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Sunday’s plans

If this week has taught me anything is that I need to work out first thing or else it does not get done. 😦

the firm killer legs

I did the above video on Wednesday and felt it for the rest of the week. Next week I will go back to some of the videos in my collection. Might be time to bring back Jillian.  Also on my list of things to do is to start another cleanse. My eating over the past few months has been lacking. I am eating junk late at night just because I can. 😦 Time to clean up my diet. Nothing like a little detox to get me back on track.

wild rose detox kit

In order to be prepared for it I will make a pot of chicken soup today so I don’t have to think too much about what to eat as that is usually what does me in.

Sunday chore list

  • laundry
  • bake banana chocolate chip muffins for Princess
  • meal plan
  • make chicken & veggie soup
  • make bake & saltfish
  • watch one of the many movies borrowed from the library

I think that’s enough for one day.

The last day

I am so glad to be on the last day of this cleanse.

The food restrictions were not bad but it did require some thought and advance planning.  A friend of mine eliminated gluten and dairy from her diet so we spent a bit of time discussing the downfalls of this eating plan in a modern society.  I also thought that a housekeeper would have been a great asset.  Why don’t I have one yet???

Tomorrow I am going to weigh myself.  Hopefully I am still moving in the right direction.

I would like to slowly introduce sugar, dairy and wheat back into my life, but I’m not so sure.  I want a hot cup of coffee with milk and sugar.  Now that I know I can have one, I want one.  Oh self-discipline why do you fail me so???  I have a friend who uses almond milk in her tea and another who uses honey in her coffee.  I might will have to try that.

PGH – 9/26/13

I am finally back at the weight my fitness pal thinks I am. 😉

Being on this cleanse has really forced me to eat well, which was my secret hope.  It was hard in the beginning as I was trying to cook without leftovers because of the scheduled power outages.  I need to figure out how to make the changes last.  I am debating if to reintroduce all the foods I removed from my diet.  I think maybe to start back one by one to see if there are any adverse effects.

I’ve been on an exercise kick recently.  And by recently I mean the past 2 days. LOL

Right now I feel light and lean.  Not sure if this is because of the diet or the exercise or the combination.  I feel like I am on the road to better health.  I am surprised that I don’t miss coffee or tea.  I did want a bread stick.  The cheese called me.  I miss yogurt.

Yesterday, Princess and I started our plank/wall sit competition.  I, being the supportive mother, told her I would win the challenge and so far I am.  I did a 1 minute plank and a 1.5 minute wall sit.  And it hurt.  Both of them.  But I won!! LOL  That’s really all that mattered.  She couldn’t believe I beat her.  Not bad for her “old mother” who according to her was around when the wheel was invented. LOL

On Sunday I will take my measurements.  I haven’t done that in a very long time.


Sept No/Low Spend Challenge update #2

No low spend challenge

Time to tell the truth.

I have not been doing so well on this, hence the lack of posts on this topic.  Apparently not having a fridge hinders my ability to plan.  I usually let any frozen meat defrost in my fridge.  Since I did not have a fridge for long periods of time I did not want to take out any meat.

Tuesday I took my sister to get her eyebrows done.  On the way back I realized on my cleanse I could eat sushi if I left off the yummy extras.  Since I was starving it was not a hard sell for me to go to the local Asian supermarket and pick up some salmon maki.  I thought I could just sit in the car and inhale them, then my kids would be none the wiser.  But I couldn’t, so I picked up avocado and cucumber rolls and plain cucumber rolls for my kids.  It was a total of $10 but still.

Wednesday … I needed change for Princess to pay for her TTC card.  By the time I was thinking about it, it was after 9.  Back to the Asian store I went.  It was a difficult decision … LOL  This time since it was so late the sushi was marked down.   $4 poorer, I walked out with more salmon maki and cucumber rolls.  I would have bought the avocado rolls as well but they were not looking so pretty.

**Note to self, buy sushi after 9**

On the plus side, I made macaroni pie to use up the cheese that I had left and I did so without milk and the children said it tasted good.  I really need to get more creative in the kitchen with substituting items.

I used to work with a woman who would say I made blah blah blah but we didn’t have any x so I used y.  I think I need to follow in her footsteps.

Yesterday I made beef fajitas with a piece of steak I bought on sale as I had green peppers in my fridge.  Everything in the recipe I could eat except the tortillas so I just ate the filling.  They were a hit so I am making chicken fajitas tonight as I have another green pepper. 😉

I’ve bought little bits and pieces at the grocery store but neglected to do a big shop until the power is back for good.

