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Still not in a routine

It was only yesterday that I realized that I did not blog on Sunday. Will have to write this in my planner as my mind and routine have not yet adjusted (read remembered) this additional task.

This past weekend has been colder than cold. I worked as usual on Saturday. I was supposed to meet up for lunch with a new friend, but she cancelled. She is a tropical bird and was not on board with choosing to leave the warmth of her house for a meal. We have rescheduled for this Saturday.

I am still working out strong, getting a 5 workouts every week. I forgot to take before measurements and my scale needs a new battery so I am using the way my clothes fit as a way of keeping track. I took a pair of jeans out of the dryer and was able to put them on without any issue. I’ll take that as a win!

This month, my challenge is to reduce the amount of sugar, gluten and dairy I eat. I was out of control over the holidays and need to reign it in. My plan is to do this eating plan until at least the end of March. I am going to cheat on our monthly town hall meetings at work which come with cake ūüôā Three different types of cake!!

Next month I will be putting myself on a no spend challenge. Having a cafeteria at my workplace is a blessing and a curse. It is filled with healthy eats for $7/meal, but the portions received are more than I should be eating in one sitting. I used to split my meal into 2 and eat the second half for dinner but that restraint has left me. I also find that it is hit or miss in terms of taste. So it is better for my waistline and my wallet to bring my lunch. It gets a little tricky on the days I go to my night job as it means I really do have to have all my ducks in a row and pack both meals. So next month Sunday meal prep and cooking will take priority.

I bought an Instant Pot far too long ago and I have not used it. It will be dusted off and I will figure out how to use it. Hopefully this will help on Sundays. My cousin has highly recommended it so I will try to get on the bandwagon.


Baby it’s cold outside



Holy moly it is cold outside. I took Diva to work and decided to run a couple of errands while I was out. It is bright and sunny and so very deceiving. I just dropped off some things at Value Village, went to the library and to pick up my mail from my mother’s house. OMG, I nearly froze my little tushy off.

I spent some time trying to get my room under control. Bright sunny days tend to inspire me. I pretended to “KonMari” my closet but there are a few lot of items that need to be tried on. Even though I took a full black garbage bag of mostly clothes out, my closet still seems full to me. I will be conducting a second round in the spring, when hopefully I will be in better shape so the fashion show will go off a little better.

I have a filing cabinet in my room which I just realized I haven’t opened in at least 3 years. O_o So there will be some shredding in my future. I am sure there are a few pieces of paper I will need to keep like taxes, warranties etc. I will have to come up with a new way of storing them. Any suggestions are appreciated.

There are some boxes that are behind my door that have been there since I moved in almost 10 years ago. ^^’ They are also on the list to be addressed.

I am toying with the idea of moving my bed around and will revisit that once I get rid of all the extra furniture.

Winter is here


Winter finally showed up on Monday night. I was not paying close attention to the weather so I was expecting snow on Tuesday.


The above picture was taken as I waited for Diva to come from work at 7pm.


Presto chango

First snow storm


And just like that winter is really here.

This was the view from my office window this afternoon.

We got over 5 inches of snow today.  Yeah us!!

The commute coming and going was slow, but I made it safely and in one piece which is all that mattered.

Watching the news made me even more grateful that I don’t commute far. ¬†It was a hot cold mess.



One frozen bird

I don’t know if I ever mentioned that I am a tropical bird. ¬†I do not like extreme temperatures, hot or cold. ¬†If I could figure out a place that is

Today is testing me.



For my American friends, this translates to -1F feeling like -22F.  *crying quietly*

I pray for the homeless. ¬†As I can’t even imagine what that life is like in “nice” weather. ¬†Today is just too much.

I live in an old building. ¬†Which apparently needs new windows. ¬†This is the view from Diva’s bedroom.

Diva's window


The dining room is not much better. ¬†At least it’s sunny out. ¬†I think that helps trick my mind a little.

Dining room window


And imagine I vetoed putting plastic on the windows.  What what I thinking?

Last night the wind made me jump a few times.  The windows were rattling far too much for my liking.

Right now I am having dreams of this.


Think if I click my heels hard enough I can get back here?

Where ever you are, I hope that you are safe and warm.


PGH – 1/6/14

Holy cold weather!  I had this thought of walking to the library this evening until I saw this.

Monday's weather

Feels like -23C (-9.4F)!?! ¬†Ahh no thanks. ¬†And tomorrow is supposed to be worst. ¬†I guess all those people who don’t believe in global warming are smirking.

Since outside is a cold mess, I will continue to work out in my living room.

The 30 Day Sculpt is working for me.  Week 1 is over.  Only 4 more weeks to go.  My body is feeling it.  Since I took last Sunday as a rest day I have worked out every day.  Next rest day will be Wednesday.  It seems so far away. lol

Now if I could just all my tail out of bed earlier in the morning and do my workout then, I’d be a happier girl.