amazon.com and $19.49 on Amazon.ca??

Item #2 – City of Joy movie


This is one of my favourite movies and I want to share it with my kids.  I put it on hold at the library over 18 months ago.  It seems like they can’t find their only copy.  I am debating purchasing it.

Amazon.com  – $5.80
Amazon.ca – $5.51

Item #3 – The Power of One movie


Another old favourite.  A copy can not be had at the local library. 😦  It is only recently that I learned this movie is based on a book with the same name.

Amazon.com – $18.48
Amazon.ca – $89.29 (no this is not a typo) 😦

Item #4 – Lifefactory 22 oz glass water bottle


In recent years I have become more skeptical about what is going into the plastics we use day in and day out.  When given the option I will avoid plastic and cans.  BPA is something I am actively trying to avoid.  To make matters worst just went I was starting to feel like drinking from BPA-free plastics was good enough I read this article that made me squeamish all over again.

Amazon.com – $15.75
Amazon.ca – $24.20

Item #5 – Tervis 24 oz water bottle or tumbler



The elephant is just so cute.  I love double walled glasses and if these weren’t plastic they would be part of my kitchen.  It took a lot of restraint when I was in BB&B a couple of weeks ago.  Lucky for me these items were out of stock.  I am a huge Steelers fan and contemplated going to a different BB&B to get this mug.  But time was not in my favour at that time and given my recent experience with BB&B, I will not be back.

Amazon.com total* is $45.06 with free shipping.
Amazon.ca total* is $89.19 and if I add $5.51 more of merchandise I can get free shipping. 😦

*The above totals are based on buying The Power of One used.