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I think the decision is made

I was going to write this post looking for advice but I don’t think I need any, but feel free to weigh in.

So I got the call I wanted today.

I got the job!!


And it’s a little big but!!

The pay is less than desirable.  I knew I was going to take a pay cut but the salary offered is lower than the minimum I want.  It’s still workable but just much less wiggle room. 😦  The HR person said that was all that was in the budget.

It is a good size company with offices worldwide.  It is a permanent full-time job with benefits.  The job comes with 4 weeks of paid time off which includes sick days, vacation and personal days.  There is education reimbursement and some pension or stock options or something with a company match up to $3000/yr.  Usually there is a year-end bonus and/or profit-sharing of 3-6%. I think there was more but I was standing in the hallway while it was all recited to me.

I was debating whether or not to take the position when the accounting clerk sent me a text message saying that they are interviewing for an account manager on Thursday.  Which doesn’t surprise me, since last week I was told by a subordinate that I was getting an “assistant”.  I am not that busy that I need an assistant.  Plus I thought it interesting that the other account manager has an assistant whose title is something like sales assistant, but when the recruiter spoke about hiring someone it was an account manager.  Maybe it’s me, but that doesn’t sound like an assistant to me.

Anyhoo … I am going to accept the offer and hope that this new job will be enjoyable and something I can do for the next couple of years.  I am tired of job searching and switching jobs.

Work Frustrations

I don’t really talk about work at all.  Not here or IRL.  There is very little to say most of the time.  I got to work. I come home.  Real simple.  Whatever happens at work, usually stays at work.

Recently we have been experiencing some technical difficulties.  A program that runs all our jobs has decided to quit.  Because we are 3 versions behind the current version, there is no support available.  Our options are buy the upgrade, used a different program or run it manually.

Right now it is being manually run by yours truly.

I have no issue running the jobs as I can do it from home.

My issue is with the member of my staff whose position is dependent on the running of the jobs.

She usually starts at 6 something.  This is a decision that she made.  She can actually start work at 7:30 and still get some work available for those employees that come in at 8:30.

The problem with the scheduler started on Friday.  When we finally decided to just run the jobs manually it was after 9 am.  The first job finished at 9:45.  She started to do her work then and still managed to get it all done and left the office by 1:45 pm.

So I asked her to come in at 8 am Monday morning.  She came in at 6:45 and then texted me to start the jobs.

This happened again yesterday.  So when I came into work I asked her to stop contacting me before 8 am.

This morning she texted me every 10 minutes starting at 6:50 to run the job.

We had a meeting today to say officially we are changing the start times of everyone in here.  She asked why could I not get up at 7 and press the button.  Or rather still why could we not teach her how to  press the button.

She actually said “I am not happy about this”.  Fair enough.

The owner of the company is not comfortable teaching her to “press a button”.

I’m not sure what exactly is her problem other than it’s a change and she does not handle change well.

My boss brought up the fact that she was now asking me to start work 2 hours earlier and I am inconvenienced by this so she is not the only one who is being affected.

There was no recognition of this fact.  It really seemed like it didn’t matter to her at all.

Did I mention that she reports to me??? ARGHHH!!!

So is it me?  Am I being an unnecessary pain or is she just a bit unreasonable?

IWIW – 4/17/13

I think I found my new couch or at least 2 possibilities.

Let me back up a minute.  When I was moving into my apartment 5+ years ago I was fortunate enough to be gifted a couch.  I was telling the parents of Princess’ BFF at the time that I need to purchase living room and dining room furniture.  They recently bought a couch that they could not get up their stairs and offered it to me.

I agreed, couch unseen.  The first time I saw the couch was when I went to pick it up to move it into my apartment.  It was not my style but the price was right. 😉

Over the years I bought a slip cover in an attempt to make the couch more attractive, but that proved to be more trouble that it was worth.  I was constantly adjusting and tucking the slip cover back in between the cushions so I gave it up all together.

I went looking at couches back in July but didn’t/couldn’t commit to anything.  I still continued to look research as the want/need has not disappeared.

Recently I went to a friend’s new apartment and it inspired me to try to make my place more like a home rather than a pidge podge of hand me down furniture.

I have no decorating skills so I am hoping that new couches would help make the room look like some thought went into it.

I have narrowed it down to 2 different couches.  I sent pictures to a couple of my friends and they offered me differing options. 😦  So I thought why not ask you?

Couch 1

grey couch (Source)

The first time I saw this set was in my cousin’s house.  It is comfortable.  My BFF thinks it looks too formal for my living room.  I am not sure where she got that idea from, as it doesn’t look all that formal to me.

Couch 2

brown couch (Source)

A reclining loveseat with cup holders!!!  How could one go wrong?  Well according to one of my friends the cup holders are exactly why he doesn’t like it.  Boo. 😦

The brown couch and loveseat are on sale until the end of the month.  My plan is to take the friend whose apartment I like with me to the store and get her opinion.

