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OMG Really Rogers!!

I can not say it enough.  I do not like having to call Rogers customer service.

I was reading Frugal and Thankful’s recount of how she saved money by calling her Internet provider to ask for a discount and this reminded me to check my latest Rogers bill.

You see ever since I moved into my apartment, I have gotten a deal on my home phone.  Unfortunately the deal can only be given in 12 month increments so I have to call back every year to ask for it again.

Knowing that it expires sometime at the end of the year, I called Rogers back in November.  I was told that the promotion was put back on my account.

December’s bill comes.  No discount.  I call back Rogers and was given some song and dance and assured that the promotion would be on my next bill.

January’s bill is here.  Guess what’s missing???  Yup, my discount.  ARGHHHH!!!

So never-mind that it was after 11:30 last night, I called Rogers.

The first person I get on the phone I explain that I was promised a discount and I did not receive it.  I asked him if he was the right person to talk to.  He said no and transferred me to the home phone department.  The next customer service rep agreed that I should be getting a discount but needed to transfer me to the customer retention department as they were the one that made the promise.


It’s now close to midnight and I have to tell my tale to a third person??? I had to pray for strength as “ugly” Sunny was about to rear her stink attitude.

The third Rogers employee was nice and spoke in soft tones, calming the angry beast within me.  She commented on how I surely must have better things to do than to call a company three times in order to get a discount.  She was pleasant.  She even offered to back date the discount to the months I was supposed to be getting it and then start my 12 months from today.

I get that Rogers is in the business of making money but they really need to train their customer service reps better.  Making a promise and not delivering on it is just bad business all around.  Thankfully their service is reliable or else I would have left a long time ago.  I rarely have to call them but when I do, 90% of the time it is grief.

I am willing to be hired to train their CSRs … just saying.