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Chugging along

Not much is going on in my corner of the world. Which is crazy considering the state of the world at large. The large number of people all over the world who are protesting during a pandemic for racial justice make me proud and sad that this is so very necessary.

Week 1 of back at work was doable. I was lucky and the night job was quiet so I was able to leave early. This getting up early to work out and then working 2 jobs every day is not for the weak. But I think I’m getting the hang of it.

Week 2 was more intense with the night job. I worked 2 complete shifts and most of the other ones as well. Thursday I woke up feeling like I hit a brick wall, so I rested and moved my workout to Saturday. I also changed it up and did a Leslie Sansone walking workout on Friday as I needed to go easier on myself. I have a drawer full of exercise videos and I have only been doing 2 … Time to mix it up.

I am starting to see a difference in my body, so the working out will continue. I have not stepped on the scale since I started or taken any measurements as I find it is best if I just do it and judge by my clothes. I am also trying to increase my water intake. I do really well during the week. The weekend needs improvement.

Our local library is back in business with curbside pick up. So I picked up way too many books. Why do all my holds come in at the same time? My plan this week is to work my full shifts as it is usually quiet after 8 pm and use the time to read. I took a office chair from my mother and hope it will help as I am slouching very badly while working from home. When it gets quiet, I have been moving my work laptop to my computer stand and planting my butt in my comfy recliner.

My plan for this week is to make an appointment with my chiropractor. Hopefully undo some of these hours spent slumping. Other than that, it will be a boring week over here.

Hope all is well with you and yours.


A slab of pork

I stopped at the library on my way home to pick up my requests.  6 movies and a book.  Can you guess what I’ll be doing this week/week-end?

While at the mall, I stopped at the grocery store to pick up milk and buns.  I will not delude myself into believing I have time to make bread/buns this week.

I came home starving.  Ate some of the left over Chinese food I bought yesterday.  I ordered the dinner for 4 which consists of chicken fried rice, beef chow mein, beef with broccoli, sweet and sour pork, chicken wings and spring rolls. When I think about it, that take out was a good deal.  It fed 4 of us yesterday and 4 meals today AND there are still leftovers. 🙂

And then I sat down.


I had to talk myself into getting up to deal with the slab of pork.  I had it in my head to take a picture before I cut it so you could see what I was talking about but well … tiredness took that idea away. 😦

I cut the pork loin in half.  I seasoned one half with my cousin’s secret seasoning mix of ketchup, Worcestershire sauce and Montreal steak seasoning. 😉 I added onions to the slow cooker and put the piece of pork in.  This whole concoction went into the fridge and I will set it and forget it tomorrow morning.

The other piece of pork, I chopped up and seasoned with onion, garlic, ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, and various herbs and spices using this recipe as a guideline.  It too went into the fridge I will stew that up tomorrow night when I get home for dinner on Wednesday.

Laundry and working out have been re-scheduled as I am beat.