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I’m in a good place

Life is just humming along. I don’t know if it’s old age or I am just having fun but time seems to be flying.

I seem to talk to my old coworkers more now that I did when I worked with them. Their work situation seems to keep getting worse. Last Wednesday, the marketing person gave notice. She has nothing lined up but was feeling overwhelmed and taken advantage of and just reached her breaking point.

On Friday, one of my old team members handed in her letter of resignation. The VP managed to talk her off the ledge by taking her on a guilt trip and promising that things will get better. She has agreed to stay until the end of July.

The manager has been off for over a week on stress leave. To compensate, the VP has promoted the team member that was hired after me. Apparently on Friday, every member of the team went into the VP’s office to express their dismay over the promotion. Especially since the VP would like to change moral and as per my old coworkers, the promoted one was one of the most negative in the place.

Needless to say this did not go over well with the new team leader and I got an earful. Poor girl. To top it off this “promotion” came with no training or additional salary, but a promise to revisit in 3 months. O_o

I feel very fortunate to be out of that environment.

For everyone still working there I really hope that there is a big shake up and improvements are really made.

Not a secret anymore

Most in my office are now aware of my departure. The feedback has been both happy for me and mad that I’m leaving as I get along with all of my coworkers. There is an underlying feeling of jealousy that I am leaving the mad house.

I was able to tell my friend I have lunch with ever day before the news hit the streets. She is upset that I am going as we spend a lot of time together. I have been more frequently talking her off the ledge as the stress is getting to her. Then it hit her that I have accounts that will need to be transitioned and her face fell.

My manager continues to look stressed and overwhelmed. My heart goes out to her. I have made a bad situation much worse. The VP has scheduled a one on one with my lunch friend next week. I think this is a temperature check and a bid to convince her not to jump ship. I hope my friend can parlay this into some financial gain. It may help ease her pain.

I am glad that everyone now knows. It was interesting to see how fast news travels. My manager had a meeting with our team of 5 to make the announcement. At the end of the meeting she eluded that it was not anyone else’s business but mine to share this news. By the time I got back to my desk, 2 people who were not in the meeting were asking me where I was going. *smh*

8 more work days to go.

Work drama

They let the newest hire go yesterday and since then the crazy has become more evident.

It was around midday and we were called into a meeting in another part of the building so she could get her stuff and go.

During the conversation between this employee, the VP & my manager, the employee became incredibly loud and emotional. She was rambling on and on and the person who sits outside the conference room got an earful. She had to be escorted out of the building.

Since her departure, she has called my manager 6 times, sent her 10 text messages, emailed 2 coworkers 3 times and texted 1 coworker twice. Repeating over and over again how much she has been betrayed by my manager and my personal favourite “I did nothing wrong to get this type of treatment”.

What the what??? O_o

We’ve been instructed to not respond if she does contact us and to pass all correspondence to my manager.

It is very alarming how unstable she is. So much so we are in talks to change the entrance code to our building.

July No Spend Update #2

There’s extra $ in my bank account!!! 🙂

***drops mic***


I amuse me greatly.

Ok, seriously now. I have been a bit of a hermit this month, but it is reflected quite nicely in my budget. All categories are still way under. Go me!!

Decided to treat myself to cherries tonight. Walked to the local mall, returned my library books and went to the “rich people” grocery store as it was the only one still open. Figured it would be just one bag, so I’ll just shut my eyes and buy it.

When we got to produce department, the shelves were empty. I thought it might be because it was near closing time but was told by the associate that they were sold out. He recommended that I get a rain check. Since the price was going to be $2/lb higher tomorrow.

Well ok, you do not need to twist my arm. So tomorrow I’ll be walking back to get my 2 bags (rain check limit) of cherries. 😀😀😀

Work has been full of drama. So much so a coworker & I chipped in and bought our manager a bottle of wine. It was that kind of day yesterday. If it wasn’t for the fact that I had less than 4 hours sleep on Monday night and I had to pick up Princess last night I too might have been drinking.

