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I am still struggling to get myself into some kind of routine that isn’t staying up way too late and sleeping in. I need to start being productive. I have a list of things to do that I have been ignoring. I keep adding to it and not crossing anything off.

This past Thursday was bright and sunny and all I could focus on was the dirt and dust in my home. Fridays are long work days so I knew Saturday would be the day for chores. Last year, August or September, I bought new doorknobs for all the doors inside my apartment. When the handle on Diva’s door came off in my hand late last year, I changed it and also the one on Princess’s room to keep things even. Especially since it was Princess’s idea to change the door handles. And then I rested…

So yesterday I changed 3 of the six remaining doors. I then dusted like it was my job. It was gross. Then I vacuumed the living room and hallway. We threw out some crap and put some other stuff in a bag for donation. Unfortunately no one is open to take these treasures so I will be adding them to my sister’s pile in my mother’s garage as I do not have any space for junk.

My place looks better but there is still so much more to do. I have yet to tackle my bedroom and it needs assistance. It is overdue. So I am going to try to get up at a reasonable hour this week and work on it bit by bit. I only recently emptied the suitcase I used in November … 😒😳🙄😲

I did my taxes today. I was procrastinating as I knew I owed and since Trudeau gave me that extension I figured I had time… but since my taxes are done with my daughters I didn’t want to delay them too much as they are eligible for all kinds of rebates I am not. They are both getting back money so I’ll be hitting them up for meals out. LOL

Even though I owe a small fortune and am now working way too much for very little, I still feel privileged. Life is still good. We are still healthy. There is lots of food in the fridge and freezers. Ironically I have more money in my accounts and a smaller than normal credit card bill this month. It has got me thinking about how much of my spending was just on crap and unnecessary. I know most of it went in my belly and it was how I socialized. It is bringing to front that I should change my ways. I think our “new normal” will help with that, whenever we are allowed out again.

Hope all is well in your world and you are healthy.

On the list for this weekend

So far I have managed to:

  • get my eyebrows threaded, which was long overdue
  • take my old vacuum & toaster oven along with 2 bags of clothes to Goodwill
  • Return my library books that were due and pick up the movies that were on hold

Now I’m waiting for my BFF as we are going out.  Place unknown as she is in charge of this night.  My old instruction was not to wear jeans.  Whoops thought I pressed publish on this already.

Still left to do is:

  • update my resume, I am going to job search hard soon
  • clean my house … WHY does this seem to always need to be done
  • menu plan for next week
  • put away my laundry
  • wash sheets and towels
  • build a bookshelf/cubby unit for Princess
  • research car insurance

Weekend recap

I’m not sure what goes through my head when I agree to invitations when I have other plans during the weekend but I did it twice. 😮

In the week, a friend asked me to go with her to a club on Friday night to celebrate a friend of a friend’s birthday.  She didn’t want to make the drive by herself, so I agreed to go along.  Plus ladies were free before midnight. 🙂

I thought I would nap before going out especially considering I was up until 1 am on Thursday night/Friday morning.  But it didn’t happen. Coffee has become my drug of choice for the past 3 days.

Anyhoo … the club was an interesting experience.  The crowd was diverse.  The music was a great mix of everything.  I danced and had a great time.  I also forgot that my friend likes to close the club so even though the lights came on she waited until the music ended before we left.  We took another friend home, 20+ minutes in the opposite direction.  It was 4 am before I finally found my bed.

Yesterday I got up around 11:30 am and felt like I had been hit by a Mack truck.  My body was not happy with me.  I had thoughts of visiting my Uncle but decided against it.  I needed to rest up before going to a birthday dinner/party.

I did manage to do 4 loads of laundry, which still need to be put away. 😦  I also did a not so frugal thing and went to Walmart to purchase a new kitchen garbage can instead of cleaning the one I have.  I would take pictures but trust me it is disgusting.  Unfortunately for me, I bought the wrong size.  Instead of looking at it as a sign to clean my existing one, I am just going to exchange it.

