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Apparently I need more classes

Yesterday was workout class #5. So far it is going well. I am feeling stronger. Still have lots of work to do. Really need to figure out how to breathe when doing cardio. Right now it feels like my chest is going to explode. I know it will get better and the ladies I workout with are very encouraging.

Still haven’t taken my measurements so I can measure my progress. My clothes are still tight. I realized I need to change my lunch eating habits. The cafeteria serves us large portions and I used to eat it all. Small salad and soup included. O_o

Now I eat the soup and salad and half the entrée and pack the rest up for dinner. So far it is working very well. I hope to reap some rewards from paying attention to my eating.

I was feeling good until this morning when one of my coworkers asked me if I am pregnant …

Guess I will be joining the next session of exercise classes.

Getting back on track

Not sure what is going on with me, but I fell off the exercise wagon hard this week. Motivation was severely lacking. Morning workouts are rare, but usually I can get it together in the evening. Or convince a friend to go for a walk with me. I didn’t even make an attempt to get support.

Today I will start back slowly, by taking a walk to the library. I will go the long way.

Last Wednesday, I went to visit my Aunt and she gifted me her Vitamix blender. Very similar to this one.


I swear it might be one of the original models. LOL I haven’t tried it out yet. In my mind, I will be starting my days with smoothies … as soon as I get ingredients to blend.

Since exercise is not consistently calling my name I am going to try a more plant based diet to see if that will aid in my semi-forgotten dream of weight loss.

I will be diving into this lifestyle change with increased focus after my trip to Maryland. 😉


Starting slow

It have been far too long since I have exercised.

On Wednesday I went out to dinner with my BFF and she declared that she had gained 10 lbs in 3 weeks and needed a partner to go walking with.  I was “voluntold” that would be me.

Friday was supposed to be our first walk but it was raining cats and dogs, it was canceled.

I intended to do something at home, but that didn’t happen.

So this morning when I got up I turned on my DVD player and did a light 10 minutes before I could change my mind.  It’s not much but I was huffing and puffing. 😦  My fitness ability has dramatically dropped. 😦  I gotta get it back.

One of my cousin’s had the idea to do the Toronto Zoo 10K run.  But given our lack of training … this has been deferred.  Plus it is completely booked.  We will have to get on it earlier next year.

I am publicly making the commitment to move every day this month for at least 10 minutes.  I have to get back in the routine of moving.  Time to get Project Get Healthy back on track.

This weekend’s plans

I can’t recall if I mentioned I bought some herbs & veggies earlier this summer.  I was trying my best to keep them alive.  Well I have failed at that task.  I just looked at my plants for the first time since probably last weekend and it’s a dead zone. 😦

Dead plants

I told you it wasn’t pretty. 😦

It’s bad enough that when I’m well I forget about them but when sick … they had no chance.

I plan to relax this weekend and hopefully build up my immunity so that when I go back to work on Monday I am ready to fight the germs.

Since the majority of our clients are in the US, the boss offered up taking July 4th off instead of the first so we could have a long weekend.  There was talk about a vote being held.  I swear I was at work on time yet it was decided by the co-worker that had been working there the longest that we would take Friday off.  And before you could object she had already informed the warehouse.  While I don’t object to the Friday off, it would have been nice if we actually voted.

Today I think I’ll take the girls for fro yo and I borrowed Despicable Me 2 from the library.  We will definitely be watching that tonight.

Since my appetite has been non-existent this past 5 days, I have lost 2 pounds.  I am hoping to piggyback on that loss and start moving.  One of my cousins recently recommitted to MFP and asked me to do the same.  So today is the official day 1.  I am debating starting fresh as in weighing myself and changing my goal since I have managed to maintain my current weight for quite some time now.  I just looked and the last time I weighed myself was almost exactly a year ago.   My weight is a little more than 3 lbs over last year’s number.  So not bad in my books.

I need to find myself something to eat and figure out what I’m going to do with this afternoon before the fro yo. 😉

Under the weather

As if all this rain isn’t bad enough, I have gone and caught whatever germs have been floating around the office.

Yesterday, my face & back were in agony.  I struggled to stay up as I had to pick up Diva from the mall.  After I brought her home, I went to wash up and ended up sleeping for over an hour.  Princess was kind enough to warm up a can of soup for me, which she had to re-heat.

I barely ate half the can and a grapefruit cup before I called it a night.  I took my last 2 Advil Cold & Sinus tablets, which worked wonders.

It was a hot, then cold, then hot again night. 😦

I somehow managed to sleep through my alarm.  Lucky for me Diva came to ask me if I was going to work at 7:48.  I usually leave for work at 8.  It was a rushed morning without breakfast or coffee.  But since I have no appetite I didn’t even notice until around 11.

I had my usual lemon, honey & oil of oregano this morning and I am hoping it will lead me to the road to recovery.

The original patient 0 at my office gave me some herbal teas to take tonight.

I feel a little better but still not out of the woods.


Remember me?

I know it’s been a long time.

Every night I come home and think about a few things to post and the energy leaves me.  I’m pretty sure that my lack of energy is related to my lack of exercise. 😦

Let’s see what’s new …

I have been in the market for a new job and managed to secure one.  I’m a little on the fence about it as it might be crazy busy but at this moment, I’m ready to learn new things and be challenged.  I start on the 20th.  It will be a longer work day for me.  I will be starting at 8:30 instead of 9.  Not a big difference to some but I am so not a morning person.