Since this whole situation is hurting my head, I’m going to share with you all as I’m kind like that. You’re welcome. 🙂

Office roomie is in a better mood. Could be because she’s spent a lot of time complaining with the new girl. 😦 Although I hear there were tears yesterday morning when she read an email announcing that one of our teammates had moved on to a different department. 😕

There was another incident yesterday between the old manager and the new girl. This lead to the new girl making comments about calling her lawyer, storming out and calling HR. I have no idea what happened and at this point in time I wish she would just leave if she’s that unhappy. According to the company grapevine she sent something to the VP with a lot of errors and the VP told her plainly that it was not acceptable. This caused the new girl to get upset again.

I am way too old for this. So again I am putting on my headphones and tuning everyone out.

On a completely different note, I have worked out every day for the past 5 days!! WHOO HOO!! My muscles are talking to me and I like it. 😳😲

Last week’s happenings

Let’s see where did we leave off? Ah yes the missed Maxwell concert. I did speak to my “friend” and his take on it was since I had secretly put my ticket back into the envelope with his ticket, he took that to mean that I was not interested in going.  He didn’t seem to understand why I might be upset.

So my perceived actions hold more weight that my words. Duly noted. We have had no words since that conversation on Wednesday. Knowing him like I do, it will be a while before he contacts me and I refuse to contact him. Not out of spite or because I am still upset, but more so because I felt hurt and wanted that feeling acknowledged and it was not.

The past work week was full of drama. There were lots of tears at work. My office roomie has been in a rut the past 5+ weeks and she is extremely negative. Any time she is involved in a closed door meeting with someone in management it usually ends up with her in tears. She says she’s just one of those people who “tears up” when she’s angry. I’m not so sure. Other coworkers who have been in the company longer than I have tell me this is just how she is.

She’s very unhappy at work and her energy is just draining. I am a very positive person but I find myself avoiding her as it’s just easier for me. I can’t win an “argument” when most of her “evidence” is from before my time.

Our manager and the new VP are working very hard to change the corporate culture and she just keeps prattling on about how it will never happen. Since I started I have seen a change. It is small but moving in the right direction.

On Friday I told my roomie if she isn’t job searching she should start as she is clearly not happy. She says she is but hasn’t seen anything that catches her eye. I hope she finds something soon as it is not healthy to live like she does.

On Wednesday, there was an incident where we were all in a meeting in my manager’s office and the old team manager asked the newest member for the price of an item (which she would not know off the top of her head having been there less than 3 weeks). Being put on the spot embarrassed the new lady. This was witnessed by the assistant to our company’s general manager, who deemed it inappropriate. This lead to a closed door meeting with the assistant, current dept manager, VP and new team member.

Before this meeting, I was in the kitchen with another coworker and the new lady came in and was basically shaking she was so mad. There were tears.

Thursday morning found the new girl in my office talking exchanging stories of misery with my roomie. I’m too old for all of this.


I have been meaning to post on here sooner I swear!

Inspiration has been lacking and the truth is life has not been that fun or exciting.

I changed jobs in May because I was under-employed and felt like this change would be a good one.

It’s not.

Like P. Diddy said “Mo’ money, mo’ problems”!! LOL


This new company is incredibly dis-organized to the point where I am not sure how it is they make any money or why people still do business with them.

It has been baptism by fire and it’s more stressful than I think life should ever be.  We seem to be always behind the 8 ball. It is a rare day that I am not apologizing to a customer.

This has caused me a lot of unnecessary grief. I am looking for a new job and it can not come soon enough. There is another trade show coming up that I am contractually obligated to go to that I do not want to attend AT ALL.  I am praying that an opportunity to leave this company presents itself before then.

I could tell you lots of crazy stories about the business ethics of this new company but I am really trying to get myself in a more positive head space.

I know this too shall pass; I am just willing it to pass faster. 😉

On a completely different note, I increased my internet monthly GBs from 60 to 270.  Last 2 months usage – under 60 GBs.  I don’t know what’s happening here.

Lesson learned the hard way

Last week I was wandering through Winners semi-mindlessly shopping.  A few items found their way into my cart.These were not things I needed by any means.  I have been on the hunt for a quilt for the longest time and actually found one I liked.

I went back and forth for a while and then decided to buy it.  I could always return it if I had buyer’s remorse.

The only quilt I liked did not have a price on it.  So I asked one of the employees if she could find out for me.  She came back with $89.99.  A bit steep for a quilt and 2 shams but it still made it to the cashier.

