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Another black screen

I have no idea what is going on in my place but earlier this week Princess got the black screen of death on her computer.

Having just seen it myself, I knew exactly what it was.

Sad thing is that her computer isn’t still under warranty like mine is. 😦

I brought her computer into work so the fella in my IT department could confirm what I believed.

So now, my child has no computer.

My debate is should I get her a replacement desktop or get her a laptop?  Either will be refurbished and cheap.

Why I would go for a desktop:

  1. Usually cheaper
  2. We have all the accessories

Why I would go for a laptop:

  1. I can finally get rid of her old tube (big) monitor
  2. She starts high school in September, might make life easier for her

I always thought that once the kids’ desktops die, I would replace them with laptops, now that it has happened I’m not so sure.

Any thoughts either way?

Computer Problems

Yesterday I had this great post in my head.  When I got a minute to sit, I turned on my computer and was about to log into this blog and then I heard it.




At the time I did not know what it meant but it didn’t sound good.

I logged off my computer and went to restart it and I got a black screen and a request to load a disk …

Oh, oh.

This I now know is the black screen of hard drive death.

While I hadn’t experienced it myself I was only aware of the blue screen of death.  I had no clue that there are screens of  any other colours.

A quick call to a techie friend and I was brought up to speed.


I bought this computer brand new in August!?!  I still have my old laptop that I bought 6-7 years ago refurbished and it still works.  It’s slow but functioning.

I had to do a search for the bill, but I found it.  Took my laptop and the bill to Future Shop only to be told by the service guy that he will send it out to Toshiba.


I can do that myself.  WTFrench fries!?!

My first call to Toshiba was not fruitful as I did not have the laptop in my hand.  But the person on the other end did tell me where I could take it.  Turns out there are 2 places close by.

Lucky me.

After a quick walk to the car, I called back Toshiba to get the necessary paperwork and a recommendation that I take it to the official service depot not one of the authorized dealers.

Well, OK.

So tomorrow before I go to work I will drop off my laptop.  The estimated time to fix is between 7-10 business days. 😦

No this is not the end of the world as both Princess and Diva have their own computers so I can easily get online.  It is however an annoying inconvenience.

Ahhh first world problems!!! 😉