Until then which set gets your vote?

IWIW – 4/3/13

It’s been a long time since I posted about my wants.  Mainly because while the list of things I want is long I tend to forget about them once I put it on my mental list.  It’s working very well for my bank account so far. 😉

Unfortunately I can only put off buying certain things for so long.

High up on the list right now is a mattress.  It’s been on my list for some time.

The interest has been renewed since I got an email last week from Costco about a gel memory foam mattress on sale.

Gel Memory Foam Mattress (Source)

It’s $110 off until April 7.  So I have a few days to make up my mind. Plus if I don’t like it I can always fight with it and take it back to Costco.

It is the if I don’t like it part that has me hesitant to push buy.  This mattress is 82 lbs and will probably not fold easily once it has been unpacked.

What to do?  Right now, I’m leaning towards shut my eyes and buy it.

What would you do?

Family and money

I have to say I think I am blessed.  I have never really struggled.  I have never been in the position where I had to choose between paying a bill or feeding myself.  Granted some of these choices were supported by credit card but I still never went hungry.  In my former wild spending days I always made sure I never maxed myself out.  I am not sure that it was a conscious choice but some how there was always space on my credit cards.

Having said that I was talking to a cousin of mine who is stressing out over possible moving costs.  Her company paid to help her move to a new location and is now crossing their ‘T’s and dotting their ‘I’s.  There is some money that is unaccounted for and this has got my cousin stressed.  It is a hefty sum of $9000 they could ask her to repay if they don’t find in her favour.  My cousin told me that even if she had a year to pay off this amount she could not do it without some of her other debts going into collections.  This has me concerned.

My issue with this whole situation is that my cousin has spent a great deal of time telling me that she makes a lot of money.  In fact, when we hang out together she used to attempt to pick up the bill cause she thinks of me as the “poor” one.  I haven’t yet told her that if you make $100 but spend $101 you are not better off than me making $50 and spending $49.

The fact that this is not the first time she has found herself possibly up a creek without a paddle frustrates me.  Any time something out of the ordinary comes up she is panicking over the cost of it as she really can not afford it.  This is no way to live.  Right now she is Broke with a capital B.  But she is still spending money on non-necessities.

Personally I like being able to sleep at night.  I like having a little something in the bank just in case.  The extra stress and worry is just not worth it to me.

No, I didn’t lecture her about the joys of having an emergency fund.

No, I did not talk to her about cutting out non-necessities for a period of time.

I don’t know that it would be well received.  Right now I think she thinks that she is doing all that she can, but there is so much more that she could be doing.  BUT I think that if she were to make any more cut backs she would possibly have some sort of breakdown.  She views herself as earning well and in her mind, coupon cutting and shopping the sales don’t jive with the salary she makes.

My eight dollar question is should I get involved or just remain mum?


Question for the day

If you knew that your job was going to possibly go bye-bye in 9+ months, what, if anything, would you do differently now?

This is what I have started thinking about recently.

Right now I am in pay off debt mode, would I change my focus to saving if I thought my income source would dry up?

I think so.

Less debt is great but having a bigger stockpile to draw from would be better than having to rely on credit again.

What would you do?

IWIW – 03/07/12

This week’s want is a familiar one.  You have hear about it before.

A Pretty Watch

I am back on the lusting after this watch.  In fact it is getting stronger. 😦


It doesn’t help that I tried it on.

I found the watch for $140 cheaper in the States and was preparing myself to purchase it the next time I am there.

I told a friend of mine in the States about my watch and he managed to find it on Amazon for almost $250 cheaper than it is here in Canada.  Because I am idle, I decided to see if I could order it and get it shipped to his house since he’s just across the border.

I can.

Then I put it on the back burner as I didn’t have a plan to go to the States any time soon …

Do you see where I am going with this?

Back on Amazon I went.  And if I ship it to my family in MD, I don’t pay sales tax and the watch becomes almost $300 (54%) cheaper.

So now it’s back in my line of sight.


It’s pretty
It will go well with my new grown up look


I don’t need it, I have a functioning watch
It’s a little pricy

Surprise surprise, it’s a tie.

So I am opening the floor to you.  Should I order it?

I Want it Wednesday

There’s a saying that I grew up hearing often that loosely translates to “those who want it, can’t get it and those who get it, don’t want it.”  

What this has to do with anything I have no idea, but it prompted me to start looking at my own wants.  

The list is long.  So I figure every Wednesday for the foreseeable future I would feature one of my wants. 😉

First up on the list:


My teeth are not extremely crooked.  In fact if I didn’t point it out there is a chance you might not notice.  The kinda look like these teeth.


The issue is that I had braces as a child to straighten out my teeth and as the years passed my teeth have been shifting.  While it’s not bad now there is the possibility that it could get much worst.  One of my Uncles had to put on braces in his fifties because his teeth were starting to lean over is how he described it.

