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Week 1 Recap

Well it was not my best effort but I am doing better than before. I worked out too hard on Tuesday and then again on Wednesday and I think it was too much. 😦

Since I’m not working out as much as I would like, I took control of my eating. Not eating after 8:30 pm and less eating out. I am in a water challenge with one of my coworkers. Unfortunately she was off for most of last week, but I was still trying to keep on track.

I went for a massage yesterday with a new therapist and it was everything a massage should be. Not overly painful and she gave me some stretches to do to loosen up my neck. Turns out all my sitting at a computer is not having a good effect on my shoulders. I was instructed to spend time stretch the front of my body as my neck muscles in the front are tight and shortening which is why my shoulders are hurting. Who knew?

This week I plan to get back into swing with “easy” workouts. Body weight exercises and walking. I forgot last week how far off the fitness wagon I had fallen off. But I am focused and determined.

Since I gave away/shared most of my Leslie Sansone videos, I will be putting my favourites on hold at the library. Along with a couple of Tracy Anderson videos. No/low impact for the win.

PGH – 2/3/16

I bite the bullet and weighted myself on Monday. 4 lbs gone!! 🙂 AND more than 1 inch lost around my waist and hips. 😀

I’m not going to lie I was hoping for more. But given my pig out fest on Saturday, I’m not completely surprised …

Last month I tried a few new to me workout DVDs. Some I liked. Others not so much. At one point I had borrowed 15 workout DVDs from the library. O_o

First up an oldie, but goodie Buns of Steel.

Buns of Steel

This is not my mother’s Buns of Steel. I borrowed it only to see if anything had changed. It was an “okay” workout. Nothing to write home about. There were six 10 minute workouts and 3 workouts.

Sculpt & Burn

I was hot and sweaty at the end of Sculpt & Burn. This workout makes me realize I need to up my cardio game. There are four 10 minute workouts and a 5 minute warm up and cool down. You can mix and match to your heart’s content.

Personal training with Jackie

Jackie, where to start with her. The personal training video consists of two 25 minute workouts, an upper and lower/core. Both are pyramid style where you start with doing 1 rep of 2 exercises moving up to doing 10 reps. This is one circuit. There are 6 circuits. Jakie showed me how weak my upper body is. Both workouts were very challenging to me.

One on one training

This DVD was more my speed, three 20 minute workouts, upper, lower and core. 🙂 Each workout consisted of strength training and cardio. The cardio broke up the intensity which I appreciated.

Tone Every Zone Walk

I loved this DVD. As in I put in a request for it the day I returned it and am patiently waiting for it to come back to me. Three 20 minute workouts, upper with weights, lower body with weights and a fast walk. The music is very upbeat which I really enjoyed.

Slim + Sculpt Cardio  Cardio dance

I have nothing nice to say about either of these DVDs. Both were hard to follow along as the instructions were either missing or unclear. I was surprised as I liked her other videos and will stick to them.


I have a few more on hold at the library and will let you know if I find anything worthwhile.

PGH – 7.21.15

Project Get Healthy is back in swing.

I have re-committed to moving at least 5 times a week, preferably Monday – Friday. 😉 Ideally first thing in the morning so that it’s off my list of things to do and I can enjoy my evening with the peace of mind that I “ate the frog”.

I am starting with The Firm video and Leslie Sansone. 20 minute workouts is where is it at for me right now. I need to build back up my strength and endurance. I put 2 more The Firm videos on hold at the library and will pick them up later this week.

Once I get my exercise under control I will tackle my diet.  I need to eat more veggies and less cake …

chocolate cake

I want to blame Diva for encouraging me to bring this delicious Belgium chocolate cake into the house. But the truth it I am the one who pays for them. Did I mention it’s yummy?

Back on the wagon

walk away the pounds

Yesterday I got back on the exercise bandwagon with this oldie but goodie.  I am starting slowly, I think. I did the 1 mile workout and had to use 3 lbs weights instead of my usual 5. 😦 I am feeling my shoulders today.

the firm

I took the plastic off of this DVD today.  I think I have had it for at least 2 years. There are 3 workouts which are only 20 minutes long so it is just up my alley.  I did the Cardio + Sculpt Combo and it was a true 20 minute workout. 🙂 I am sure I will be feeling the squats tomorrow. I will try the other 2 workouts in the next few days.  This video promises visible results in 10 workouts so we shall see.  I should probably weigh and measure myself to get a baseline. 😉

Look what I dusted off

walk away the pounds

So I will admit I am not the sharpest crayon in the box all the time.

