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PGH – 4/29/13

It’s been a while since I have blogged about Project Get Healthy.  Mainly due to not much no change in my weight.

This morning I got happy news when I stepped on the scale.  Down 0.8 lbs for an overall weight loss of over 20 lbs!!!  Break out the ice water and celery!!! 😉

I have 9.4 lbs to go until I hit my initial goal.  I have added another goal of an additional 9 lbs to that so I can have some wiggle room.  I’d like to be in the middle of the weight range for my height.

I did not exercise at all last week.  I just tried to stay within my allotted 1330 calories for the day.

I have entered into another 30 Day Shred challenge.  My boss and another lady at work are on the weight loss journey and we have decided to do the 30 Day Shred, Monday through Friday for the next 12 weeks.

The plan is to do 30DS first thing in the morning and do something else Leslie or Callanetics 2 or 3 afternoons during the week.

I can see the end of the tunnel so I am stepping up my pace to get there sooner.

I like this new me who has more energy and whose pants are starting to fall off. 🙂

PGH – 4/9/13

The weight gain from last week is gone. 🙂  I tried to eat clean but I did not exercise as much as I should have and still the weight left me.  I am not complaining. 😉

This week my exercise game is on point.  I got a new Jillian video from the library.

Kickbox Fastfix (Source)

Kickbox Fastfix, 3 20 minute workouts.  And when Jillian says 20 minutes, she is not kidding.  From start to finish the workouts are under 21 minutes.  I did level 1 on Sunday and level 2 today.  I do not feel the need to buy or renew this video.  It’s not my favourite.  There are a lot of kicks that require you to pivot and well trying to do that on my floor is not easy so I think I may be doing damage to my knees.  I will do level 3 on Thursday and return this video satisfied that I didn’t buy it.  (I love the library)

I think the trick for me is to workout on Sunday.  As it puts me in the right frame of mind.  So far this week I have worked out every day.  Tomorrow I will finally break open one of my Leslie videos (Thanks Hawaii Planner, please stop giving me dirty looks lol, your gift was not in vain).

I have been eating just enough to fulfill my calories needs.  I want to get to the next point.  I am thisclose to losing 20 lbs.  I am determined to hit it by my next weigh in.  I was so close 2 weeks ago and I let it slip through my fingers. 😦  It is within my grasp so I am going to hit it.  I am back on the wagon in a more committed way.

My boss, who is the weight watcher queen, joined myfitnesspal.com.  She resisted as she did not want to count her food twice.  I am not sure what changed her mind but it’s very interesting to see her new perspective.

PGH – 3/27/13

On Sunday I was all hype to get back on track health wise.  I have 2 Leslie Sansone videos to try out (thanks Secret Sister) so I have no excuse not to work out as the shortest workout is 15+ minutes long.  I can always find 15 minutes.  Those are my favourite workouts as just when you think “how much longer?”, they are done. 😉

Monday, I am not sure what I ate but as I was leaving work my stomach started to churn.  I came home and found a spot on the couch and kept myself quiet.  It eventually went away but by that time I was not in the mood to do anything but feel sorry for myself.

Tuesday, I stayed at work way late and I still had to come home and prepare dinner.  When I returned home I found my lovely offspring lazing and my kitchen a hot mess.  Some harsh words were delivered.  After they cleaned up and I cooked, it was late and again I was not in the mood.

Tonight, found me at the chiropractor.  I was hungry when I came home.  After eating, the couch called my name I swear. 😉

I don’t know where the energy and the drive went that I had on Sunday.

Tomorrow we leave work early so my plan is to come home and fight with spend some time with Jillian’s No More Trouble Zones or Extreme Shed and Shred.

Let me tell you how far off the wagon I feel today.  All you can eat sushi is my kryptonite.  Sad part is I was better than I have been in a long time but when I got home I just couldn’t stop eating. 😦  I was so over that myfitnesspal.com had me weighing more than I do today in 5 weeks if I ate like I did today every day. 😦  That hasn’t happened in a very long time.