On an ordinary day, I would not contemplate getting braces as I do not have orthodontic coverage through my benefits AND both my girls have braces and they are not cheap.  BUT my teeth are bothering me my dentist and he has graciously offered to fix them for a discounted fee.

I can hear you asking “How much, how much, how much??”.  

The treatment plan my dentist is recommending is:

  • brackets on my upper teeth only
  • for approximately 9 months 
  • for the cost of $700
  • paid in monthly installments of my choosing 
  • interest free

This includes the cost of the brackets and the monthly adjustments.  After the braces are removed, I might need to purchase a retainer which would cost an additional $350.

I recognize that at this moment, this is completely a want.  But my thoughts are that this has been on my mind just not in the forefront.  I think I am getting a good deal, considering just the monthly visit to get the braces adjusted is $150 EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.  I fear that if I wait, my dentist will retire and I will have to go somewhere else and it will cost a lot more.

The money to pay for it would come out of my allowance, so my debt repayment and savings contributions would not be affected.

So my $5 question to you is, should I do it?


I am struggling with this recently.

I have a girlfriend who is in crisis.  We have been friends for more than 1/2 my life.

10+ years ago she got married and moved away.

We still remained close with scattered visits which included her husband.

Over the years, her hubby & I got close.  Not that kind of close, get your mind out of the gutter.  We became true friends, in fact he is like the older brother I never had.  We discuss/debate all kinds of topics.  He has opened my eyes to a whole new way of thinking.  Challenged me when I started to get complacent.  Supported me when I was struggling.

Over the past few years, I noticed that I actually became closer to him than to her.  I would call or skype her and she & I would speak for a few minutes then she would run and get her hubby to come and talk to me.  He & I would gab for hours about nothing and everything.

I thought it was strange that when we were all together she would stop talking the minute he started.  And he is a talker.  So she rarely spoke.

I should have seen this as a sign of troubles but she always seemed to be a submissive wife so I let it go.  I have not bought into the biblical definition of a wife and since I am not heavily rooted in church nor am not married I figured if that works for them then who am I to say anything.

They were trying for a long time to produce an heir.  Their only successful attempt to get pregnant resulted in a miscarriage.  It was a hard and trying experience.  I figured that their faith would carry them through.  She had some issues that required surgery to ensure the next pregnancy would be carried to term.  This they paid for out-of-pocket, depleting all resources.

After the surgery, whatever rough times they were having grew.  She shut down.  He started talking to anyone who would listen, including members of her family and myself.  Now he didn’t go into great detail about their problems with me as he had already gotten into trouble with her about talking to others about their issues.

She has since returned back to my neck of the woods.  I learned through him that when they last came for a visit she found me cold and distant.  I don’t recall being this way.  But that is irrelevant.  All that matters is her perception.  I find it heart-breaking that she never mentioned it at all to me.  But took heed to his warning and vowed to be on my best behaviour.

Since she’s been back, I have seen her once.  She started to give me snippets of how their marriage really was.  It was not a pretty picture.  She brought up instances where he did not treat her kindly.  I was hurt and angry on her behalf.  I wanted to give him my $8 worth but left it alone.

The following day she called me at work to let me know that the story was not finished.   There was still more that she wanted to tell me.  And I being the dedicated employee I am I said go on.  At this point she told me about a young man that she had become close to and strayed with.  And that her husband just found out about it the night before.

I don’t know if she told me because she really wanted to tell me or fear that he would tell me first.  I don’t think the messenger would have mattered in this case.


To make matters worst the young man involved is one of the students at their boarding school who lives lived with them.  Before you get your panties in a knot, he is an adult … a young adult … but still legal.


I can’t imagine what went so very wrong between these two that it would come to this.  She has admitted culpability and regret.  Her husband has cut off all communication with her and has told her that it is over.

Now that you are all caught up, here is my dilemma.

He is also my friend.  I am extremely distraught to learn of these events.  I can’t imagine what it must be like for him right now.  I want to contact him to see if he is okay and listen if he needs to talk.  I can do this without betraying any thing she has told me. But it feels awkward.

Am I suppose to choose sides?  Not talk to him since she was my friend first?  Ask her for permission?

Between a rock & a hard place update

AZ is now in a $24/night hotel (who knew you could find such a thing).  He has an interview for a PT job tomorrow.  It doesn’t pay much but it’s a start.  His stuff is in storage and he’s looking at shelters to tide him over.  The place that he DJ’d at on Friday is interested in hiring him to play every Friday.  The rate is higher than the weekly rate of the PT job.  Between both jobs he should be able to make it.

It is grim but not hopeless.

I have sent him the phone numbers for shelters and the suicide hotline.

I don’t think there is much else that I can do from another country, 2 time zones away.

It feels sucky to be in this position.