During the week, one of my cousins called me to tell me he was also having a birthday party last night.  Even though I told him of my plans he asked me to still pass by as it would be a late night.  So when the first birthday party was winding down I went to my cousin’s house.  It was dark and quiet.  So I made it home “early” at 1 am.

By the time I got ready for bed and hurried the kids to their own bed it was after 2.  I woke up at 6:30 am.  ARGHHHH!!  I went back to sleep and then my Aunt called after 11 to see when/if we are going to the grocery store.  It was time to get up.

If the past 2 days have taught me anything, it is that I need to work out.  So this morning I dug out 30 Day Sculpt.  This girl is weak.  Time to change that.  🙂

I am now having a coffee and some food before going to get my Aunt.  I am starting to feel a little under the weather so tonight will be an early one.

Sunday musings

It’s 3:45 pm and all I have eaten is a yogurt and a cup of coffee. 😦  I need to get it together better on the weekends.  As this is the norm.

So far though I have been very productive.  All the laundry is done. Yeah!! 🙂 I’ve pulled out pork chops for dinner.  The kitchen is on its way to being tidy.  The apartment has been dusted and vacuumed.  I’d like to say it’s all me but well we all know how I love to “delegate”.

I am back to tackling the box of CDs again. LOL  I really need to get this done.

Procrastination really should be my middle name.

The elevator is still out of service and expected to be so until next Friday.  Granted they said that it was to be available last Friday so I am not holding out hope right now.  It is okay as I still haven’t really looked at furniture.

I want to trim my hair today.  Random I know, but it’s overdue.

The weather has really turning chilly which means time to pick up my crocheting again.  I have an afghan on the go that I stopped because I got to a part that was not coming together easily.  Time to knock that out of the park and move on.

I went to the eye doctor yesterday and my prescription is the same as it was 2 years ago. 🙂  I am always concerned about going blind.  My kids’ eyes are worst. 😦  My Aunt says it is due to the frequent looking at computers and their iTouches.

I still have to meal plan for the week and finish up the kitchen.  And then it will be time to sit on the couch and take up space.



A very lazy weekend

I got out of bed yesterday after noon.  I haven’t done that in a really long time.  I only moved from my bed to the couch where I spent the rest of the day reading and napping.

My Grandfather's Blessings (Source)

I finally finished My Grandfather’s Blessings which I really enjoyed.  And no it was not from my bookshelf.  Reading down my house is not going so well.  I have managed to reduce the amount of magazines I have but actual books, not so much.  But I will get there eventually, just probably not this year. 😉

Since I did nothing yesterday today will be a bit busier with chores that never end.  Currently I am on my 4th load of laundry and once I press publish I will get up to tend to the bathrooms and figure out what we are eating this week.  I suppose someone should run the vacuum and dust as well.

I have one more week without an elevator.  Once it is back up and running I will start seriously thinking about living room furniture and removing some of the larger items in my house I no longer want/use.  I really want to do something with my space that makes it work better for us.

Alright, no more procrastinating, time to get this show on the road.

So over housework

I have probably said this before but in my next life I want a housekeeper.  Someone to take over the monotony of daily/weekly repetitive household chores like laundry, cleaning and cooking.  While the girls help out it just seems like it’s never-ending.  Just when you get your home clean and nice, life happens and you get to do it all over again.

I have debated getting a cleaning lady but then I realized that I have to clean before she comes.  So really all she’s coming to do is run the vacuum … well I have kids for that!! 😉

So I am back on the decluttering bandwagon.  I still have that last box of CDs to rip.  Yes I know this has been a long ongoing saga and it’s not like there is much work to do it.  It’s just very time-consuming.  I would love to get rid of some of the many Disney movies I have in VHS but my girls still watch them.  I am not in the frame of mind to get the DVD versions yet or ever as some of the movies are not my favourites.

This winter will be a candle burning time as I have a couple of storage boxes to use up.

