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I want the hour back

I am not ready for it to be 7pm already. Even though it is still bright outside and I will appreciate it tomorrow when I am coming home from work.

Today was a productive day. It’s amazing how much you can get done when you don’t turn on the TV.

I went to Costco, Walmart and the grocery store after dropping one of my kids off to work this morning. Since I am not eating meat, I am also not cooking much. And since I have been buying lunch, I have not really done a proper grocery shop. So I stocked up on veggies and bought a Costco size piece of salmon.

I roasted carrots, broccoli and made sweet potato toast and baked the salmon. I am ready for the week. Although salmon does not last long in this house, so I might have to cook again.

Before I go to bed, I will make some chia pudding to have for breakfast.

My goal this week is to go back to not buying lunch. Even though it is only $7 and the portions are generous, it does add up rather quickly.

The part time job is not keeping me as busy as I would like it. Last week, I only had 2 shifts, Friday and Saturday evening. The schedule is the same again this week. I am lightly looking for another job, both full time and part time. Gotta keep my options open.

Last week at the full time job was trying. The sales rep I work with is very panicky and scattered and it increases greatly when there is lots going on. I spent the whole week willing it to end. Not the way I want to live my life at all.

This week should calm down a bit so I should also be able to return to the gym with more consistency. Last week, I went twice. Which considering I only went to the PT job on Friday makes me a little disappointed. This week I am aiming to get at least 3 workouts in, preferably 4.

Life is still pretty quiet. I keep toying with learning to use my DSLR properly, but have not picked it up to do anything with it. 😦 I been reading a bit. Currently tackling “The Woman in the Window“. It reminds me a lot of “The Girl on the Train” and I did not enjoy that book much. But I will struggle through it as I want to see how it ends.

July No Spend Update #1

So far it has not been a no spend month but a low spend. I am still under budget but there has been unnecessary spending.

Yesterday I paid for treats from McDonald’s for myself and 2 co-workers. It was the least I could do considering one of them frequently buys treats for the office and the other gave me a t-shirt and a bowl.

While in Niagara, I got caught up and bought a some souvenirs. Nothing extravagant, a couple of zipper pulls with my girls’ name on them and a fridge magnet. But not needed at all.

Today found me in the grocery store. I went to buy a bag of rice. I left with the rice and ice cream drumsticks (3 boxes as we all eat different flavours and they were on sale) and produce.

 Caramel for me.  Cookies & Cream for Princess. Plain vanilla for Diva.

There have also been some cheap lunches out. 2 occasions, less than $10 total but still.

On the plus side, I declined to go out with my BFF on Saturday as luckily she found someone else to go out with. I also declined a comedy show tonight.

I will get it together for the second half of the month.

OTMTW – 2/1/16

Korean Fried Chicken

Firstly I forgot about taking a picture of my Korean fried chicken dinner until we were almost done. Bad blogger. 😦

Secondly I neglected to post it so you could see the deliciousness that is Korean fried chicken. 😳 All that sauce is heavenly. 😍 We had 3 different flavours (sweet, soy and spicy) and they were all excellent, however soy was the reigning champ. 😄

Okay, back to our regularly scheduled program. I was at a loss as to what to cook this week. I am feeling very uninspired. I have lots of meat and pasta. I ran into the grocery store quickly this afternoon and picked up a few things like rice and spaghetti sauce. I still need veggies but one thing at a time.

Monday – leftovers
Tuesday – butter chicken and rice with broccoli
Wednesday – salmon and sidekick
Thursday – sausage and pasta
Friday -TBD
Saturday – TBD
Sunday – tacos

I am waiting on an update which I hope to get tomorrow which will let me know if I am able to travel on Friday to go Maryland for the celebration of life ceremony on Saturday for my cousin that I called Aunt. Could that sentence be any longer or any more vague? lol

Where did the day go?

I don’t know how it is now past my bedtime.

The girls got up late and we dashed to the grocery store that my sister works at to do a little shopping.  After than we went to get our eyebrows done and the wait was longer than usual.

I brought my sister home with me so we could finally watch Arrow from 2 weeks ago.  Before doing that we loaded up the car with all the goodies to donate.  I’m sure I could have sold them but it just seemed like more work that I really want to take on.  My sister and I took the stuff to the local Value Village and then went to another grocery store to pick up a few more things.

I made KD for dinner.  Don’t judge me.

I put Diva’s hair in twists and blow dried Princess’ straight.  I bought some Indian powders a while ago.  Today I finally made them into a paste and put it in my hair to deep condition it.  I put Amla and Brahni powder in my hair which is supposed to make my hair darker and stronger.   The paste looked like mud.  I put it in my hair and it was alright.  My bath tub looked like I was hanging out by the river’s edge while I was rinsing it out.    As much as I tried to wash it all out of my hair, I still have some “grit”. 😦  I can’t say for sure that I really noticed a real difference in my hair.

Ok, bedtime for me for sure now.


OTMTW – 3/2/14

I haven’t spent the time cleaning off last week’s menu that’s posted on my fridge so we are going back to old school.

Sunday – frozen pizza
Monday – Lobster ravioli with rose sauce
Tuesday – chicken burrito bowls
Wednesday – pasta and sauce with cheese
Thursday – leftovers
Friday – chick peas and rice
Saturday – TBD

Princess was not a fan of the lobster ravioli so since my sister is coming over for dinner she requested that I make it and she will eat something else.  Sneaky little bugger.

I am excited to try making the burrito bowls.  I think they will turn out well.  Plus I will get to use up some of the chicken in my freezer. 🙂

I was to do some baking this weekend and never got around to it.  I am going to see if I can fit it in this week.  I have most of the ingredients to make this Banana Chocolate Chip muffin recipe.  Never thought to bake with mayo outside of that Hellman’s commercial with the moist chicken, so this should be interesting.

