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Day 2 of 7/12

WHY is it only day 2!?!

Well I am going to have to get creative as the acceptable foods I can eat are dwindling.  Man I should have planned better.  Hindsight huh?

Day 1 – $0.00 spent 🙂
Day 2 – $0.00 spent 🙂

5 more days to go.

I must say that having the food restrictions is making the fiscal fast more challenging.  I have a cupboard full of pasta that I can’t have. 😦  I will try my best to stretch it but it’s not looking good.

I think I can … I think I can.

Day 1 of 7/12

I have officially lost my mind

On my list of things to do this month is a cleanse.  I usually do one every spring.  I am behind this year.  Whatever good sense God gave me has packed its bags and left me as I got up this morning and decided that not only will I do the fiscal fast starting today, I will also start the cleanse.

The cleanse I am doing is 12 days long.  It requires some dietary changes such as no sugar, vinegar and flour.  On my list of can haves is lots of fruit and vegetables … which are minimal in my home right now as I only did a quick run through the grocery store on Saturday.  Yikes!  I will try my best to get through it but … I am now convinced that my decision-making skills are severely lacking.

Fiscal Fast

As of today, My Half Dozen Daily is on day 5 of a 7 day no spending spree.  I finally read up about it today.  Interestingly enough right after my 15 minute mad dash through the grocery store yesterday.  Good timing or what?

The premise is to not spend anything at all for 7 days.  How hard can that be?

So tomorrow I will start my 7 day fiscal fast.  I think this could be fun.  BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!