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The Lion King – a quick recap

On Friday, I left work a little early as I was concerned about being late.  When I got home my beloved children were sprawled out on the couch like we had no plans.  Mind you they didn’t know where we were going but still.

We left the house at 6 and even with traffic and highway lane closures arrived at the theatre with plenty of time to spare.

In the olden days, I just used to tell my kids we were going on an adventure and that was enough.  Now they have turned into detectives and spies in order to figure out where we are going.  I printed the directions to the Princess of Wales theatre instead of just the address and that was enough to clue Princess in that we were going to see The Lion King.

Once it was confirmed, Diva became a much happier child.  At home she was begging to be left behind as she thought we were going to a family function.

Our seats were in the 6th row from the stage starting at the aisle.  The last time I saw The Lion King I remember being in awe and thinking when I come back I must have aisle seats.

As we sat in the theatre I felt like it was much smaller that I remember it.

The show was phenomenal.  We all really enjoyed it.

I’m so glad I took my girls.

Now they want to see Wicked.


Remember me?

I know it’s been a long time.

Every night I come home and think about a few things to post and the energy leaves me.  I’m pretty sure that my lack of energy is related to my lack of exercise. 😦

Let’s see what’s new …

I have been in the market for a new job and managed to secure one.  I’m a little on the fence about it as it might be crazy busy but at this moment, I’m ready to learn new things and be challenged.  I start on the 20th.  It will be a longer work day for me.  I will be starting at 8:30 instead of 9.  Not a big difference to some but I am so not a morning person.

To get myself mentally prepared starting next week I am going to get in the habit of doing some prep at night.  I will be packing my lunch and breakfast at night so I can make my mornings easier.  I will also be slowly setting my alarm earlier and actually getting out of bed.  Maybe even dare I say it I might try a morning workout.  Shocking I know but I need to get moving again.  I feel so much better when I do.

Tomorrow is the Lion King.  I can’t believe how fast time has passed.  My kids still don’t know that we are going.  They know we need to look good tomorrow and they are not exactly sold on going blindly.  I hope they enjoy it.  I can’t imagine that they wouldn’t.  It might be a little rushed as I need to get home eat/bathe/dress in less than half an hour.  I really hope they are ready when I get home.

I got my first electricity bill.  It was not pretty.  I was not as diligent as I could have been about saving electricity but I was not expecting a bill that was close to $125 for 1 month.  My neighbour’s first bill was double that.  She is not a happy camper.  My second bill came and it’s $95.  I am afraid for this hot summer to come. 😦

On the health front, I have stopped counting calories.  I’ve been maintaining my weight.  I’ve not hit my target weight yet but that’s not surprising considering my lack of exercise.  But hey I’m not gaining so that’s good!! 🙂

I still have to do my April recap and figure out some easy goals for May. 😉

Something happened with blogger recently and it stopped delivering emails to my inbox.  What an interesting way to reduce the number of blogs I read.  I am very behind and have been slowly catching up.  I am contemplating deleting the old posts and starting fresh.  We’ll see what happens.

That’s all for now.  I’m tired and want to try to get into my bed early.


Jan No-Low Spend Challenge update #2

Jan No Spend Challenge

I was doing really well.  And if we don’t count my little slip, I am still doing well. 😉

Last week I got an email about the live production of The Lion King returning to Toronto.  I saw it a long time ago and loved it.  I knew that I would want to take my kids to see it … one day.  The Lion King was in Toronto a couple(?) of years ago but I did not get my act together in time to go.
*Really I am a theatre snob and if I can’t sit close to the stage I don’t want to go.  When I multiplied the cost of 1 good seat by 3 I got cold feet.  Ahhh, confession is good for the soul. lol

Anyhoo, back to the email.  The advance purchase price which while expensive was more affordable than the last time I looked at tickets.  So I played with a lot of dates and found seats in a section that I could live with.  I added them to my cart and after 10+ minutes of contemplation, I hit buy.

I am going to see the Lion King with my girls in May!!!  I’m so excited.  I have not shared this with my kids yet as I like to keep things as a surprise.  Also Diva will probably give me a long lecture as we are on a no/low spend challenge.  Yes my 14 yr old is a bit more disciplined than me.  Don’t tell her as I will never hear the end of it.


Have a laugh

At my expense, because I most certainly am laughing at me.

A while back I happened about upendilife.com.  The writing is great and the author engaging.  I spent more time than I care to admit now trying to figure out the blog name and what it meant.

Was it:

Up End I Life?

U Pend I Life?

Upend I Life?

U Pen Di Life?

Now the fact that the author calls himself Rafiki should have been a dead giveaway, but apparently not to me.  It wasn’t until this weekend when I was watching Lion King 2 that it occurred to me that site is Upendi Life …  after the song … in the movie … which Rafiki sings.  **duh**

I swear I am smarter than this in real life!!! LOL

Raf, stop laughing so hard.  🙂