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So much happened

It has been an eventful last few days.

Thursday, we took public transit downtown to see Wicked and it was just as amazing as I remembered. Diva was not happy at first but then they sang “Popular” and she was right into it. I’m so glad we were able to see it. Later on, we went to see Incredibles 2. So worth the wait, we all enjoyed it.

I took Friday off to make it an extra long weekend. I had plans to relax and read. It didn’t quite end up like that. Diva rides her bike to work. And Friday morning, she had the unfortunate experience of being tapped by a car. She told me that she made eye contact with the driver and both of them assumed the other would stop. They were both wrong. The driver realized this late and tapped the front tire of her bike, knocking her off the bike.

She is fine, but was in shock as her first reaction was to go to work. Her palms are scratched up. She was sent home and I made her go to the doctor, just to be on the safe side. He gave her some gauze and the all clear. Princess was also sent home on Friday as their manager thought she should be home with her sister, plus it was slow.

Yesterday, Princess and I went to run some errands. On our way to get our eyebrows done, the radio in the van stopped working. This was a bit odd, but I was not concerned until I looked at my dashboard and every needle was in the down position. Like the car was not on, but I was still moving. I had the foresight to get off the road. I turned off my van and it refused to turn back on.

I call my roadside assistance company and went into a nearby restaurant for food and shelter. Yesterday was hotter than hot. The technician came quickly and after a false start, diagnosed my battery as dead. He recommended I buy a battery from Costco instead of the one he had in his vehicle. He told me how to change the battery and advised that I could call him if I needed help.

My BFF was available to take me to Costco and held the umbrella over me as I wrestled with the battery leads. I almost gave up. In fact, I was having so much trouble with one of the leads, that my BFF called the technician. He wanted $50 to put in the battery … she told him to come and I re-dedicated myself to getting the old battery out.

I was able to change the battery by myself and all was well. Princess and I finished our errands and returned home to get ready for my Uncle’s 70th birthday dinner. The event was good. We were late, so we missed the happy hour but got there just in time for dinner.

After the celebration, I put the key in the ignition and I now have warning lights on the dashboard. After googling when I returned home, it is either I didn’t tighten the leads enough (very likely) or I need a new alternator. Of course since it’s a holiday weekend, I will have to wait until Tuesday morning to see my mechanic.

I am debating tinkering with the battery and disconnecting it and reconnecting it to see if that gets rid of the warning lights.

My Aunt from MD is here and she wants to go exploring the country side. There are currently 4 plus me, so it makes sense to take my minivan. But I am not comfortable driving any distance in it as it is. Even if fiddling gets rid of the warning lights, I still want a mechanic to look at it. ** Correction, only 3 plus me, so guess who went for a long Sunday drive? It was a lot of fun but my Aunt without a plan is not good for my belly as we did not stop to eat until close to 5 pm. We left my place at 12:45 pm. I had only had a cup of coffee and a protein bar at that point.



Tomorrow, I am on the schedule at the PT job so I need to figure something out. It’s not like I can’t take the bus to work, but I’ve been spoiled. I’ll figure something out. My mom has volunteered to take me. ūüôā

Other than that, I didn’t exercise as much as I would have liked to. I did manage to have a walking/dinner date with one of my cousins. It was great to catch up. She recently went on a hiking trip to Scotland so that was great to hear about. I was supposed to borrow her hiking boots for my trip but I forgot all about them. Now I have to see her again lol.

Next week, I am only on the schedule at the PT job on Monday and Tuesday. Not sure how I am getting all these weekends off but I will go with it. On the FT job front, I have my mid-year review on Thursday. It will be interesting to see how this goes as I think it’s a waste of time. From what I understand I have to walk on water in order to be above meets expectations and I am not there.

As long as my van is fixed, there will be another walking date with my cousin on Wednesday. This time I will remember the boots.

Long Weekend Intentions

I am just barely making it in this Sunday. It’s not because I have been particularly busy this weekend. In fact, just the opposite. It was a very relaxing day.

Yesterday I had a long list of things I wanted to accomplish this weekend. And then I slept in this morning and it’s all gone out the window.

