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I’m back!!

I miss this space and am going to make an honest attempt to get back to here more often.

I have been out enjoying the summer and it is now winding down so I should have some time to write again. There has also been some reading. ūüôā I’m on track to reach my Goodreads goal of 25 books this year. Go me!!

Over the summer I have had the opportunity to visit/meet up with various friends and family. Great for my spirit, not so good for my wallet.

A couple of years (dang way too long), back I started an impromptu book club and I let it fall by the wayside. I will be reviving some sort of monthly or bi-monthly get together with my friends and family.

This will also get me to deep clean my place a lot more often. ūüėČ I just need to settle on my living room arrangement. A reorganization of my furniture is long overdue. I would like to change my TV stand and have been going back and forth with myself as there is nothing wrong with my ¬†current one. However, I would like something with drawers to store my DVDs in to reduce the visual clutter.

I am slowly getting rid of things that are just taking up space. I am having honest conversations with myself regarding the likeliness that I really need all these things. It is a work in progress.

I have put off my kitchen renovation until spring. I would like to have less before I start as I will have to store everything in my kitchen throughout the rest of my place and that is a bit overwhelming right now.

Next year will be an expensive year as not only do I want to do these renos, I also want to travel. I have a cousin in Portland who teases me with the most gorgeous scenery pics. A visit is long overdue. To assist with this I am looking for a part time job. Not sure how successful this will be as I only want to work 1 or 2 nights in the week and on the weekends. I have applied to a few places and fingers crossed I can find a company that works with my lifestyle.

I was inspired by one of my cousin’s who managed to work a full time and a near full time part time job in order to come up with the down payment for her house. She has young-ish children and made it work for the year. My kids are pretty much grown. Diva will be 18 next month, so I have a lot of ¬†some extra time which could be best used to make extra cash.

This is my short term plan; declutter, work more, exercise, repeat. Short term pain for long term gain.

And so it begins

I might have to do a lot more work on my way of thinking that I imagined. My first reaction is to go to the store and buy the ingredient I need instead of adapting my recipe to what’s in my fridge.

Case in point, I want to make beef soup. Usually made with salt beef and beef ribs. I have the salt beef, no ribs. First thought? Add ribs to grocery list. Then remember I am on a no spend challenge. Next thought? Increase amount of salt beef to compensate for no ribs.

I can be taught!!!

Instead of taking stock of my freezer/fridge/cupboard situation, I moved my living room furniture around … a lot. I supposed it’s still early enough that I could¬†knock this task off my list. We’ll see how that goes. Either way I spotted some ground beef in my small freezer which I will take out and make dinner with tomorrow.

My only goals are to come in under budget this month and empty out my freezer. This being said, there is a concert tomorrow that I really wanted to go to that I am “choosing” to miss. Or at least that is how I am marketing it. ūüėČ Gotta keep my eye on the prize!



They’re here!!

On Wednesday I threw out my couch in anticipation of yesterday’s delivery.

living room living room living room

After the couch gone, we moved the black chairs in front of the TV.  Given that there are 3 of us and only 2 chairs, it was a fun couple of days.

Saturday morning Diva & I got up and cleared space for the boxes.


All of the pieces required some assembly, but nothing I couldn’t handle.

Rocker recliner couch loveseat

The two black chairs have been promised to a friend who was supposed to move next month, but there has been a delay.  For now they will remain with me.

The new chairs are comfortable and firm.  Much different from my old couch.

Now to add some colour to this room.

Furniture shopping

Yesterday after a short delay of waiting for the furnace guy to come and a couple of phone calls to ensure the set I wanted to see was on display, I made the trip to the furniture manufacturer.

Since most people were still on vacation and it was the middle of the day the traffic was not bad.  Still a lot for early afternoon but it was moving. I dragged a friend with me for a second option.

The showroom was packed with different pieces. ¬†All the couch sets on display were leather or leather like. ¬†But still rather comfortable. ¬†Highlight of my day was sitting in a reclining loveseat that glided. ¬†It’s the little things people!! ūüôā ¬†But it was in leather and not my taste at all.

The piece they said would be brought down for me was not on display.  There was not an employee to be found so my friend and I went into the employees only warehouse.  There were a few more pieces out.  Then I came across it.

Recliner chair

Don’t let my bad cell phone picture fool you, it really is a chocolate-brown. ¬†My only small concern with the set is that it’s made of fabric that when you rub the fabric one way it looks dark and when you go in the other direction it looks like. ¬†In fact my friend warned me not to sit on it as it looked dusty even though it wasn’t.

I was almost ready to buy it when I came home and found a flyer from another small furniture store in my mailbox.  So I will be checking it out today, weather permitting as we are expecting a big storm.

Change is good

Yesterday I came home inspired to re-arrange my living room furniture.

I moved my living room furniture around to accommodate my wireless modem.  It was not a set up I liked as it put the couch in the middle of the room with my back to the door.  Bad feng shui according to my cousin.  So with suggestions from my BFF and my cousin I moved around my furniture.

It is still a work in progress.  My BFF had the great idea of moving around the furniture first and then figuring out what kind of furniture to buy.


View from my couch


I got my girls to empty the bookshelf to make moving it a lot easier. ¬†I am a smart cookie! ūüėČ

The corner


Both my BFF and my cousin agree that moving the bookshelf to this corner would be a great idea.

Bookshelf moved


At this point Princess was ready to stop moving furniture.  But I was determined.




We moved the TV to the wall right beside the lamp on the right side in the above picture. ¬†Don’t look too hard at my ugly couch on the left of this picture. ¬†At the time, the price was right!

The view from the other side


Please ignore the clutter. ¬†We are still a work in progress. ¬†Man, that’s one ugly couch.

Overall I am beyond pleased with the change.  My living room now seems a lot bigger and more open.

Now to start looking for furniture that I don’t find hideous. ūüėČ