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What’s new, but not really exciting

Progress is slow, but I am hoping that my reduced PT work schedule this week will help. I moved a DVD player back to my room and it is helping me get a little exercise in. Now to move my workouts to the morning and I’ll be golden!

I was “given” more motivation this past week as a neighbour that I only say hi and bye to felt “inspired” to tell me that she noticed I had lost weight and put it back on. O_o Apparently she saw me 2 months ago and I looked like I lost weight and now I look like I put it back on. Her words not mine … I am not sure why this woman felt the need to enlighten me with this knowledge, as if I hadn’t noticed it myself. I found it a bit forward but was too shocked to give her a piece of my mind.

Yesterday I stepped on a bulletin board that was in my giveaway pile that had fallen over and the result was a tack going into my foot. I can’t remember when I last got a tetanus shot and did not go yesterday. There are not as many clinics open today and this does not qualify as an emergency in my mind. There have been “pains” in the affected leg but I think that’s all in my head.

One of my coworkers introduced me to David’s Tea and I am an addict. Every night I have a different flavour of tea and it’s a wonderful way to relax at the end of the evening. A few weeks ago, we had a conversation about cold brewing tea and surprisingly I had all I needed to start making some delicious ice tea. I have been experimenting with different flavours and have come up with a few hits. Along with some simple syrup and I have great drink options.

I’m still trying to firm up my summer travel plans. I will be headed to Portland, OR to visit a cousin. I just need to figure out when as the dates I gave her do not work. ūüė¶ I need to get on this sooner rather than later as I want to go next month.

Still need to make more headway with decluttering my home. I think I just need to set a timer for 1 hour and put myself in one spot and focus on it. We I have way too much that I am not using or haven’t used in a long time. Next year is go time for the kitchen renovations and I want to have less stuff overall. Less that will be displaced while the renos are happening and less that I have to build storage for.

The local cousin I usually go walking with is leaving on Thursday to go to Scotland for her hiking/backpacking trip. I hope she has a great time. Right now she is in panic mode but I’m sure she will get it together.

I think that’s all for now.



This and that

On Friday my building had a holiday potluck party. ¬†It was supposed to run from 7-9. ¬†Since I arrived home at 6:30 tired and unprepared, I decided to opt out and relaxed on the couch. ¬†Diva arranged for her Dad to come pick her up so she could spend the weekend with him. ¬†He didn’t show up until 11 pm. I walked her downstairs to get him to sign a document. ¬†As we walked out of the elevator, my neighbours still at the party, yelled my name. ¬†Who knew this was a happening place to be.

Once Diva left, I went to the party and hung out for 1.5 hrs.  These folks did not want to go home.  There were many empty bottles on the table and lots of food still left.  It seemed like a good time was had by all.

I have a neighbour that I haven’t seen in a couple of weeks at least. ¬†Her parking spot is empty and every time I see it, I get a bad feeling. ¬†Well it looks like I was right. ¬†According to her family members, she had a stroke while traveling in the US and is now in hospital in a coma and has been there for 2-3 weeks. ¬†She is not yet stable enough to be brought back to Toronto. ¬†This just makes me so sad as she is such a kind person. ¬†Whenever I see her in the hall she would always tell me she is praying for me. ¬†I guess now is my turn to pray for her. ¬†Please feel free to add her into your prayers as well.

Today was another day that confirmed I really do need to change jobs. ¬†My last day will be December 31 unless they walk me out sooner. ¬†The politics¬†in this place just doesn’t work for me. ¬†I can’t wait to be gone.

On a completely different topic, I miss the sun. ¬†It was another grey day, this time with rain. ¬†It washed away most of the snow and what was left behind is now muddy and gross. ¬†I don’t mind the cold what I need is bright light. ¬†I even contemplated buying a wake up light to help me get up in the morning as this girl is dragging. I fought temptation and bought this instead.

Baggallini Everywhere Cross-Body Bag (EWY571-NALG) - Navy

I have always wanted this bag but the price was a bit much for a nylon bag. ¬†But at almost 42% off sure why not. ¬†I figure I can always return it if I don’t love it when it arrives, right?


Yesterday was a good day. ¬†I stopped by the gas station closest to my Mom’s house and they were running a promotion that if you used your Air Miles card you got 3 cents off per litre. ¬†Not a huge amount but I’ll take it. ¬†Next I went to Wal-Mart and the laptop cart that I have been looking at online which said was out of stock was there.


It is much bigger that my other one but I really like it.

The Wal-Mart I went to was next to a Lowe’s so I decided to go in to see if they had another lock that would fit my door. ¬†It really was my day as this lock was on sale 50% off. ¬†Better lock for less than the one I had at home causing me grief!?! ¬†Sign me up!!


I was ready to buy the burnt brass finish even though it didn’t match my door handle because at that price why not. Then I spotted the last silver one. SCORE!!!

It did require me to do a little modification on my door but not much.

This lock has an auto-lock feature which I am having trouble with as the deadbolt needs to be fully extended and the hole in my door frame is not deep enough but other than that it is working out well.  I still have to get Diva to pick a code and then we are good to go.

Scarier thing, as I was putting my lock in my neighbour came to see what ¬†I was up to so I told her the story. ¬†She was ill for a while and when the elevator was being repaired she stayed elsewhere. ¬†She said when she came back the toilet seat in one of her bathrooms was up. ¬†She’s a single woman living alone. ¬†So she too will be changing her locks.

I’m so glad I finally got off my duff and changed the door lock.

Creepy much?

So I came home early yesterday to find a white Honda Civic beside the top of the driveway to get into my underground garage.  It struck me as odd but I thought that they were just doing a U-turn and trying to get off the property.

When I went to the top of the driveway, the car pulled in behind me.


So I stopped and waited.  Yes I am slightly paranoid, but usually with good reason.  I am extremely nosy.  I like to know who is around me at all time and the thought of going into an underground garage with a car full of guys behind me was not so exciting to me.

Anyhoo back to my story.

Since they made no attempt to get around me I assumed that they were waiting for me to let them into the garage.

HOMEY DON’T PLAY THAT!! ¬†(Yes I watched some a lot 90’s TV ;))

I put my car in reverse and waited.

Eventually they reversed out of my way. ¬†As I went to put my car in the visitor’s parking lot, I noticed two things; another neighbour coming to the garage and the super.

So I got out of my car and yelled to my super. ¬†Asking him who drives a white Civic other than the old condo board president. ¬†He couldn’t think of anyone and came to the garage door to see what I was talking about.

In the mean time the car drove into the garage after my neighbour.

In the garage the car drove to the back and of the garage and looked like it was going to park. ¬†So for a split second I thought “Dang girl, you might need to see someone about your issues.”

BUT then they started to drive back towards the garage door.

My garage requires a key fob to get in or out.  Before I moved in there was a string of car thefts and vandalism so once in you need a key to exit.

My super walked up to the car and asked them what they were doing in the garage as it was private property.  They was some mention of looking for a friend or meeting up with a friend.  It all seemed fishy to me.  He told them it was private property and threatened to call the police.  They decided they were going to leave and drove to the garage door.  Of course they had to wait for one of us to let them out.

My neighbour who let them in looked remorseful.¬† He said he didn’t think anything about it until I started yelling at the super but by then he had already opened the door and started to drive forward.¬†

This whole situation has creeped me out.

What I’ve been pondering is why were they there?¬† What mischief were they looking to do?¬† What would have happened if I was not there playing the role of the nosy neighbour?