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Come on Toronto Hydro

Or whomever is providing electricity to my area.

It is 1 AM and I am up waiting for Princess to get home and my power has blipped … again. Now before we discuss my main reason for ranting, don’t you worry little Miss P is going to get an earful when she finally wanders through the door. It might be more than an earful since I’m a bit worked up already. ­čśë

Anyhoo …

A week and a half ago, we experienced a power blip. While power returned, it was not enough to keep my fridge, freezer or TV going. I must confess that I was very worried that those appliances were permanently damaged. The thought of having to replace them all at the same time was dreadful. Thankfully it was not the case. On a side note, I did, for a split second, think they (the freezer & TV) might have been rebelling against me going out the day before and lusting over replacements in Costco.

The power was restored after approximately 3 hours. In the mean time I had what I am referring to as romantic mood lighting.

Romantic mood lighting

I am a fan of bright white light so to have every light in my home be a soft orangey glow (think salt lamp) is not as pleasing to me as you would think.

It happened again this evening at 6 PM. Since I am now “experienced” with this kind of low power I did not lose my mind or think the appliances were going on strike, like I might have 10 days ago. Again it took about 3 hours to get full power restored.

All was going well until 30 minutes ago when the power blipped again. I would be less annoyed if:

  1. I wasn’t in the middle of episode 1 of season 4 of Homeland AND
  2. I wasn’t waiting for my kid to come home

**Yes I am aware that I could watch it on my laptop but it’s not the same.

When talking to my super earlier this evening, he told me that he didn’t think they fixed the problem from 10 days ago. GREAT! Did I mention that they are going to be building over 150 new townhouses across the street from me? If they can’t keep electricity going for the current residences, how will it be when there are more people?