At the checkout, the cashier refused to take my word for it that the quilt set was $90.  Her call to the bedding department returned a price of $79.99.  Alright, I’ll take that price.

I bought 7 things.  When I brought the bags into my place, I only had 4 items.  I was missing a bag. 😦  I thought I might have possibly missed a bag and left it in my trunk.  I have since double and triple checked my car, the items are not there.

I called the store and got a customer service rep who promptly agreed to credit back the missing items if I went back to the store.  Since the store is a about half an hour away in no traffic, I hesitated.  It’s “only” $18.  She suggested trying a closer store.  I called a closer store and the employee there asked a question that made a lot more sense to me, “How do I know what you left without?”

Talking to a few friends made me think something is not quite right about my initial call.

Anyhoo, I called a third store and they suggested I contact their corporate customer service line and see what could be done.

Calling corporate was relatively painless.  The rep got back to me the same day.  Her statement was upon reviewing the security tapes it looks like all the items were put into the shopping bags.  So me being the precious one that I am asked if I was given all the bags.  She could not answer that question and has gone off to investigate further.  If she calls me back and tells me that I was given all bags I will let it go.

My takeaway from all of this is to stop shopping for crap I don’t need … and to double-check that I am leaving with all of my purchases.


I won the war

My favourite cousin came to Toronto today.  And because I’m a glutton for punishment I volunteered to go to Ikea with her and her 2 children, aged 3.75 yrs and 4 months.

Ikea on any day is a hot mess.  To go on a Saturday with one strong-willed child is a recipe for disaster.

We were doing well until we got into the store. LOL  The almost 4 decided to try to test the almost … well way more that 4 yr old me. 😉

When we got to the store Lil Miss was happy to sit in the cart with the Ikea catalogue.  Once we got to the kitchen stuff area someone wanted to get out.  On a good day this little girl is a handful.  She already had 2 instances where she needed a strong talking to.  I was not looking to get into a war with this small child.  Her mother said not to let her out as she would touch everything.  So I told her no.

Well that seemed to be the word that started the meltdown.

At first she was determined to touch the cooking utensils we were in front of.  Even promising me that she wouldn’t touch.  Then trying to pick one up less than a minute later as if I wouldn’t catch her.

Unfortunately for her I was on my mean lady game and shut her down every time she tried to touch.  In the beginning it was a game but after a while she was not happy with me.

At this point my cousin was ready to pack it up and go.  I told her since we are here to make sure she get everything that she wants as Ikea is not a close store for her to visit.

She went to pick up some plastic dishes for children while I stayed with Lil Miss who was getting increasingly louder.  We actually stood in cart pick up area and this little girl was still trying to reach for anything that wasn’t in the cart.  Three times she almost fell out of the cart as she was just that determined.

Once we got everything and then some off the list, we were ready to go.  I put her in the child seat part of the cart and she took this as a new opportunity for a bigger fight and kept trying to stand up even though I put the seat belt on her.  I think that she may have some bruising on her right knee as I was holding on to it to prevent her from standing up.

On the way to the checkout I got a taste of what it’s like to be the parent of a melting down child.  The looks I got from the other shoppers was horrible.  I am not sure what was worst, the pity or the “can’t you shut that kid up lady” looks.

At the cashier Lil Miss requested to go to the car.  Since my cousin could not manage her 4 months old and all the purchases by herself, I told Lil Miss she would have to wait.

We went to the self check out and I asked Lil Miss if she wanted to scan the items.  It was like a switch went off.  All weeping and wailing stopped.  It was odd how quickly she could turn it off.

After that she was perfectly agreeable.  She even got back into the child seat in the cart without a sound or an attempt to escape.

When we got to the car, my cousin remarked that she was exhausted even though I was the one fighting with the child.

It was a battle of wills which I am happy to say I won. 🙂

When they dropped me off Lil Miss seemed to be at peace with me.  She said good-bye to me like we had not just battled it out.

I feel for my cousin as I can completely see how exhausting it is to parent her daughter.  Although truth be told she brings it on herself as after a long enough fight she will give in to the wants of this child.  Lil Miss is a smart girl.  She knows eventually she will get what she wants so she keeps going.  I hope they can find a way to get through to Lil Miss before this becomes a bigger issue.