Some where in all of this I need to find a grocery store.  I have not looked at the flyers or my cupboards. 😦 But I know we are low on fruit, veggies and milk.

OTMTW – 11/10/13

I am on the ball today. 🙂  I tried hard to stay away from Costco but they lured me back with discounted mini chicken spring rolls.  That place is terrible for me.  I always seem to find things I didn’t know I needed. 😉

I went in for the spring rolls and some vitamins and I left with a bit more.

Costco cart


Most of the extras were on sale.

I bought my first Christmas present.  I usually get my mother a spa gift card but as I was walking around I noticed that the Phillips blue light was on sale, 33% off.  I think she needs this much more than a trip to the spa.  My mother has SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).  I have passed the blue light often and contemplated getting it for her but the high price tag always made me think twice.

Ok, back to the task at hand.

Sunday – stew pork and rice
Monday – ravioli lasagna
Tuesday – chicken enchiladas
Wednesday – leftovers
Thursday – fish and sweet potatoes
Friday – frozen pizza
Saturday – mini chicken spring rolls and veggies


Too much to do

This weekend is shaping up to be a busy one.

Tonight, I am going to get my groceries and do some of my cleaning and maybe get a little laundry done.  The laundry was originally on the yes it will be done list but I got a last-minute invite to dinner so laundry will go on the maybe tonight list.

Tomorrow, I am dropping Diva off at her friend’s house at 7 am.  Somebody help me understand why I agreed to this.  Then I have a brunch date scheduled with one of my girlfriends on the opposite side of town.  Diva needs to be picked up between 1 and 1:30 pm.  Then on my way home I am going to pick up another friend who is going to help me organize my kitchen.

Some how I decided it was better to make my Mom dinner on Saturday night than to make her breakfast on Sunday morning. O_o  So that too will be going on.  My Aunt is also joining us.  And maybe my girlfriend will stay.

I’m tired already.

Sunday I plan to sleep in then go visit my Dad for dinner.  He asked that I not bring his wife anything.  So I will just stop at the liquor store. 😉  My step-Mom LOVES her wine. 🙂

OTMTW -5/5/13

I know I should have been back earlier to post this but I was not feeling inspired.  The fridge is full of stuff but nothing meal worthy.  My freezer … needs to be cleaned out.  There are some items suffering from freezer burn. 😦

Sunday – Chipotle
Monday – veggie scrambled eggs and toast
Tuesday – grilled cheese sandwiches
Wednesday – cheese tortellini and sauce
Thursday – chicken strips and fries
Friday – frozen pizza
Saturday – going to visit family 🙂

I really need to go grocery shopping.  The only meat I have in my freezer is ribs.  And that is never a quick dinner option.  I will look through the flyers and make a plan based on what is on sale.  My week-end is shaping up to be busy so groceries will be bought on Friday.

Maybe it’s just me but I am finding that with really good grocery sales, some items are out of stock very quickly.  I mean the first day of the sale on some deals. 😦  Have you noticed that?

OTMTW – 4/28/13

It’s time to figure out what is on the menu this week.

My fridge is stocked with leftovers so I want to use those up before making anything new.

Sunday – baked salmon & rice
Monday – leftovers
Tuesday – more leftovers and broccoli
Wednesday – pasta and sauce
Thursday – chicken strips and fries
Friday – pancakes and bacon
Saturday – South Street (no we still have not gotten here yet :()

While I am struggling to make menu plans I do find them helpful even though I sometimes don’t stick to it. *blush*  They force me to look in the fridge/freezers to see if  there is something I can use out instead of running to the store.

Planning ahead is semi working for me.  It’s easy to get off track but I’m getting there.  I will continue as it helps with my impulse grocery shopping.  I love to shop for food. 😦

Food and a mattress update

How is it Tuesday already and I have not posted a meal plan!?!

Sunday – I have no clue as I was not home.  I think my kids had frozen pizza
Monday – Frozen pizza (Diva was in charge of dinner)
Tuesday – Grilled cheese sandwiches and fries
Wednesday – Honey garlic chicken wings and rice with broccoli
Thursday – Macaroni pie with sausage
Friday – leftovers
Saturday – South Street burgers and fries

I did a little grocery shopping today so we have some veggies and fruit. 🙂


Earlier in the year when I was on the cleanse with the dietary restrictions, I read a post about a different way to cook grilled cheese sandwiches.  Unfortunately old age means I can’t remember whose blog I read it on, so my apologies if it was you.  I swear I would give you the credit if I could only remember who you are.  :S  lol

Anyhoo, the post I read challenged me to make grilled cheese “her way”.  I grew up making grilled cheese by buttering one side of a piece of bread and putting the butter side down in the frying pan.  The new way is to put the butter in the pan let it melt then put in the bread, unbuttered.  There was a lot of debate as to which way produced a better sandwich.

Today I finally remembered this challenge and tried it out with Princess.  I made one sandwich my way and another the other way.  I split both sandwiches between Princess and I.  While I liked the ease of the buttered pan method, both Princess and I preferred the buttered bread way.  Princess said that the new way tasted like plastic. 😦


Last night on my new mattress was awesome.  First, I had to kick my kids out of my bed.  They were both needling to sleep with me.  LOL  I usually get up with a little hip pain.  This morning I was pain-free and I didn’t want to get out of bed it was so comfortable.  My bed is now very high, like mid-thigh high.  It gives my room a whole different look.  There is still a faint odor but not enough to bother me.  So far I am very happy with my purchase.