Sunday night I slept badly and woke up with an achy shoulder.  I still did my 30 Day Shred on Monday morning … like a crazy person.

Tuesday morning I woke up, sore shoulder still present.  Again I do the 30 Day Shred.  Then I went to the gym last night expecting to go a yoga class but instead we did some kind of cardio dance class which was not what I at all what I would have signed up for.  I should have stopped there but there was a 15 minute ab class and since we were already there I thought why not.


We spent about 7 minutes in various forms of plank which aggravated my poor shoulder.

This morning I at least had the good sense to not do 30 Day Shred.  But it wasn’t until I was getting ready for work did it occur to me that I could just walk.

Leslie Sansone … we have not spent any time together in much too long.

So tonight when I got home I went searching for her.  I pulled out the Walk Away The Pounds video that I got from my secret sister The Hawaii Planner and just did a quick 1 mile.  I can’t believe I forgot all about Leslie.  It was a low impact workout which still had me feeling like I did a workout.  Until my shoulder starts to feel better I think I will be spending more time with my old friend Leslie.

I bit the bullet

I took the plastic off of Yoga Meltdown. LOL

Ok, I didn’t stop there.  I put the DVD in the machine and did it.




Several times throughout the video my legs were shaking.  I really felt this video.  I think this should be a once or twice a week event.  I can’t see me doing this every day.  Although right now my options for working out right now are limited.  I am not feeling like doing anything too physical. lol  Time to renew my relationship with Leslie.

Right now in Costco there is a Jillian Michaels’ set of DVDs which consists of Yoga Inferno and Hard Body.  Having just did level 1 of Yoga Meltdown it is fairly safe to say I am not even remotely close to being ready to do the Inferno.  For now,  this item will remain in the store.  I did put it on hold at the library because I’m a glutton for punishment.  I am hoping that by the time it’s my turn to take the video out, I will be closer to being ready.


PGH 7/2/13

Oh my word has it been a very long time since I have talked about Project Get Healthy.  Too long really.

I have fallen off the exercise wagon. 😦  It’s been 4 maybe 5 weeks since my last workout.  Ahhh there I said it.  Confession is good for the soul.  I can feel a difference in my body.  My muscles are starting to weaken. 😦  I am going to get back on it slowly.

The last few weeks have been crazy at work so I am trying to figure out where to fit in a work out.  I get up an hour earlier on the days I go downtown and don’t get home until 5:30/6 and which time I am wiped out.  Fighting traffic for an hour and a half or longer makes for one tired me.

I miss the high after the workout.  The actual workout … not as much.  Tonight I am going to do a walk.  Leslie and I are going to get re-acquainted again.  Her workouts are nice and easy.

I am still counting calories.  It is getting old.  I am not as diligent about recording it in a timely manner as I once was.  This might be because I may or may not be bitter about being down to 1260 calories a day.  That small amount does not allow for many fun treats.

I know I can get more calories by exercising and plan to make that happen this week.

I bought a new belt this weekend as the last one is falling apart.  When I bought the old belt I started at the 2nd notch.  I am now on the last notch. 🙂  I still can’t fit into the belts that are currently in my closet but I am getting closer.

I am 7.4 pounds away from my goal weight.  It seems so close and yet so far.  I will have to increase my efforts and really focus to make it happen.  What do “they” say about those last 10 pounds?

PGH – 4/2/13

If ever I think that I can go to all you can eat sushi twice in one week and not have any consequences please remind me of this week’s weigh in.

I am up 3 lbs.  Not impressed.

Okay now that I think about it, there may be more to it than just sushi.

Thursday lunch – all you can eat sushi goodness
Thursday dinner – everything in my fridge, I could not stop eating
Friday lunch – fish and chips
Friday’s dinner – big ole bowl of pho
Saturday’s dinner – more all you can eat sushi goodness
Sunday dinner – turkey dinner with lots of side dishes and wine

While I was not way over my calories on most days the cumulative effect was felt.  Add in, only one workout session all week and you have the recipe for weight gain.

