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Freezer inventory

Small freezer.


Chest freezer. This will need to be defrosted at some point.


I have 2 freezers chocked full of … I have no idea what.

My goal over this winter is to eat out of the freezer. Ignore any sales on meat. Resist the desire to eat anything other than what I have on hand. Give away anything I know we will not eat. Like the English muffins that are in the top photo (lower right corner).

Meal planning would definitely help with this. My problem with meal planning is that not everyone eats in my house. So I am trying to find the balance between having too much and not enough. Now that my girls are working they are more inclined to eat out than at home, unless it is the few days before pay day …. O_o

At some point I would like to take inventory of the freezers to see what I am working it but I am procrastinating like there is no tomorrow. From my memory I know I have 2 whole chickens, various types of sausages, ground beef, chicken thighs (with and without bone), shrimp and sole fillets. There is also fish sticks, chicken strips and chicken wings.

I did take out some ground beef and chicken thighs for dinner this week. I also know think those meatballs will be used up this week.

I am making split pea soup today. Princess and I will happily eat this, Diva not so much. Maybe I’ll make spaghetti and meatballs as well since that is quick and easy. Plus I have zucchini so I can make zoodles for myself. 🙂



OTMTW – 2/1/16

Korean Fried Chicken

Firstly I forgot about taking a picture of my Korean fried chicken dinner until we were almost done. Bad blogger. 😦

Secondly I neglected to post it so you could see the deliciousness that is Korean fried chicken. 😳 All that sauce is heavenly. 😍 We had 3 different flavours (sweet, soy and spicy) and they were all excellent, however soy was the reigning champ. 😄

Okay, back to our regularly scheduled program. I was at a loss as to what to cook this week. I am feeling very uninspired. I have lots of meat and pasta. I ran into the grocery store quickly this afternoon and picked up a few things like rice and spaghetti sauce. I still need veggies but one thing at a time.

Monday – leftovers
Tuesday – butter chicken and rice with broccoli
Wednesday – salmon and sidekick
Thursday – sausage and pasta
Friday -TBD
Saturday – TBD
Sunday – tacos

I am waiting on an update which I hope to get tomorrow which will let me know if I am able to travel on Friday to go Maryland for the celebration of life ceremony on Saturday for my cousin that I called Aunt. Could that sentence be any longer or any more vague? lol

OTMTW – 1/25/16

Since I didn’t really cook a thing last week, I was going to recycle last week‘s menu. Then I remembered I was running low on white rice for my dirty rice. Then I thought whatever I’ll just use brown rice and hope the kidlets don’t notice. 😉

I’m going to challenge myself to not spend any more money this month. I am under in the food categories, but paying for grad photos and the post secondary school application for Princess pushed me over my “other” category.

I am going to have to get creative as I am out of spaghetti sauce but have lots of pasta and meat. I will be scouring the cupboards if I need to. The lasagna roll ups I made tonight, the left overs from the weekend and the dirty rice should get us to Saturday. I have a couple of frozen pizzas and other convenience food in my possession. This might not be as hard as I thought.


On a completely different note, my tea mug cracked today. All I did was pour hot water … like I have done hundreds of times before and crack … hot tea all over my counter.

IMG-20160125-00392IMG-20160125-00386Not sure you can see the way it cracked right through the bottom and partially up the other side.

IMG-20160125-00390 I have never had this happen before. It was one of my favourites. 😦


Why do I meal plan?

My kids seem to be going through a grazing stage. So we had leftovers on Monday that were supposed to have been eaten over the weekend. Yeah for no food waste. 😀

No problem we’ll just make the lasagna roll ups on Tuesday right?


Diva came home starving and craving pizza on Tuesday and wanted to treat the family to dinner. She was so excited to be able to “contribute” to our household I couldn’t say no. So she ordered 4 pizzas as Pizza Hut has a deal right now where you buy one large pizza at regular price and get up to 3 additional medium pizzas for $5 each.

We are slowly making our way through all these pies.

One of my cousins invited us out for Korean fried chicken tomorrow. Which I will be the first to tell you is so much better than any other fried chicken I have ever had. It is light and crispy and not greasy at all.

We’ve been to this restaurant before, it’s a little dark but I’ll see if I can get a good picture so you can see the deliciousness I speak of.

I am going to make my lasagna roll ups to Saturday. I will not let anyone distract me.


OTMTW – 1/17/16

I feel like my life has been dominated by death recently and I am SO over it.

I am ready to get back to normal. Even though that was a little mundane. I could use mundane right now.

Back to menu planning. It doesn’t get any more normal than that. 🙂

Monday – lasagna roll ups
Tuesday – fish sticks and sidekicks
Wednesday – leftovers
Thursday – dirty rice
Friday – frozen pizza
Saturday – leftovers
Sunday – steak and sidekicks

I’m toying with the idea of doing “The Whole 30“. Just waiting for the book from the library to see exactly what I am committing to.

What to say?

So far so “good”.

I have moments of sadness but overall I am okay. References to cancer, like commercials or those Facebook statuses still hurt/piss me off but this too shall pass.

Right now the only service to be had is for my cousin’s Aunt (who is also my cousin but older than my mother so I call her Aunt). I’m on the fence as to whether or not to attend. It is next Saturday and while I feel like I should go, it is not as strong as I feel to attend my cousin’s.

As per my cousin’s wishes, she will be cremated and a memorial will follow. Based on my last communication with her mother, it will not be this month.

To add to my sorrow, the wife of one of my cousins on my father’s side passed away last Thursday. The funeral will not be held in Canada so there will be a wake tonight. I will attend to represent my father who is not here. This will require a trip to the liquor store for a bottle of something.

Right now I am over death. So on to some brighter news. I am still on the exercise wagon. I really want to step on the scale but after the last time, I will wait until February 1. I feel stronger and leaner so I’m sticking with that.

I’ve done a little meal planning this week and made chili earlier and will make chicken stir-fry tonight. That should cover us until Friday when I will make lasagna roll ups.

My low/no spending is going well. I am well under budget in most categories. I am staying out of stores (read Costco) and it is having a wonderful effect on my bank account. 🙂 With the exception of an oil change and Princess’ grad photos there has been very little unplanned spending.


OTMTW – 01/04/16

Some days I am not the sharpest crayon in the box.

Yesterday I was perusing the internet and came across this delicious looking recipe for skillet lasagna which would have required me to purchase sour cream. Not thinking about it too hard I was going to run out and get some today.

I then remembered that I still have a bag of potatoes. So I spent far too long thinking about what to do with them before I realized I could just make shepherd’s pie, for which I have all the ingredients for. o_O

Monday – leftovers
Tuesday – shepherd’s pie
Wednesday – pork chops & mashed potatoes
Thursday – leftovers
Friday – take out pizza
Saturday – leftovers
Sunday – Steak and baked potatoes

I really want to focus on reducing our food waste this year.

I need to pop into a grocery store and pick up a few things, but I really want to dig through my fridge, freezer & cupboards before I go. I know we need milk, produce & yogurt, but I feel like there are a few more odds and ends that need to be added.