I also need to seriously look into getting a new couch for my living room.  I am waiting until I at least pass my probationary period at work.  Then I will be going on the hunt.  Diva would like a reclining couch.  I just want something comfortable that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.  Especially considering I again thought I might need to get a new fridge as mine was sounding like it was struggling to continue.  It seems that we do not always close the door properly.  Of course this usually happens at night right before we all go to bed.  So the fridge spends all night working hard to keep cool while warm air is coming in through the afar door. 😦  Maybe I’ll look into getting a child safety lock for the fridge.

I now have to finish my laundry and figure out what we are going to have for dinner this week.

I’ve got chores

Since last weekend was heavy on the fun, this weekend will be heavy on chores. 😦

Diva was on a rampage yesterday and washed most of the dishes, cleaned her bathroom and tidied the living room.  All because she was mad at her sister.  This has greatly decreased my list. 🙂

On my list of things to do this weekend is:

  1. 4 loads of laundry (this is never-ending)
  2. menu plan for next week
  3. bake buns, banana chip muffins
  4. call my littlest sister
  5. check out my Dad’s house and water the lawn/flowers if necessary
  6. exchange/return the damaged toaster oven that I bought last week
  7. watch some of the movies I borrowed from the library
  8. dare I say exercise O_o
  9. job search
  10. dust & vacuum the house
  11. tidy up the kitchen
  12. water the plants
  13. declutter
  14. Go to the butcher and investigate the costs
  15. Visit a friend and her cute baby

I think that’s plenty.  Not sure I can get all of this done in the next 2 days but I’ll give it the old college try!  In a few minutes I will wake Princess as chores are always “better” with company!  I’m sure she will not agree but oh well. lol  Diva is currently on a sleepover but she did her share yesterday so all is good. 🙂

What to do



I have 2 movies (Grown Ups 2 and Red 2) that are due today.  Which really means by Monday morning.  We are going to hang out at my Dad’s tomorrow afternoon.

I have a ton of chores to do.  My beloved Princess has been sprinkling lemon juice all over my house like holy water in an attempt to ward off spiders.  Someone needs to mop the floors.  And it’s not me!!

The weather report tells me it’s going to rain all tomorrow so I should leave the house today and enjoy the weather.  Plus getting out will mean that we are not sitting at home using up data.

Where to go / what to do that will not cost a fortune?  Time to google cheap/free things to do.

I supposed I should do my chores first.


A lazy day

On Canada Day I worked in exchange for July 4th off.

Hello long weekend.

I was pondering what to do with my day and have decided it will be a lazy day.  My sister wants to clean my car and I would not want to rob her of that joy! LOL

I’ll spend a little time online.  Tomorrow our new billing cycle starts so I see a lot of time spent on the computer for all of us.  So maybe today won’t be quite so lazy after all.  If we do all our chores today … then instead of a lazy day, we can have a lazy weekend!!

Sign me up!!

Now to convince the children. 😉

It’s a day of celebration


Today is Princess’ 16th birthday.  Have mercy.  My child now thinks she automatically get to start driving.  I’m not sure there is enough wine/Advil/rum to make this transition easier on me. LOL

Originally she wanted to have a movie party except the movies out now don’t interest her.  So we are waiting for Captain America: The Winter Soldier next weekend.  She will take a couple of friends.  I asked her if she wanted a big party and she declined.

Like the “good” mother I do not claim to be, I currently have her making her own birthday breakfast.  To her credit, she took over as I was busy with the laundry so it’s like she brought it on herself. LOL

For my kids’ birthdays we always go to the restaurant of their choosing for their birthday dinner.  Princess chose Nando’s, because one of the members of One Direction loves it.  *eye roll*  Whatever floats her boat.  According to my BFF who is trying to tag along it is really good chicken.

Before our dinner out I really need to get 2 loads of laundry done, wash the kitchen floor and my hair and at least get the buns made.  Secondary is the meal plan for this coming week.  Really need to get back on my game with that.

Alright I am off to get my chores started.