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Gotta love Pacific Mall

Remember this??

Broken iTouch screen


And how Apple wanted $100 to fix it but only after I made an appointment!?!  Well that wasn’t working for me and Diva wanted the 5th edition so she saved up for it and got it just after Christmas and then lost it in May.

Since she had no choice, Diva started using it again.

Over time it got significantly worst.

Today Diva and my sister decided to go look in Pacific Mall as my sister told her that there was a store there that could fix it for $50.  After wandering around for a while they found some place that would fix it for $35.


Fixed like new

And they also included a screen protector.  It’s like new!

She is a very happy girl.

Still doesn’t replace the one she lost but it helps.

I’m glad it is now fixed.  It was beginning to become a safety hazard.

Mission Accomplished

At 9 am this morning I had a little Diva in my bedroom trying to “gently” wake me up.  LOL  She actually climbed into bed with me.  It was so cute.  She looked like she wanted to shake me but was afraid to do so.

Oh how agreeable my children are when they want something from me!!

She made me a coffee and let me enjoy it.  All the while she was twitching.  She did not want to be “late”.  The store opens at 10.

We arrived at 10:05.

The salesman was the one who took my sister’s call.  In speaking with him I learned that my sister might not be the best assistant.  I thought this store had 2 x 32 GB iTouches; one in silver, the other in blue.  Turns out this store has 2 iTouches.  A silver 16 GB and a blue 32 GB.

While in the store the salesman asked if we would like to save $150 today.  Of course my child was interested.  He tried to sell me a new cell phone.  In fact he would see if he could get the amount increased to $175 if I signed a 2 year cell phone contract today AND he would throw in the phone for free.  Hmmmm … Ahhhh … NO!  Good thing I am on that fiscal fast. 😉

We went back to Pacific Mall to get a screen protector.  I didn’t realize that this mall doesn’t open until 11.  We got there with 20 minutes to spare.  So we just walked around.  It turns out that the 11 open time is just a suggestion as most of the stores were still closed at 11.  Eventually we found a place that was opening up and Diva got her screen protector.  The new iTouch is ready to go.

We returned home and my girl sat patiently waiting for me to finish eating before she troubled me for the wifi password.  Then she had to wait some more as iTunes on her computer needed to be updated.

She has been very helpful.  I wonder how long it will last.

We were too late

The store closed just before we got there.

I had my sister call in and inquire about the stock in the store and she failed to mention that the store was closing in 20 minutes. 😦  When she said something we ran out the door but we didn’t make it in time. 😦

So Thursday morning, guess where I will be?

My child is really spoiled.

A sad day for Diva

So what was supposed to be “the greatest day” for Diva has turned into a big disappointment.

I ordered the 16 GB 5th generation iTouch and it wasn’t until we went to buy a case for it did we learn that there is no back camera on this model.  One needs to buy the 32 GB model in order to get a back camera.

All I have to say right now is Apple really knows how to get money out of people.

So we returned the iTouch and Diva is stuck with a case for a toy she no longer has.  The store we were in was all sold out.

My girl is so sad and disappointed.  It’s breaking my heart.

When we got home I looked online to see if there were any on sale.  I found one in store.  The store agreed to put it on hold.  I am going to go get it for her.

My child is so spoiled.

What’s new

There have been a few things on the go for me lately so I figured I’d give you a quick recap.

On Friday I finally finished the scarf I started … way too long ago.  Unfortunately the only picture I managed to take of it was a quick shot to send to my cousin so she could see what she inspired.

Pittsburgh Steelers scarf


The scarf is quite long and was quickly claimed by one of my friends who is a big Steelers fan.

When I say my cousin inspired the scarf, it’s not the scarf itself but its completion.  In the past month, my cousin has knitted herself a hat, cowl and a hooded scarf.  She is now working on her second hooded scarf.  All in the time it took me to crochet 10+ rows.  She is speedy quick and very dedicated.

Anyhoo, now that the scarf is finished, I miss crocheting so I picked up one of my many incomplete projects.

These piles will eventually become a blanket.

Granny squares

I am going to confess that these granny squares have been in this state of limbo for more than 6 years.  I vaguely recall moving with them.  Putting together the blanket just seemed like a daunting task.  I started this blanket to give me something to do.  It is for my BFF.  I am going to attempt to finish it before she moves into her new apartment in January.  If I recall correctly this was supposed to be a house-warming gift for her, at least 4 moves ago. *hanging head in shame*

In other news, Diva is now the proud owner of a broken screen on her iPod Touch.

Broken iTouch screen


Apparently one of her younger cousins got ahold of it over the weekend and decided to pitch it on the floor.  It still works but she is heartbroken.  We went to the Apple store on Sunday and was told it is $99 to replace it but we need to make an appointment online in order to do so.  Say what!?! O_o  I’m here in your store willing to give you my money and you want me to go home and make an appointment???  Apple is making too much money.

This is Monday’s leftover veggie soup.

Veggie soup


With a little salt and sriracha, it is delicious.

This morning I had to drive Diva to a volleyball tournament at a school that is about a 10 minute drive away.  I was up early since the news said we could get a ton of snow.  I was afraid we would be dumped on like Carla was in London.   But we were lucky and only got a light dusting.

A little snow


Most of the roads I drove on were clear which is a great thing.

I think that’s about it.  You are all caught up now! 😉


Crisis averted

I love my children.  Even more so when they think I just recently fell off the turnip truck.

Last night I came home from dinner with my girlfriend to have this conversation.

Princess: Mom, I NEED to go to the mall tomorrow.

Me: Why?

Princess: Because I have to get my iTouch fixed.

Me: What’s wrong with your iTouch?

Princess: It’s not charging.

Me: Why isn’t it charging?

Princess:  Well YOU left the watering can beside my computer and I didn’t notice and the charger for my iTouch fell in and I put my iTouch to charge and now it’s not charging.

Me: Did you try the other charger?

Princess: YES MOTHER, and it doesn’t work either.

Me: Did you put it in rice?

Princess: Why would I do that?

Me: To dry it out.

Princess: Why would I know that?


So my girl proceeds to get some rice and puts her iTouch in the rice.  I tell her to put it somewhere safe.  Partway though the evening I heard the pitter patter of rice falling … O__o

This morning guess whose iTouch can charge??? 😉