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Is this so wrong?

My mother is in need of a fridge. Has been for more than a year. She is surviving with a bar fridge. Last year a fridge crossed my path and she rejected it. Now another fridge has become available. Thing is it looks like an upgrade to my fridge.

My friend is also selling the matching stove and dishwasher. My mother still has her original stove from 1983. I don’t think all the burners work. I do not currently have a dishwasher but have wanted one since I moved in 10 years ago. The stove is also an upgrade.

I want to buy this set and sell my mother my current fridge and stove for the same price I am paying. I would cover the transportation costs and figure out the logistics of moving all the appliances.

If it helps any the set is $300.

Does this make me a horrible person?

Adventures in fridge cleaning

What is that old saying?  No good deed goes unpunished? LOL  With my empty fridge I really had no excuse as to why I should not clean it.  In my naive and delusional state I thought I could just wipe down the shelves and be done with it.

Ahhh NO.  That was not happening.

Wiping the top of the shelf which to me was where the dirt should have been did not result in a clean shelf.  So I took out the shelves and washed them in my sink.

The top shelf is easy as is it actually 2 shelves that are half the width of the fridge.

With the middle shelf I should have called defeat when, while attempting to wash and rinse the oversized piece of plastic in my teeny tiny sink, I ended up getting water on my floor and foot.

I washed the produce bins next.  Again trying to rinse them off resulted with a soaked countertop and floor.  We will not even bother to mention my socks at this point.

The bottom shelf produced much of the same outcome as the middle shelf.  You would have thought that I would have been prepared and aware but nope not really. 😦

So there I was with wet feet and the additional task of washing the floor.

But at least my fridge was clean. 🙂

Because I like to change things up a bit I did attempt to put the middle shelf at the top of the fridge but for the love of a good sandwich it did not want to go.  I spent 10+ minutes trying before I said forget it.  Well I said other words but this is a family friendly blog. 😉

Clean fridge


By the time I was finished with the washing and putting back of the insides I really just wanted to kick my fridge so I barely looked at the door other than to remove anything that had expired.  I thought I would have more expired condiments than I did.  The black bean sauce had a 2011 expiry date.  O_o

Note to self: Clean out fridge at least once a year.

Expired condiments


As I was putting back all the food I learned that the water filter dispenser that I keep in the fridge had stopped working.  How did I find out you ask?  When the water I had put in the top to filter down to the bottom sloshed out onto the floor.

To say I was not a happy camper is an understatement.  The only good thing was that I had not yet cleaned my floor.

Clean empty fridge


Next time I might opt to just buy a whole new fridge.