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Arrived safely

I meant to type this up last night but by the end of the evening I did not want to do a thing.

Let’s back track a bit.

Thursday night I had great intentions to get to bed by 10pm. I had a few errands to run and might have made it, if my sister didn’t need me to pass by to open the front door for her as she forgot her keys.

What was supposed to be a quick trip turned into a bit more as her neighbour was outside with his friend and we got to talking about my old car. The friend seemed interested but I didn’t have the time to have a real conversation. Maybe when I get back.

When I finally got home, I realized my kids had cleaned the house, but neglected to wash up the dishes. I quickly knocked them out and reminded the girls that we would also need to clean out the fridge.

I found my bed around 10:30 but Diva was not home. So sleep was not coming easily. When she finally made it home, I was still having issues falling asleep. Not usually a problem but with my 3:30am wake up I was trying to get it together.

I believe it was after 12:30 when I finally went to sleep. The alarm went off on time … There was a struggle to get moving.

We were in the car by 4:15 and at the local Tim Horton’s coffee/donut shop just shortly after that. As we started out I remembered I forgot my computer so I turned around and started all over again at 5am.

The drive down to Maryland was uneventful. Even though we stopped more than usual we still made good time.

One of my objectives while here is to buy a TV as ours has a short in the power cord and since it is over 11 years old, I would like an upgrade. I’d prefer a “dumb” TV but that does not seem to readily available from my favourite store, Costco.

Our first stop was Costco and they did not have the TV I was looking for. So I bought clothes instead. 🙂

Later on we went to another Costco and they also did not have the size/brand TV I am looking for. I also returned most of the clothes I bought as my “fashion consultant” Diva and my cousin did not think they were flattering.

So I am back to square one with the TV. Buy a power cord and continue with my current TV, the financially smart decision. OR buy a bigger TV that I had originally planned?

Funny how according to my kids all TVs under 55″ look “small” when in Costco.

Me and my first world problems.

OTMTW – 12/7/15

I am on point with the food this week. Mainly because I went to Costco hungry on Saturday. I did some serious damage. 😦 But on the plus side we are now stocked up, the freezer is looking good.

Yesterday I baked a macaroni pie, bacon, hamburgers and fish.

Monday – macaroni pie and Costco rotisserie chicken
Tuesday – hamburgers and salad
Wednesday – fish and salad
Thursday –  leftovers
Friday – pizza or leftovers
Saturday – see Friday 😉
Sunday – TBD

I’m feeling like I am finally back on top of things. 🙂 🙂

Wkend recap – 9/21/15

I’m slowly getting back on track with the exercise but not quite there yet. Last week was 3 days. And that’s only because I accidentally got in some exercise on Saturday.

Let’s back track a bit. Saturday night found me downtown at a TIFF film. My BFF scored tickets to see “I Smile Back“. It was okay. I could have waited until it came out on video. We then walked 10 minutes looking for some place to eat before we gave up and went to meet her ex-coworker who was having a birthday party at a bar nearby. A 20+ minute walk away. See how I accidentally got in a workout?? Genius, I know. If only I could have planned it so well. lol

Anyhoo, we walked to the bar to socialize and it was a nice little get together. On a side note, the ex-coworker is very artistic and when I get a proper plan, I will look into hiring her to create a painting or two for me. I have a lot of bare walls and love real paintings as opposed to prints. I am also a big fan of supporting local talent, so fingers crossed she’s affordable.

I am on day 8 of my 12 day cleanse and I can’t wait for it to be over. Saturday night proved to be challenging to find some place that fit my strict dietary restrictions. We ended up at an Italian place, the name long forgotten, that was not so good. We sat at a table indoors by the window and there were little flies falling from the light above. We definitely had to change tables. I had grilled fish and veggies with mashed sweet potato. The sweet potato was not so good and the fish was meh. My BFF had the duck risotto and was not impressed. Now that I think about it maybe we should have taken the name so we can remember not to go back. lol

Yesterday was a semi-lazy day with a quick trip to Costco to return some corn bought on Thursday that went bad far too quickly. I got my $4 back but then spent $60 … I was taking my mother to buy a few things or else I think I would have let the corn go.

Oh Christmas tree

So I caved.

Remember how last year I made a trip to Costco and saw these beauties.

Little Christmas trees

And I walked away without bringing one home?

Well this year not so much.  I went to Costco with Diva who asked me for a tree this year.  And since I knew I didn’t want to lug a big tree home I sent her to the tree cart to pick one.

We came home with this one.

Christmas tree 2014

Pardon my crappy cell phone pics, y’all know I’m still rocking my Blackberry Bold.

Anyhoo, I gave Diva the task of getting it ready with the lights and ornaments from the old dead tree.  You remember this one right?

