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No gym for me

As I said I would, I stepped on the scale Sunday to see a gain of 1 pound!?! ¬†I don’t understand it but it is what it is. ūüė¶ I think I ate relatively well. ¬†I did my work outs. ¬†ARGHHH!!! ¬†Just keep swimming right? I do feel stronger and think I look slimmer. ¬†That counts more that some stupid number.

Since I needed to get a work out in yesterday, I agreed to go to a BodyFlow class at the local gym with my BFF.  BodyFlow is a combination of yoga, Pilates and tai chi.  It was an hour-long and definitely had me breaking out in a sweat.

My BFF is trying to convince me to join the gym with her. ¬†I am not sold at all. ¬†The only class she’s interested in is BodyFlow and it is scheduled 2 days a week. ¬†The gym we went to is right beside her work place and I pass it on my way home but $48/mth to do 2 classes a week seems a bit much. ¬†There are other classes that interest me but the timing is not working for me.

There is another gym a little more out the way that is offering $10/mth but that only gives you access to the free weights and the machines. ¬†And since BFF is a class taker that’s not going to work. ¬†To take classes increases the price to $30 but you can only go to that location.

Tomorrow is the other BodyFlow class. ¬†We shall see if she’s really interested in going. ¬†We have 3 day passes that expire on Wednesday but I don’t see us going to the gym again. ¬†I am satisfied with my morning workouts with Jillian.