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Thrift shopping & some updates

Yesterday my BFF and I hit the local thrift shop as she’s lost some weight and needed some new clothes.  For $90 she got a pair of jeans, a bra, 2 shirts and 3 dresses. I on the on the other hand bought a shirt for Diva, a book and Bob Harper’s yoga DVD for less than $19. The DVD was $3!! 🙂 Three dollars!?! I’m very happy with my find. It as on my long list of things to buy somewhere near the bottom as I didn’t want to pay a lot for it.

In other news, Diva has finished her training at a local youth employment center and has been placed at The Gap. She goes in for an interview on Thursday.  Her uniform is black pants and a collared shirt. The shirt I bought at the thrift store was too small but we went back and was able to exchange it for another. Now we need to go over her shoe collection to see if any are acceptable.

Now to get Princess motivated to finish her resume and out applying for jobs.

I have recently discovered “Dexter” the TV series. Yes I know I’m way behind. My cousin recommended it years ago. I’m only on episode 2 but I’m really enjoying it.

On the list of things to do this weekend:

  • library
  • shoe shopping
  • grocery store
  • watch more episodes of Dexter 😉
  • meal plan
  • take Princess to a few stores in the neighbourhood to apply for jobs

Bob tried to kill me today

Totally Ripped Core

I don’t know what I was thinking but Bob & I are not on friendly terms right now.

I have been using the weekends to get longer workouts in.  Bob doesn’t seem to do 20-30 minute workouts so this is our only time together for the week, which might be a good thing.

Totally Ripped Core was a challenge. I yelled at Bob more than I think I have ever yelled at Jillian. More times than not, I told him I didn’t want to do whatever it was that he was doing.  I did it, not always well but I did do it.

OMG, I was a hot sweaty mess by the end. Tomorrow I think I will be feeling my muscles.

Unfortunately  Yeah I was able to renew Totally Ripped Core and Yoga for the Warrior another week so tomorrow I will be doing the yoga video again. And next Saturday I will be fighting Bob and my core again.

This getting fit thing is work.  It really is.  I would like to say that I was mad at myself for letting myself fall off the wagon but I’m not.  Those were some great meals and I had lots of periods of inactivity.  It was inevitable. Plus the working out gives me something to do and I am feeling stronger.

I will get there.

A Great Day

Today was a great day. It started with a little lot of Bob.

Yoga for the Warrior


This video came highly recommended by one of my cousins.  I am ashamed to say that I had previously borrowed it from the library and returned it unopened as the workout is 1 hour-long.  But since she said it was a good I figured it was worth a shot.

For me to do a long workout, I have to schedule it on the weekend. I am just not there yet with the desire or energy to do this during the week.

This video had me shaking and sweating.  I found him much gentler in personality that Jillian but still very challenging.  I can see this being a Sunday video on a regular basis and might consider purchasing it.

I have another Bob video to try but it too is a lengthy one so it will have to wait until Saturday.

I tried a new recipe that got rave reviews from my very skeptical children. Costco had tortillas on sale so I bought a package then wondered what I would do with them.  Enter Mexican lasagne from Fannetastic Food. It was delicious.  I can’t wait for lunch time tomorrow when I will be having leftovers. 🙂

The icing on the cake was the 1.5 lbs less that showed up on the scale when I stepped on it.  Yes I know the numbers mean nothing don’t tell the whole story but it still does make my day when there is less of them.