Dead Christmas tree

Stop laughing. Yes I still had it. And YES I planned to use it again this year.  **Don’t judge me!!** LOL

Anyhoo, Diva took the decorations off of the old tree and put them on the new one.  Here it is all dressed up.

All dressed up Christmas tree


Here’s hoping your Christmas is safe and wonderful.

OTMTW – 2/23/14

Hey, remember this?

Menu plan 2/23/14


It feels like it’s been a long while since I planned a week of meals.

I can’t remember what we ate on Sunday. 😦

On Friday I made spinach roll ups to use up some fresh spinach that was threatening to go bad.

I bought some lobster ravioli on my last trip to Costco.  They were on sale and I have always wanted to try them.  Any time stuffed pasta is on sale at Costco I pick one up as I always have sauce and it makes for a quick dinner.  The rosé sauce is because I have some cream cheese to use out. 😉 I am on at war with food waste this year for sure!!

This Thursday I am going to have dinner with an old co-worker so the kids are on their own.

I still have to figure out what we are eating on Saturday.  I have a lot of chicken in my freezer and I am not a fan of the bird. 😦  I’m going to have to suck it up and figure it out.

Anyone know how to make chicken taste like beef?

OTMTW – 11/10/13

I am on the ball today. 🙂  I tried hard to stay away from Costco but they lured me back with discounted mini chicken spring rolls.  That place is terrible for me.  I always seem to find things I didn’t know I needed. 😉

I went in for the spring rolls and some vitamins and I left with a bit more.

Costco cart


Most of the extras were on sale.

I bought my first Christmas present.  I usually get my mother a spa gift card but as I was walking around I noticed that the Phillips blue light was on sale, 33% off.  I think she needs this much more than a trip to the spa.  My mother has SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).  I have passed the blue light often and contemplated getting it for her but the high price tag always made me think twice.

Ok, back to the task at hand.

Sunday – stew pork and rice
Monday – ravioli lasagna
Tuesday – chicken enchiladas
Wednesday – leftovers
Thursday – fish and sweet potatoes
Friday – frozen pizza
Saturday – mini chicken spring rolls and veggies



Today I will be going to my Dad’s to celebrate Thanksgiving.  I am in charge of appetizers.  Usually I bring a veggie tray and some odds and ends.  Since I was in Costco yesterday I picked up a box of frozen “Asian appetizers”.

Asian Appetizer pack

These really caught my eye.  I will still carry some veggies and dip but these will be the real star of the show. 😉


So tired

Yesterday after work I went to the grocery store and picked up more than I had intended.  I then went to dinner and it was disappointing.  The food used to be good.  Now it’s just watered down and bland.

I managed to go into a bakery near the restaurant and bought some goodies.  I used tonight’s dinner as justification.  It was dessert. 😉

After dinner I went to Costco to pick up a slab of salmon to bake for dinner tonight.  I was originally going to make stew pork but I invited my Aunt and she is not a fan.  While at Costco … I picked up some snacks for my girls.

This morning I got up around 6:30 am.  Much too early for a Saturday.  I went to drop Diva at her friend’s house for 7.

I came back home with the intention of getting the meat I bought on Friday seasoned and put in the freezer BUT tiredness overcame me and I went to lay down.

BIG mistake.

I did go back to sleep but I woke up more tired than I started.

I did the 30 day shred which hurt as I did it less than 12 hours before.

**Let me back track for a quick second.  Last night after I got home from Costco at 8:30 pm I had to give my girls the ugly face as I left them with a couple of chores to do and they did not do them.  So we put away the groceries from Costco and then cleaned up the house.  It was almost 10 by the time we were finished.  I was spent.  Then I remembered that I had not worked out.  My kids were “encouraging” me to go get it done.  One of my cousins popped up on Skype and told me not to overextend myself.  By the time I psyched myself up to workout it was 10:30 pm 😦  But I got it done.**

Now where was I?  Oh yes 30 day shred twice in less than 12 hours.  MADNESS!!!

I went to meet my girl for brunch at 11.  We had a nice time catching up and vowed to get back to our once a month date.

After brunch I stopped by the eyebrow place and there was NO ONE waiting in line.  Rare for a Saturday.  I was in and out in under 10 minutes. 🙂

Then I was off to pick up Diva from her friend’s house, then pick up my friend to bring her to my place.  On the way home I stopped at the liquor store to purchase a bottle of wine for my step-Mom.

It took us 3+ hours to clean out most of my cupboards.  My friend suggested that I group things in my cupboards by like items.  So all the canned goods go in one spot.  The spaghetti sauce in another, etc, etc.

I got rid of a lot of expired food and also food we were not going to eat.

