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Traumatizing my kids

Book of Negroes


Like the bad mother I sometimes am, I have been watching “The Book of Negroes” with my daughters.

I just recently finished the book and it was a fantastic read.  I made sure to read it the moment I heard there was going to be a television show. The mini-series strays from the book.  There are a lot of details missing.  While I enjoyed the book, the mini-series is not holding my attention as much as I would like.  But I will continue to watch it along with my girls as it gives me an opportunity to have discussions that might not have been had otherwise.

After the first episode in which the lead character, Aminata is kidnapped and her parents killed, my children decided they just couldn’t deal with all that had happened to her so far.

It was decided we would watch an episode every other night, giving them time to “recover” from the emotional toll of the story.

In the second episode, Aminata’s child is sold. Diva was outraged. Princess looked shocked. There was a lot of yelling at my TV that night.

Tomorrow we will watch the third episode.

I feel privileged to be born on this side of the planet at this time.  I have had countless debates with friends over what would have happened to us had we been stolen, born into slavery or taken to a concentration camp.  I think I would have done what was necessary to survive.  Although I think if you sold my child that would be a game changer.