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Use it up

2021 is going to be the year I finally defrost my freezer. The ice is building up in the chest freezer and it is way overdue. I think I bought this freezer 8-10 years ago and I have never defrosted it. I usually fill it back up before it gets too empty. Thereby delaying the defrost.

This year is my year to “use it up”. I don’t know about you but I have a tendency to repurchase the food I really like and left the other items until … sadly it’s past its best before date and into the garbage it goes. I am making a conscious decision to not go to the store until the freezer has been defrosted. Which means I have to eat everything that is in it.

Meal 1 – Chicken feta spinach sausage with green peppers and onions and chickpea pasta sprinkled with old cheddar cheese and parmesan, loosely based on this recipe. It was going to be with frozen broccoli but I found 2 peppers that had seen better days.

Less food waste. I did find some moldy cheese in the fridge that was thrown into the compost. There is still more cheese in the fridge so cheesy recipes are coming to my belly.

I was going to buy eggs but then I realized I have a box of mini quiches in the freezer that should be eaten or given away. So that will be breakfast this week. I am working from home all this week so plenty of time to make meals. Set it in the toaster oven and go for the win.

I fasted again this past Tuesday and find it harder to do from home as I snack more at home than at work. Speaking of working from home, I also don’t seem to leave the house when working from home. So one of my friends has decided that we will have a walking lunch date via the phone a couple of times this week so that I may get some fresh air.

I am looking forward to working from home this week. Elastic waisted pants for the win!! That plus the PVR could use some attention. Hopefully there will be less meetings this week and I can knock out a few hours. Other than watching TV, I plan to work out in the morning. I also want to start stretching daily. My back, particularly my shoulders, has been feeling tight.

That’s all I have this week. Hope all is well in your world.


It’s been a weekend I will never forget. Grab a coffee and a snack it’s going to be a lengthy one.

Let’s go back to yesterday. I slept in and woke up to no one up. 🙂 So I made myself a cup of coffee and curled up with “The Book Thief”. It’s been on my list for a long time and has made it home a couple of times. I’ve had it for way too long right now and it is due in 10 days and I would really like to finish it. Although I do have a few other books that are due sooner that I will not be able to renew that I would also like to finish. First world problems are real!!

Anyhoo back to Saturday morning. After a little while Princess got out of bed and went to do laundry. She then went to perch on the toilet with a gadget. Diva was lounging in bed. After some time (a lot), Princess left to bathroom to step into a puddle of water… O_o

My washing machine was overflowing. The water had come out of the laundry room, down the hall and around the corner to the bathroom. It was a mini lake in my place. It was all hands on deck as we threw every available towel at the floor, after turning off the washer, of course.

It took close to 2 hours to get all the water off the floor. You really don’t realize how many things are on the floor until something like this happens. Long story short, I was left with a bathtub full of wet towels among other things and a clean laundry room. 🙂

I am feeling incredibly fortunate for a number of reasons.

  1. We have been know to turn on the washing machine and go out. I feel lucky that this was not the case yesterday.
  2. I live in a building that also has a laundry room. I can’t imagine having to load up the car with all those wet items and cart them down the street.
  3. The public laundry room is available to residents but no one uses as we all have in house machines. So I was able to use all the working machines without pressure or timing issues.
  4. The washing machine and dryer only costs $1 per load. A much nicer price than the $2.25 my BFF pays in her building.
  5. I wasn’t home alone. We were able to get this mess under control quickly because we were all working together.
  6. This mini disaster made me address some of the clutter that was piling up in my laundry room. Amazing how easy it is to get rid of things when they are wet and gross.

In addition, to all that mopping and wringing out of water, Diva and I were able to take a walk to the library. So I got my workout in yesterday!! 🙂

Afterwards I took her at work and dropped off some items for charity. By the time I got home it was after 6. I was able to re-purpose a pork roast made earlier in the week into stir fry with rice. Yeah for no food waste.

By this time I was beat and I had promised my BFF we’d go out. As much as I was not feeling like going out, I knew if I didn’t she’s just be home on the couch and she actually seemed really gung ho to go out.

We went to a meet up group function but unfortunately we were way too late so we just hung out at the pub listening to music and occasionally dancing. By 1 am her feet were hurting so we left. Another friend told me about an after hours party and I was very surprised that my BFF was up for it. She’s usually in bed by 9 and when we go out ready to go home around 11.

So we waited around downtown for 2 am when this party would start. It was an interesting affair as the crowd was much more mature. Granted they did seem like a bunch of happy drunks. There was one fella in there who decided he wanted to “be with me” and repeatedly told me so for the entire 2+ hours he was there. He seemed genuinely surprised that I did not want to go home with him to cuddle. WTF!?!