Of course it is only when I sat down to write this post does it occur to me that I should have taken before pictures … or even after pics. O_o

After cleaning, I seasoned the salmon and then went out with my friend to pick up my Aunt.  My girl wanted to stop at a particular Walmart that was a bit out of the way.  Had it not been after 6:30 and I was only running on food from brunch it might have happened.  But hunger won and we just picked up my Aunt.  I told my friend we could go when I was dropping my Aunt home since that Walmart is open until 11 pm.

I had Princess make rice and put the salmon in the oven while I was out.  By the time we returned the rice was supposed to be ready but it was still wet so that gave me time to steam the carrots.

We ate dinner, had bakery goodies for dessert. 🙂

Then after 8 pm my girl reminded me of our trip to Walmart.  I said we still had time.  She stated she wanted to walk around. 😦  I swear she was just going to get 3 or 4 things.

My Aunt said she wanted to make the trip as she needed a battery.

So after 9 off we went to Walmart.  We spent over 1 hour wandering around while my girl went up and down most aisles.

I did not return home until after 11 pm.

I am beat.

I still have meat in my fridge that I need to season before putting in the freezer. 😦  I plan to get this done tomorrow before I go to my Dad’s.

If time permits, I would like to take my girls to see Iron Man 3.  I have movie passes. 🙂

Shhhh, don’t tell Princess, just in case there isn’t time.

Hot seat

“No good deed goes unpunished.”  Isn’t that what “they” say?

My car has been in need of some TLC for much longer that I would like to admit.

So yesterday I took my little mechanical money sucker baby to the car wash to get the outside washed and the inside vacuumed and dusted.  It really needed it.

Afterwards it looked almost new.

From there I took my sister and girlfriend to Costco.  On the 10 minute drive my sister who was sitting in the front passenger seat started to tell me the seat was warm.

The controls for the heated seat were in the off position so I was a bit perplexed.

When I went to adjust the heated seat control which has settings from 0 – 5, it was warm.  As I turned the dial to the 5, the dial got hotter and hotter.

Why is the control to the seat and the seat hot?  It was alarming, but I figured that since the dashboard was sprayed with cleaning solution that maybe some got in and that’s what was causing the issue and that it would go away.

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!  I love when I’m delusional.

We spent more than an hour in Costco.  In that time the seat cooled down but not the control dial. 😦

The drive to drop my sister off is about 12 minutes and in that time the seat heated back up again. 😦

My girlfriend moved into the passenger seat once we dropped off my sister.  The drive to drop her off was a bit longer and as we got closer she started to really heat up.

We stopped for dinner and the seat cooled off again.

At this point I am texting everyone I know with a VW or car repair experience to get some hints or ideas on what to do.  Of course by the time it occurred to me to call the dealership, they were closed. 😦

The only idea that was presented to me was to take out the fuse that was controlling the seat.  So I looked that up in my handy-dandy manual and removed it.

The seat did seem cooler when I got home but the control was still hot. 😦

I figured I’d give it the night to cool off and see what happens in the morning.

This morning I got up early to take my car to the local Midas as it opens up at 8.  I drove my car and neither the seat or the control was warm.  I took the car for a longer drive to see if that would make a difference.  Still cool to the touch.

So I didn’t take it to the mechanic.  Instead I called VW who confirmed that removing the fuse will stop the over-heating issue and to contact them if I want to repair it.

Ahhhh, no thank you.  My driver’s side heated seat doesn’t work so there is no way I am spending money to make the passenger seat work.


TGIF (Source)

I don’t think I’ve been this happy to see Friday in a long while.

I am not one of those “Yeah Friday, Boo Monday” people.  I actually look forward to Monday.  Please don’t have me committed, I swear I’m a normal person and not a crazy lunatic … as opposed to a sane lunatic.  LOL  I make me laugh.


I like Mondays mainly because my week days are structured.  I eat at close to regular intervals.  I have a routine that works for me when I have to go to work all day.

The weekends are a hot mess.  Many times it will be after 2 pm and all I’ve put in my stomach is a cup of coffee. 😦  And that’s not necessarily because I’ve been working hard either.

I am debating going to visit my cousin this weekend but there’s a small nagging voice that says wait until she’s settled in at home.

If I don’t go visiting I think I will just relax at home.  The week felt extra long.

This afternoon, I am going to take a friend to Costco.  That in itself is an ordeal fun trip as my girl loves to wander slowly through the store looking at things she knows she will not buy.

I’ve come to the conclusion I am very “big city”.  I drive fast.  I walk with some speed.  I am not a real shopper.  Unless I am on vacation, I want to get in and out of most stores in record time.  I usually feel like I have so much to do.

I will also take my car to the detailing place.  I think I could write my name in the dust that’s on my dashboard. 😦

Tonight I will watch the movie Ray as it is due tomorrow.  AND I’ve renewed it twice and the library won’t let me renew it any more.