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My dog

I am going to start this by saying I am not a big dog person. I like them, would never do harm to them, but when people go goo goo ga ga over them I am not cooing along side them.

In theory I want a dog but I’m not ready for the responsibility of pet ownership. I like to travel and I haven’t wrapped my head around the whole poop thing.

My family for the most part do not have animals. The majority who do have animals, they are more like employees than pets. Dogs serve as security and cats as pest control. And they always live outside in warm climates obviously.

Sterling, a weimaraner, was the first dog I ever fell in love with, so much so I claimed him as my own. This means very little as he continued to live and be cared for by my friend in the States. But whenever I visited I made sure to shower him with love and affection.

He was born in September 2001. And last night he passed away.

He lived a long, good life and was full of energy up until last spring. I will miss that dog. He was an absolute joy to be around.