Parenting truly is the hardest job in the world, especially when it’s done “right”.


What a week it’s been.

I have spent most of it feeling helpless which is not a nice feeling.

It started on Monday with my cousin’s 3-year-old daughter being admitted to hospital with what is believed to be her first asthma attack. 😦  This little girl already has peanut and egg allergies.  Adding in the asthma makes me sadder.

The hospital was able to get her breathing under control so she only had to spend 1 night. 🙂 She went home with 2 puffers and 1 oral steroid.  Her mother (my cousin) is on bed rest, in hospital with her second pregnancy, so her Nana gets the joy of administering puffers every 4 hours for the first 48 hours.

Wednesday, my cousin had a scheduled C-section.  I got a text with a picture of her new baby boy around noon and then I didn’t hear from her for the rest of the day.  I thought all was well and she was just recovering from major surgery and bonding with her new munchkin.

I was so very wrong.

Late last night I got a call from my Aunt (my cousin’s mother).  She relayed the horror of 2 emergency surgeries to try to stop her child from bleeding profusely.  By the time she called me the doctors had pumped 17 units of blood into my cousin.

The first time my cousin went into labour resulted in an emergency C-section and a near death experience.  I was really hoping for less “excitement” this time around.

My cousin spent the night in ICU and seems to be on the mend.

Thankfully my cousin only wants 2 children.  I don’t think any of us could handle this situation again.

I am worn out emotionally.

How’s your week been?

Best intentions

Late last month I took my girls to the eye doctor as Diva was squinting a lot.  Princess not so much but it was a free check up so I thought why not.

Both their prescriptions have changed for the worst. It is a significant change that will require new glasses or at least new lenses for both.  Since I just bought new glasses last year and my benefits only cover new glasses every two years I contacted their father to see what he could do.

I know that he has fantastic benefits but felt like I had to “play the fool” and let him be the hero.  I don’t really have the energy for this but given that I am tightening my budget I swallowed my pride.  So the question was asked and when the kids went by his place a couple of weeks ago Diva asked again.  He asked for the prescription and said he would take care of it.  I have heard nothing since. I still have the prescription.

I don’t think that my purpose in this life is to ever chase after someone who makes a promise to me.  We are all adults.  We know our obligations.

Diva has asked for contacts. A couple of ladies who are smarter than me (I’m looking at you, Carla and Mutant Supermodel) told me that 12 was not too young.  Contacts are cheaper in the short-term than glasses, as I just have to get to 2013 in order for their glasses to be covered by my benefits.

With all this in mind, I figured let’s get my girls some contacts.  I made an appointment at Costco since they will give you a trial pair.

The appointment was half successful. The goal was to put the contacts in, take them out, and then put them back in again and leave.  Diva manged this with minimal problems.  Princess struggled to get them in and then it was a battle to get the last one out.  After all was said and done, my girl was so frustrated and mad she refused to put them back in again.

I think that seeing her younger sister finish before her only increased her anxiety and feelings of failure. 😦

I let her be upset for all the way home.  She wasn’t speaking to me at this point.  At home she went to her room.  I let her be alone for a bit.  When I went to check on her she was in tears.  After some prodding she finally confessed that she feels that she has to be perfect and that she failed.  She mentioned some things her father has told her. Coupled with her expressing that she is not the child I want, my heart broke.

I consoled her as best as I could.  I tried to reassure her that I never expect her to be perfect only that she tries her best.  I told her that she will fail at something and that was okay.  Failing is an opportunity to learn and grow.  I’m not sure how much of it she absorbed, as she kept repeating that she has to be perfect and that she doesn’t want to fail.

Tonight when she is hopefully less emotional, I will attempt to talk to her again as trying to be perfect is an exhausting way to live and that is not the life I want for either of my children.

Moving forward, when there is an activity to be done I will take my girls separately.  This way Princess does not feel like she’s competing with Diva.  Maybe that will take away some of her anxiety.

Although having said that I signed them both up for volleyball lessons at the same time. I’m going to take them to the first lesson and see what happens.  If Princess looks like she’s not enjoying it I will give her the opportunity to do something else.

Life is too short and she is too young to be walking around feeling like a failure.

Any suggestions or feedback would be greatly appreciated.