Since I so rarely rest and relax anymore, I took today to do laundry and light cleaning. There was a lot of time spent on the couch. I called my Aunt and we talked for over 3 hours. Don’t ask me about what but she did tell me a few stories from her younger days. ūüôā

Yesterday I went to work and it was quiet. When they asked for volunteers to go home early, I was pleasantly surprised that they let me go. As one of the few late shifters, I am usually denied. Since it was before 6 pm, I was able to connect with my bestie. Between her work/life schedule and my own we rarely see each other. It was nice to catch up. We watched the highlights from the Royal wedding. My BFF is a big fan.

I am on the schedule tomorrow, but at double time and a half, I hope I will not volunteer to go home, but we’ll see how I feel.

I had breakfast with my Dad yesterday and told him about my part time job. He seemed more alarmed than I expected. He kept asking me if I needed money. But also let me know that he pays for both of my siblings rent and has had to part with 40% of his assets since my step-mom has decided to separate from him. I will accept some financial assistance with Diva’s tuition, but other than that I am fine. I couldn’t seem to make him understand that I want to pay cash for my renos and would like to get off the freedom 85 plan.

No exercise was completed last week. But I have been getting up earlier so it’s only a matter of time before I convince myself to be productive. ūüėČ

Now if I could only stop putting cookies and chocolate down my pie hole, I might get ahead.


So … last night

My BFF is the absolute best.  Since I have been in a bit of a mood she took it upon herself to plan an evening out.

Recently she went to New Orleans and as much as I wanted to go as it’s been on my list FOREVER; I am still within the probationary period at work and it’s our black out period.

She came back raving about the food, which only makes me want to go even more.

So last night we went to a restaurant named New Orleans. The food was good but not great. ¬†For appetizers, she had the seafood gumbo and said it was better in New Orleans. ¬†I had the crab cakes. ¬†They were ok. ¬†For dinner we shared the Jambalaya for 2. ¬†Portion wise it was more like for 6 as we both came home with 2 big take out containers. ¬†It too was good but not great. ¬†It was lacking something that I can’t put my finger on. The dessert menu was not calling us so that was the end of our stay here.

Anyhoo … this restaurant just intensified my desire to go to New Orleans.

After dinner, we went to a 35+ singles party … in a hotel … where I swear the average age was 55 … While I don’t own up to the years I have lived they are nowhere near 55. I think we were the youngest in the room. ¬†While it was not a bad experience, it was not one I want to repeat. ¬†Men my father’s age were trying to dance/talk to me. ¬†It was a bit surreal.

Saddest part out of all of this is I was home before Diva who went to her BFF’s birthday party.

18 flights

I may not be able to walk tomorrow.

I went to my BFF’s apartment, dropped my purse and made her get ready. ¬†She didn’t really think we were going. ¬†Silly girl.

She lives on the 18th floor … at the end of the hall … right beside the stairwell.

You see where I’m going with this right?

Going downstairs was not bad at all. ¬†Then we walked to the track and walked around the track 6 or 7 times. ¬†I lost count. ¬†At that point, it was dark and my watch said we’d been moving for more than 30 minutes so it was time to head back.

We had to pass the elevator to get back to the stairs.

I was very tempted and if it looked like it was going to come soon I would have waited.

Her stairs seem shorter than mine as I was not feeling pain when I hit the 4th floor.  But that was short-lived.

It hurt  BADLY, but I was determined not to stop and not to quit.  I kept thinking of my TV boyfriend Chris Powell when he yells at folks during their fight or flight workout.

When I returned to her apartment, I was spent.  I stretched a bit and waited for my BFF since I left her on the 6th floor.

She came in shortly after and confessed that she only made it to the 11th floor then took the elevator. ūüė¶

We hung out for a while.  Had some wine and cake.  Very counterproductive I know.

Then I came home and almost cried when I realized I would have to walk up 5 flights of stairs to go home.

Really getting back on the bandwagon

I am not sure if I have ever wrote this but I am vain. ¬†It’s true. ¬†There are lots of things I do not for the health benefit but because it makes me look good. ¬†Don’t judge me!! LOL

I have been procrastinating working out for most of this month.  Even after I publicly declared that I was going to get back to it.  Yeah epic fail so far.


Over the weekend my cousin came to visit and took some pictures and just sent them to me …

Sunny is not looking look her best.

So I called up my BFF and we are going walking tonight.

Nothing like “reality” to get you back in the game.