I missed Monday’s weigh in as I forgot.  First time ever.

Tuesday’s weigh in was successful.  1.4 lbs less than last week.  19.6 lbs total. 🙂

Unfortunately I will have to go back to all you can eat sushi on Saturday.  The “sacrifices” one must make for their child. 😉  It’s Princess’ birthday and my girl wants to go back to the all you can eat sushi restaurant to have … wait for it … popcorn chicken. O_o

PGH – 01/08/13



No exercise (Source)

Confession time: I still have not gotten back on the exercise bandwagon.  There I said it.  Cue the flogging!

Reasons Excuses: I have way too many.  But truth be told none of them are that good.

There are 2 small factors that are playing into my laziness.

  1. I have been feeling run down and cold. Since the weight started coming off I have felt cold.  No longer do I lounge in yoga pants.  I have turned into the sexy queen of flannel and fleece!!  And even then I will still crawl under a blanket.  My house is set at 72F/22C and Diva is usually walking around in her skivvies so it’s me. 😦
  2. Even though I have not been exercising my weight is still decreasing.  This is not motivating me to get back to working out. Especially since I worked out for 4 weeks straight and my weight did not move.

Right now I am trying to get to bed at a decent hour so that I can get some much-needed rest.  Last night was my first night and it felt good today.  I was not falling over tired at 5 pm.  So I am off to bed early again tonight.

Hopefully I can conquer this run down feeling and get my mojo back.

PGH – 12/10/12

Guess who can get a massage now!?!

Come on … guess!!

This morning I was prepared for same ole same old.  I was pleasantly surprised.

The scale moved. 🙂

In the right direction!!! 🙂

I was a little shocked so I stepped off and stepped back on.

It was true, my weight loss was now over 10 pounds.

I am a third of the way to a healthier me.

I can’t stop now, I’ve been tossed a nugget of hope.

I can and will get off the next plateau I just have to keep my eyes on the prize.

Sleep. Work. Workout. Rinse. Repeat.

RIT – Day 6

6 down … 14 more to go.

This morning was weigh in time.  I was feeling pretty good about it.  I exercised ALL week, watched my calories like a hawk.  It could only be good news.

It was!!

I am down 3.6 pounds from last Monday!!  I undid the damage I did last weekend!!

So far I am down 7.8 pounds.  I think that massage is getting closer and closer!! 🙂

Today was the first day of Level 2.  I am in pain.  Good pain, but pain none the less.

I feel like I’m on my way to being healthier.

PGH – 11/1/12

This Monday was the first time since I started Project Get Healthy that the scale didn’t move. 😦

While it didn’t go down, it didn’t go up either. 🙂

So I need to step up my exercise game.


Having said that I am going to do Ripped in 30 again starting on Monday.  I will only workout on the week days.  This is the kick in the pants I think I need. The plan is to workout first thing in the morning so I can come home and relax after work.

I’m fairly certain I can do the 4 weeks, it’s the 5th week I am concerned about.  I am really hoping that I can get into the habit of morning workouts.  Right now I am having a hard time getting my tail out of bed.

As for the food, with the exception of going out to brunch on Sunday, I have been at or below my 1400 daily calorie allowance.  Keeping track of what I eat is working out really well for me.  I just can’t say enough nice things about myfitnesspal.com.  They have just about everything I eat already in their database so I don’t have to do any formulating or calculating of calories.

During the week I eat the same thing for breakfast, oatmeal with almond butter, craisins and flaxseeds.  Lunch is either leftovers from dinner or a wrap/sandwich etc.  Once I have entered my breakfast and lunch choices, I put in my evening cup of tea and cookies.  Then I backtrack to see what dinner will look like.  If I don’t have a lot of calories left for dinner I workout to earn some. 😉  Easy peasy!

This weekend I will take my measurements again to see if I’ve lost any inches since starting this journey.  Also to get a baseline to see how effective working out 5 days a week for 4 weeks is.

Wish me luck or better yet, wish me perseverance.