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Look what I made

I ran away to my cousin’s house in Kingston this past weekend.  Originally we were just going for Saturday night but then the sleepover Diva was supposed to go to was canceled so we made a run for it on Friday night.

My cousin is very crafty.  She knits, stamps, makes cards and takes a million pictures daily.  And has a lot of supplies to feed her habits.

A couple of visits ago I spotted these beautiful tile coasters that were in her house.  And she told me that she made them and if she could find more we could make some too.  She searched in her arsenal of craft bins and found some tiles.

So Saturday night, Princess, my cousin and I made some tile coasters.  There was a lot of planning and practicing stamping done before getting to the actual tile. It was a lot of time spent but we are all very happy with the results.

The tiles

A closer look at the one Princess made.

Queen tile

The caption says “Don’t treat me any differently than you would a queen”.

A closer look at my tile.

My tile

I designed the tile then “convinced” my kid  to colour it in. 😉  Both Princess and my cousin gave me crazy eyes for wanting blue, purple and red in my tile.  Apparently 2 “cool” colours  don’t play well with a “warm” colour.  What was I thinking??

These are the two my cousin made.


The one on the left is for her hubby.  It says “Hope your day is “PAR-FECT”.  The other is for her desk at work.  It says “Well-behaved women seldom make history”.

My cousin has a ton of awesome stamps with meaningful sayings and pretty images.  So on my next trip I will be bringing some tiles with me to make some more coasters.  Plus now that she’s seen the finished product, Diva wants to make one too.

The next unfinished craft

A close up look

I took it out of the unfinished craft box and I’ve photographed it.

I am trying to spend some time with it while watching TV.  That has not been as productive as I would have liked.

Hopefully by the end of the month, it will be bigger than this.

Unfinished afghan

Cross this off my list

Finished crocheted blanket


It’s done.  I am FINALLY finished my first granny square blanket.  And just in time as my BBF’s moving day is tomorrow!!

I’m glad I listened to my cousins and put a border/edging on it using this pattern.  It really does pull it all together and make it look much nicer.



Now to find a bag to put it in.  After 6+ years it is finally moving out!!

Doing it wrong

I started my scarf. YEAH!


It is going to be 27 rows wide.

I’m on the 9th row and I just realized I am doing it wrong. 😦


The pattern states that I make the first row by making a double crochet stitch, chain one stitch, then another double crochet stitch and repeat.  The next rows repeat the same pattern but the double crochets are made in the one chained stitch in the row below.

Can you guess where I did not put my double crochet stitches?

Low (No) Spending & Decluttering Challenge, wk 3

Low (No) Spending Recap

Feb 12
No Spend Day 🙂

Feb 13
No Spend Day 🙂

Feb 14
$4.28 groceries

Feb 15
No Spend Day 🙂

Feb 16
$97.77 groceries

Feb 17
No Spend Day 🙂

Feb 18
$81.38 Wal-mart
+$80.77 Refund
$22.59 Track pants for Diva

Grand Total: $206.02 – $80.77 = $125.25
4  No Spend Days 🙂

Decluttering Recap

I had this great idea.  The food processor should live in the kitchen.  Since I am short on cupboard space, I thought it could sit on the kitchen table with it’s cousin, the mixer.

There was a small problem, can you see what it was?

Now the cousins can hang together.

On an unrelated note, inspired by this Mutant Supermodel post, I picked up a scarf I started crocheting … a very long time ago. I found it 2 weeks ago when I was cleaning out the chair in my room.  It had been so long that since I last crocheted I had to look up how to start a new row. 😦 I will post pictures when I am finished.