Poor Diva has been suffering from milk withdrawal.

Right now I have gone over my reduced budget amount but still might be able to make my regular budget IF I watch my pennies.  With 10 days to go … I am not sure what will happen.

Being on this cleanse and having power outages is not working in my favour.  I hope to pull it all back together this weekend as I can cook and have leftovers.  I will be shopping my freezer in an attempt to come in on budget this month.

OTMTW – 9/15/13

Today marks the first day of my Wild Rose Cleanse.  I am using it to get my eating back on track.  Lately I have been craving sugar and that’s not like me.  So for the next 12 days I will be avoiding sugar, dairy and flour among other things.

Diva claims she would like to do the diet restrictions part with me.  This should be very interesting as she is a big milk and sugar lover.

I need to do some grocery shopping as I have minimal produce and very little milk.  This presents a small challenge this week as they are changing the electrical system in my building which guarantees me at least one eight-hour period without power, maybe two. 😦  I don’t want to stock the fridge too much as a lot of perishables should be thrown out after a 4 hour power outage.  According to a sign in the building, the power will be out to the a/c and heating units tomorrow and to ALL units on Wednesday AND Thursday from 9 – 5. 😦

Sunday – leftovers
Monday – split pea soup for Princess & I, pasta and sauce for Diva
Tuesday – split pea soup, pasta and cheese for the kids
Wednesday – split pea soup, frozen pizza for kids
Thursday – split pea soup, salad and grilled chicken
Friday – homemade pizza
Saturday – salmon and rice

Hopefully I can stick to this menu this week.  Trying to make sure that there are no leftovers on Tuesday will be a challenge.



PGH – 4/2/13

If ever I think that I can go to all you can eat sushi twice in one week and not have any consequences please remind me of this week’s weigh in.

I am up 3 lbs.  Not impressed.

Okay now that I think about it, there may be more to it than just sushi.

Thursday lunch – all you can eat sushi goodness
Thursday dinner – everything in my fridge, I could not stop eating
Friday lunch – fish and chips
Friday’s dinner – big ole bowl of pho
Saturday’s dinner – more all you can eat sushi goodness
Sunday dinner – turkey dinner with lots of side dishes and wine

While I was not way over my calories on most days the cumulative effect was felt.  Add in, only one workout session all week and you have the recipe for weight gain.

Tonight I am going to make a big pot of “before the veggies spoil” soup as I have potatoes, celery, broccoli and onions that I need to do something with.  I am going to wing it with this recipe, hopefully it will turn into something my girls will eat.

I will also get back in the groove of working out.  Leslie is calling my name.  I can do at least a mile a day.  I really have no excuse.  I have to get my mind focused.  The problem is that I have reached a size that is acceptable to me.  I am still overweight but now it’s by a few pounds and as such the motivation is lacking.

The weight gain was enough of a wake up call to me.  I will get back on the wagon.

On a different note, I started a cleanse yesterday.  It is called Cleanse Smart and it is a 30 day gentle cleanse.  There are less dietary restrictions than the Wild Rose D-Tox I did earlier this year.

Cleanse Smart (Source)

It consists of 2 different capsules.  I take 1 capsule from bottle one, 30 minutes before breakfast and again at lunch.  I take 2 pills from the second bottle, 3 hours after my dinner.

This has really driven home how late I eat sometimes.  Need to get a better grip on this.  Meal planning would definitely help with this.

I am not expecting any weight loss as a result of doing this cleanse.  I do find that doing a cleanse in the spring helps me deal with the sun and heat of summer.  That is the main reason I continue to torture myself. 😉

Happy Friday

I don’t think I have been happier for a week to end.  And it’s a long weekend to boot!!  YEAH!!!

This one just seemed long and busy.  Tuesday through Thursday evenings I had somewhere to go. 😦

Today is the last day of my cleanse!!  Yesterday out of no where I had a craving for bread, well a sandwich actually.  It was rather strange.  But it passed.  I did not give into it. 🙂

I miss pasta.  Or rather the ease of pasta.

Over the week-end I will be slowly easing back into eating the foods I haven’t eaten in the past 12 days.  Not too much though I would like to retain some of my new good eating habits.

I need to put exercise back in my life.  I have really let that one go.

Last week-end I ran into the lady who lives below me and she asked what I am doing as she heard me making a lot of noise.  I can only assume that she was referring to when I was doing the walking video so we chatted about that.  Wednesday she came to visit to tell me she’s sorry she mentioned it as I seemed to have stopped. 😦

It is so true you never know who is watching.  So now I have extra guilt as my neighbour thinks I stopped because of her. ARGHH!!