Tonight I am going to make a big pot of “before the veggies spoil” soup as I have potatoes, celery, broccoli and onions that I need to do something with.  I am going to wing it with this recipe, hopefully it will turn into something my girls will eat.

I will also get back in the groove of working out.  Leslie is calling my name.  I can do at least a mile a day.  I really have no excuse.  I have to get my mind focused.  The problem is that I have reached a size that is acceptable to me.  I am still overweight but now it’s by a few pounds and as such the motivation is lacking.

The weight gain was enough of a wake up call to me.  I will get back on the wagon.

On a different note, I started a cleanse yesterday.  It is called Cleanse Smart and it is a 30 day gentle cleanse.  There are less dietary restrictions than the Wild Rose D-Tox I did earlier this year.

Cleanse Smart (Source)

It consists of 2 different capsules.  I take 1 capsule from bottle one, 30 minutes before breakfast and again at lunch.  I take 2 pills from the second bottle, 3 hours after my dinner.

This has really driven home how late I eat sometimes.  Need to get a better grip on this.  Meal planning would definitely help with this.

I am not expecting any weight loss as a result of doing this cleanse.  I do find that doing a cleanse in the spring helps me deal with the sun and heat of summer.  That is the main reason I continue to torture myself. 😉

PGH – 3/27/13

On Sunday I was all hype to get back on track health wise.  I have 2 Leslie Sansone videos to try out (thanks Secret Sister) so I have no excuse not to work out as the shortest workout is 15+ minutes long.  I can always find 15 minutes.  Those are my favourite workouts as just when you think “how much longer?”, they are done. 😉

Monday, I am not sure what I ate but as I was leaving work my stomach started to churn.  I came home and found a spot on the couch and kept myself quiet.  It eventually went away but by that time I was not in the mood to do anything but feel sorry for myself.

Tuesday, I stayed at work way late and I still had to come home and prepare dinner.  When I returned home I found my lovely offspring lazing and my kitchen a hot mess.  Some harsh words were delivered.  After they cleaned up and I cooked, it was late and again I was not in the mood.

Tonight, found me at the chiropractor.  I was hungry when I came home.  After eating, the couch called my name I swear. 😉

I don’t know where the energy and the drive went that I had on Sunday.

Tomorrow we leave work early so my plan is to come home and fight with spend some time with Jillian’s No More Trouble Zones or Extreme Shed and Shred.

Let me tell you how far off the wagon I feel today.  All you can eat sushi is my kryptonite.  Sad part is I was better than I have been in a long time but when I got home I just couldn’t stop eating. 😦  I was so over that myfitnesspal.com had me weighing more than I do today in 5 weeks if I ate like I did today every day. 😦  That hasn’t happened in a very long time.

I missed Monday’s weigh in as I forgot.  First time ever.

Tuesday’s weigh in was successful.  1.4 lbs less than last week.  19.6 lbs total. 🙂

Unfortunately I will have to go back to all you can eat sushi on Saturday.  The “sacrifices” one must make for their child. 😉  It’s Princess’ birthday and my girl wants to go back to the all you can eat sushi restaurant to have … wait for it … popcorn chicken. O_o

Look what arrived!!

The package


It’s my Easter Secret Sister package!!  It came from the Hawaii Planner.

A look inside.  I see something that was on my list!! 🙂



The goodies!!

The Goods


Inside I was treated to a beautiful card, not one but 2 Leslie Sansone workout DVDs, gorgeous wool in blue tones that I love and not 1, not 2 but 3 different kinds of chocolate bars. 🙂  Score!!!

Not to take away from the other cool stuff I received but I have an organic milk chocolate truffle bar, a dark chocolate toffee with walnuts and pecans bar and a dark chocolate coconut caramel bar.  My head is spinning.  I don’t know which one to try first, they all sound fantastic.

Thank goodness I have the workout DVDs to offset these wonderful treats. 😉

Thank you so much my Secret Sister, you really made my Friday.


Before I forget.  Do you remember this?

Ready to go


Well presto change-o.  This is what was beneath the wrapping.