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10 classes done!

My first boot camp session is completed. My body is sore but I am feeling good. And I have signed up for the next session.

Since that doesn’t start until next week, I surprised myself by accompanying my team mate to the gym for a quick workout. We did not push ourselves too hard but managed to hit every muscle group. I rather enjoyed getting a light sweat on after work. This might become a regular thing.

All around life is good. I am in search of a part time job as I really think it’s time to do my kitchen renos and I would prefer to pay for it in cash. My BFF has inspired me. She went from being unemployed for over 1 year (YIKES!) to having a full time gig, part time gig AND a volunteer position while parenting her 10 year old bi-weekly. Next to her, I look like a slacker. There is no real reason I can’t work another job. My weekends are generally available.

So tomorrow I am going to drop off my resume at some stores in the neighbourhood. Hopefully someone will bite.


Think it’s fixable?

So this happened …



I was cooking last night and I tried to set the timer and the “up button” cracked. I pressed it again as I was in denial as to why it wasn’t working.  It broke more.

I left the button alone.

The outcome is that I can no longer use the timer function on my stove and my oven can not be heated higher than 350°F …

I’ve been contemplating renovating my kitchen and have been advised by most that I should also get new appliances. I was going to hold off but it seems like my stove had other ideas. I hope it doesn’t tell the fridge. 😉

A little decluttering

I was a busy girl this week-end.

Yesterday while the girls were in volleyball I went to Costco for a few things.  You would think that I would learn not to go to the grocery store hungry but nope not me.

I bought a lot of fruit and veggies along with some meat.  I resisted the samples.  The mini banana bread loaf was calling my name loudly until I read the back of the package to learn that there is 280 calories in one. 😦  Hunger did win though as I had a hot dog.  I was okay with it until I put it in my food diary.  Over 550 calories!?! 😦  Oh well.

Today I gave in and bought the metal shelves.  The chaos was driving me insane.  And it’s a short trip!  After I begged convinced Princess to make chocolate chip cookies with my new cookie scoop.  I went to Kitchen Stuff Plus and bought the shelving and a bathroom scale.

My kitchen went from this.

To this. 🙂


I have a ton of food now so other than milk and fresh produce I should not need to see the grocery store any time soon.

Temptation part 2

My cousin’s cousin show up this morning.

We discussed my ideas.  He told me it is all do-able.

We talked a lot about what he did for our mutual cousin.  Her basement was about $50,000 worth of work.  Which he charged her $20,000 to do.

Big. Numbers!!

I told him I am not spending that kind of money.

One of the things on my list of things to do is to get a dishwasher.  So we discussed that.  I think that’s where we might start.

To put a dishwasher in I need to buy a dishwasher obviously and a new counter top.  Because the dishwasher will take up a cupboard and a half the sink will need to move over.   He figures it will be about $80 for a new counter and $300 in labour to put in the dishwasher. Of course I want a new sink.  One where the faucet is not attached to the counter but to the sink. Especially since I am getting a formica counter top not granite or marble.

I want to cut windows in walls.  Unfortunately until he actually opens the wall he can’t give me a quote.

As for my floor, it was not good news.  It seems that the floor was not done properly and a lot of the tiles are no longer attached to the mortar. 😦 So I will need to replace my floor at some point in time.  He recommends that I do it last.

I’m going to let it all marinate for a while.  This is a total want.

Courting temptation

So a while back my cousin added cabinets and counter top to an empty wall in her kitchen.

I lusted and then got over it.

Well this same cousin has her cousin from the other side of her family renovating her basement.

I made the mistake of saying maybe he could come by my place and look at my kitchen floor as 2 of the tiles look like they are coming out.

My well-meaning cousin suggested that he could also assist with any renovations I was thinking of doing.

While I think of changing my kitchen often, I have no intention of really acting on it anytime soon.  I have other priorities.

I’m not sure exactly what my cousin told her cousin but she gave him my number and he’s called me twice.

Yesterday I finally returned his phone call as I was feeling bad.

Guess who is coming to look at my kitchen tonight?

I hope I can find the strength to only consider his plans instead of going along with them.

I have fallen in love with this picture and would like my kitchen to look similar.


I really like the openness of this kitchen and would love to do something similar.  I think hope that cutting out two picture windows in my walls is not terribly expensive.


Slippery slope

Today’s post is about kitchen porn.

Yesterday my cousin added new cabinets to her kitchen.

It went from this.

To this.

Of course this got me thinking about my own kitchen.

Then she sent me this.


Very pretty + nicely organize = Super sexy!!!

And before I knew it, I was day dreaming about changing my kitchen … AGAIN.  Pondering taking the measurements so I can get an estimate from Home Depot.

And then I went to bed and woke up to my reality.

My cousin has a different set of circumstances to mine.  While I would love to re-do my kitchen and I will, the time is not now.

Once I get out of debt, I will take measurements and pick cabinets and all that stuff. But until then I need to remain focused.


Especially since I am nowhere near the end of the tunnel. 😦