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I survived the One Week Shred

1 wk shred

OMG.  I am stubborn and the will to just get it over and done with was very strong.

I got up this morning and decided that I did not want to spread out the workout “joy”.  So I downed a Greek yogurt, some cheese & a banana then tackled both the morning strength and the evening cardio.

I am a hot sweaty mess but it’s done!!

I am so glad. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Tomorrow when I get up, I will step on the scale and hopefully all my hard work will not be in vain.

Now to put some real food down range, shower and start this day.

Willing Saturday to come

I am 5 days into One Week Shred and I am sooooo ready for it to be over.  Exercising twice a day is no joke.  Couple that with I don’t come home straight after work and it has me doing my second workout after 7 pm some nights. 😦

On the plus side, I do feel stronger and like there may be less jiggle going on.  It might be my imagination but I’m gonna go with it.

Next week I will do a cleanse to try to set myself back to eating properly.  The little weight loss that comes from it is an added bonus.  I will continue to exercise but only in the morning.

If by February the scale isn’t moving in the right direction and my clothes are not becoming loose, I might have to take One Week Shred out of the library again. I must confess that the calorie burn is fantastic.

I am getting serious about my health.  Far too many people are getting seriously sick around me.  And when you think about it, your health is so very precious.  We tend to take it for granted until something horrible happens.

So for the next 3 months I am putting myself first.  Time to get rid of the stress and tension from my previous job and find my way back to happy.

One Week Shred

1 wk shred

Be careful what you ask for.

My quest to lose weight get in shape before my next birthday is coming along.  The last time I put One Week Shred on hold at the library it took some time to get to me.  This time not so much.  The universe has spoken. 😥

I have worked out every day since Jan 1.  Yes I know it’s ONLY Jan 4 but still … small steps. 🙂

I picked up One Week Shred yesterday and decided to start it today.

It is 2 workouts a day; a 30 minute strength workout in the morning and a 30 minute cardio session in the afternoon for 7 days.

Oh My Word! I struggled through the strength part this morning.  I am not looking forward to the cardio later.

I just keep repeating that it’s only 7 days and I can do anything for 7 days.

Since I stepped on the scale this morning I think it will be easier to get up and get going.  It was not pretty.

Now to get my chores done so I can do my second workout for the day. *crying silently*