To get myself mentally prepared starting next week I am going to get in the habit of doing some prep at night.  I will be packing my lunch and breakfast at night so I can make my mornings easier.  I will also be slowly setting my alarm earlier and actually getting out of bed.  Maybe even dare I say it I might try a morning workout.  Shocking I know but I need to get moving again.  I feel so much better when I do.

Tomorrow is the Lion King.  I can’t believe how fast time has passed.  My kids still don’t know that we are going.  They know we need to look good tomorrow and they are not exactly sold on going blindly.  I hope they enjoy it.  I can’t imagine that they wouldn’t.  It might be a little rushed as I need to get home eat/bathe/dress in less than half an hour.  I really hope they are ready when I get home.

I got my first electricity bill.  It was not pretty.  I was not as diligent as I could have been about saving electricity but I was not expecting a bill that was close to $125 for 1 month.  My neighbour’s first bill was double that.  She is not a happy camper.  My second bill came and it’s $95.  I am afraid for this hot summer to come. 😦

On the health front, I have stopped counting calories.  I’ve been maintaining my weight.  I’ve not hit my target weight yet but that’s not surprising considering my lack of exercise.  But hey I’m not gaining so that’s good!! 🙂

I still have to do my April recap and figure out some easy goals for May. 😉

Something happened with blogger recently and it stopped delivering emails to my inbox.  What an interesting way to reduce the number of blogs I read.  I am very behind and have been slowly catching up.  I am contemplating deleting the old posts and starting fresh.  We’ll see what happens.

That’s all for now.  I’m tired and want to try to get into my bed early.


The numbers

I almost forgot I was to take my measurements this morning.

I am down 4.5 inches since the last time which was in May. O_o

I stepped on the scale yesterday and it is still what it was earlier this week.  No loss but no gain either.

It seems I have been on project get healthy for a year now as my first measurement date was in September last year.  In that time I have lost 14 inches and 23 pounds.  Slow … not so sure about steady. lol

“Only” 7 more pounds to go.

PGH – 9/26/13

I am finally back at the weight my fitness pal thinks I am. 😉

Being on this cleanse has really forced me to eat well, which was my secret hope.  It was hard in the beginning as I was trying to cook without leftovers because of the scheduled power outages.  I need to figure out how to make the changes last.  I am debating if to reintroduce all the foods I removed from my diet.  I think maybe to start back one by one to see if there are any adverse effects.

I’ve been on an exercise kick recently.  And by recently I mean the past 2 days. LOL

Right now I feel light and lean.  Not sure if this is because of the diet or the exercise or the combination.  I feel like I am on the road to better health.  I am surprised that I don’t miss coffee or tea.  I did want a bread stick.  The cheese called me.  I miss yogurt.

Yesterday, Princess and I started our plank/wall sit competition.  I, being the supportive mother, told her I would win the challenge and so far I am.  I did a 1 minute plank and a 1.5 minute wall sit.  And it hurt.  Both of them.  But I won!! LOL  That’s really all that mattered.  She couldn’t believe I beat her.  Not bad for her “old mother” who according to her was around when the wheel was invented. LOL

On Sunday I will take my measurements.  I haven’t done that in a very long time.


PGH – 9/10/13

Well it’s been a long time since I have done one of these.  Mainly because there was nothing to tell.  I fell off the exercise bandwagon.  My eating up until my vacation was relatively on point.

I was not gaining any weight but I was not losing any either.

Then I went on vacation …

For the past few years my annual trip to Maryland was only to my cousin’s house with a quick stop at my Aunt’s.  This year I spent 4 days at my Aunt’s and I don’t think I have eaten so many sweets in a long time.  My Aunt has a big sugar addiction.

I came back with an additional 5 pounds that I really have no use for. 😦

Last week I got back on the program.  I started paying more attention to what I ate.  I actually exercised.

2 of the pounds I brought back have disappeared. 🙂  WHOO HOOO!!!!

It is still a struggle to exercise.  I know I should but it just doesn’t call to me.  But it needs to be done.

I am back on the program.  Determined to reach my goal.

Only 13 pounds left to go.

PGH – 4/9/13

The weight gain from last week is gone. 🙂  I tried to eat clean but I did not exercise as much as I should have and still the weight left me.  I am not complaining. 😉

This week my exercise game is on point.  I got a new Jillian video from the library.

Kickbox Fastfix (Source)

Kickbox Fastfix, 3 20 minute workouts.  And when Jillian says 20 minutes, she is not kidding.  From start to finish the workouts are under 21 minutes.  I did level 1 on Sunday and level 2 today.  I do not feel the need to buy or renew this video.  It’s not my favourite.  There are a lot of kicks that require you to pivot and well trying to do that on my floor is not easy so I think I may be doing damage to my knees.  I will do level 3 on Thursday and return this video satisfied that I didn’t buy it.  (I love the library)

I think the trick for me is to workout on Sunday.  As it puts me in the right frame of mind.  So far this week I have worked out every day.  Tomorrow I will finally break open one of my Leslie videos (Thanks Hawaii Planner, please stop giving me dirty looks lol, your gift was not in vain).

I have been eating just enough to fulfill my calories needs.  I want to get to the next point.  I am thisclose to losing 20 lbs.  I am determined to hit it by my next weigh in.  I was so close 2 weeks ago and I let it slip through my fingers. 😦  It is within my grasp so I am going to hit it.  I am back on the wagon in a more committed way.

My boss, who is the weight watcher queen, joined myfitnesspal.com.  She resisted as she did not want to count her food twice.  I am not sure what changed her mind but it’s very interesting to see her new perspective.