So tonight after work I am going to do a walk.  Gotta ease my neighbour’s mind. 😉 LOL

Detox – Day 4 of 12

So far this cleanse has been pretty uneventful.

I feel thinner and lighter.  Not why I do it but it’s a nice side effect. 😉

In fact I stepped on the scale this morning and I am 3 pounds lighter than I was on Monday.  Now it’s probably water weight but it was interesting enough.

Last night I made the first super delicious salad I have had in a long time.  Baby spinach, green pepper, grape tomatoes, cucumber, baked salmon and the secret ingredient, avocado.  Oh my goodness was it ever yummy.

I had another one this evening and about half way through I thought to take a picture but just as quickly as the thought came it was gone.  Sorry.

I need to pick up some more salmon and some chicken breasts.  There were great sales on chicken breast this week but every store I went to was out. 😦

I walked 1 mile with weights yesterday and the day before.  I should have done at least one tonight but I sat on the couch and lazed instead.

Princess is not feeling well so she’s holed up in my bed watching TV.  Such a lovely angel to contaminate my space.  I’ve been drinking warm lemon water hoping it helps ward off her germs.  She’s most likely coming down with a cold. 😦

Anyhoo, I’m off to play nurse.  Hopefully we can find the Vick’s easily.

No better time

wild rose detox kit (Source)

This week-end I decided Monday was going to be Day 1 of the my detox.  My meals are to be unprocessed meat, grains, veggies and some fruit.  On this cleanse I am to avoid dairy, flour, sugar, yeast, vinegar and tropical fruits, among other things.

In preparation, on Sunday I made a big batch of chicken soup.  In the pot I put:

1 cup of yellow split peas
the left over Costco chicken
1 cup of quinoa
baby carrots
salt/pepper/cayenne pepper/oregano/thyme

The soup was light calorie-wise and yummy. 🙂  The quinoa was a surprise addition.  My cousin gave me the idea as she tells me that she usually has cooked quinoa in her fridge that she adds to any meal that she wants to make healthier.  While I have had quinoa in my home for a while, I have only used it as a substitute for rice.

Yesterday I baked the salmon I bought from Costco; all of it.  I originally was going to put some of the fish in the freezer for later but then I remembered I am allowed all the fish I want. 🙂  So I baked it all 1.308 kg of it!!  I seasoned it 4 different ways.

All pieces were covered with lemon juice, garlic, salt and pepper.  I then put Mrs Dash on one piece, cayenne pepper on another and Old Bay on the third piece.  I didn’t add anything extra to the last piece.

I made quinoa and brown rice for the very first time.  The brown rice took forever to cook and was not a hit with my girls.

On this cleanse I can have all the fish, brown rice and almonds I want. 🙂

At the end of the evening, half the fish was gone.

PGH – 1/29/13

The Good

Leslie Sansone 5 day plan (Source)

I borrowed Leslie Sansone’s Ultimate 5 day walk plan from the library.  The dvd has 6 options:

Monday – 3 mile walk and ab session
Tuesday – 4 mile walk and arm session
Wednesday – 1 mile walk and leg session
Thursday – 2 mile walk and chest and back session
Friday – 5 mile walk and full body stretch
Create your own workout

In the interest of not wanting to spend too much time thinking I will be following the days of the week.

Yesterday’s workout was pretty good.  It was 5 minutes of warm up, 35 minutes of walking, 5 minutes of cool down and 5 minutes of abs.  This is a gentle workout.  It reminded me a bit of the low impact workouts of the 80’s.  My heart rate did increase and I was a little sweaty at the end.  I am feeling my shoulders today but nothing crippling.

Today’s workout was a bit more challenging.  I started to feel my hips about 2.5 miles in. 😦

The Bad

Either my wild week-end or most likely my lack of exercise has lead to a gain of about 1.5 lbs this week.  I would sweat it but really I am past the numbers of it all.

The Ugly

As soon as I spend a moment thinking about it I will be doing a detox.  I used to do one at least once a year but have since fallen off the wagon.

wild rose detox kit (Source)

This cleanse lasts 12 days.  You take 2 pills from each bottle and 30 drops from the bottle twice a day.  There are dietary restrictions.  It requires me to give up sugar, dairy, flour, alcohol, vinegar among other things.  So there will be lots of fresh veggies and lean meats for me.  This means I need to plan and buy real groceries.  So the detox will not happen until I have done the prep work.  Plus I need to count ahead 12+ days to make sure I don’t have any social engagements in that time. 😉