Other than that it was a good night. BFF met a guy that she thought was interesting so she abandoned me to talk to him. Leaving me available to converse with my stalker. Lucky me! It took a long while before he finally got the hint that I was not interested. Lucky for me the dude that my BFF was talking to was leaving “early” or else we would have been there until closing at 6 am.

By the time we left and made our way home it was 6 o’clock in the morning. Goodness I haven’t been out that late in years.

This morning I got up and googled the life out of washing machine overflowing and figured out my issue. Was thinking I should pull the part out so that when I went to the hardware store I could ensure I bought the right piece. I watched many youtube videos on what the cause could be and then I opened up my washing machine and saw that the tube that is supposed to be connected to the water level switch had fallen out. Put the tube back in, put the machine to fill on the smallest size load and badda bing badda boom, it stopped filling up on its own. 🙂

Oh happy day!! Now I would be remiss if I didn’t mention I was already starting to plan how I was going to redecorate my laundry room with stackable machines. Thankfully I can put that fantasy on hold and keep the cash in my pocket for other things.

Right now I am starting to feel tired, so I am going to take it easy and then early to bed tonight.

Cooking failures

The past two weeks seem to have just flown by. HOW are we only a week away for Christmas??? O_o

Last weekend was an experiment in cooking and it was a bit of a fail.

Saturday I made cottage cheese pancakes.  I had lots of cottage cheese to use up and I only eat it with apples which Princess had kindly eaten all of. The batter was a little thick but no matter what I did I couldn’t stop it from burning on my cast iron frying pan. I switched to a non-stick pan with better results but my kids were not impressed. My mother turned down the batter so I threw it out. What a waste. 😦

On Sunday I tried my hand at crispy oven baked chicken wings. I was hoping for a miracle as I was pondering buying a deep fryer. Which is insane as I have managed to live all my life without one so I really don’t need one.

Anyhoo the recipe is basically coating the wings in baking powder and salt and baking them. I think I used too much baking powder for the amount of chicken wings I had. 😦 Even after coating them with sauce, they still tasted chalky. 😦 We ate them all so it wasn’t a complete waste but I was really hoping for a win with this recipe.

I was also supposed to make beef patties and cheese rolls last weekend but this girl had problems acquiring butter. I missed buying it on several trips out since I didn’t put it on the list. I thought I would remember … I didn’t. All I can do is laugh at myself and learn the lesson and write butter on my list so I don’t forget.

Food Waste

Food waste

Diva and I went through both freezers on Saturday.  It didn’t take as long as I thought it would and it netted some food waste, which I expected.

In the picture above is:

Garlic bread
Hamburger buns
Chinese dumplings x 7
Italian sausages
Carcasses of maybe chicken x 2
Various homemade soups(?) that no one could recognize

All in all it was not as bad as I thought it would be.  I was surprised that we do not have any frozen pizzas as I buy them often. The Chinese dumplings are older than old as I don’t think I have bought any in the past 3 years easily. There is a lot of frozen fruit in my freezer which I will be turning into smoothies or popsicles.

We now have a list of everything in both freezers which I am slowly going to use out. Meal planning should be so much easier now. 🙂

OTMTW – 5/19/13

How is it Tuesday already?

The menu this week will look like this:

Sunday – If I say I can’t remember what we ate would that be bad?
Monday – Hamburgers
Tuesday – spaghetti and meatballs
Wednesday – breakfast for dinner
Thursday – leftovers
Friday – frozen pizza
Saturday – South Street (have to get this done, the groupon expires next week)


Since I knew I had an extra day off I did not do many of my regular weekend chores and now I don’t feel like doing anything. 😦

This morning I threw out 6 homemade buns as I left them on the kitchen table instead of putting them in the fridge. 😦  Message received.  I am not a fan of food waste and need to get a better handle on it.


On a happier note, I found magic in the form of a jar.  On Saturday I was wondering around the natural food store when a lady asked me if I knew what was good to use to get rid of acne scars.  She was looking for 100% shea butter but couldn’t find it.  I had no idea but I went over to the section where she was and I did find a couple of other options.  Which got me thinking.  I have had a recent bout of acne that I can’t stop picking.  I picked up a small jar with the hopes of preventing scarring.

All I can say is HOLY MOLY BATMAN!!

Friday night I went to bed really late and woke up looking like a possible candidate to play an old hag without any additional makeup.  I looked tired and ancient.  Something like this.

Hag (Source)

It was not pretty.

Saturday night I went bed really late again because I don’t learn.  This time before going to bed I covered my face in the shea butter.  When I got up in the morning I was pleasantly surprised.  The old hag did not make an appearance. 🙂 I am converted.