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Impromptu challenges

On Monday, I randomly decided to try intermittent fasting. Stop eating by 8pm, restart again at noon the next day. It was easy as I was working Monday thru Wednesday night. Thursday however … I decided to grab a bite with a friend, which ended up being much later than I would have liked. And just like that intermittent fasting is over for me. lol

While I was intermittently fasting, I was also having a few no spend days. Yeah me! But again once the fasting fell off, so did the no spending.

I bought the Samsung S8. After putting feelers out, I was given a price that was about 45% cheaper than what I had seen in the stores. I debated it for about 12 minutes. I was tired of running out of storage space. So I am now the proud owner of a new phone. The camera is fantastic and I will be taking a ton of pictures moving forward. Especially when I hit the west coast next week. 🙂 There is a bit of a learning curve and a search for a few favourite features. I did lose the ability to give personalized message tones but I’ll get over it.

I accepted my fate for a minute and bought 2 pairs of pants in a larger size. I am tired of being uncomfortable. But not tired enough to consistently commit to a diet and/or exercise program. When I return from vacation, I will be getting back on board. I am still doing some exercise but it’s more maintain than create change. I put My Fitness Pal on my new phone and will start tracking everything this week so I can get back into the habit. It will probably be very discouraging to see my lack of progress.

Wednesday, I am meeting with my financial institution to finalize the renewal of my mortgage. I am glad to get this resolved before going away.

Got my schedule for the PT job for this week and was surprised to see that I am on the schedule on Saturday. That will be hard to do when I am not in the country. I think that when I asked for the time off, someone confused June with July as I had an unexpected week off last month. Hopefully no one will be calling me when I am off to ask where I am.

I am counting down to my trip. I am in need of a change of scenery and some down time. My cousin has my whole trip planned out and I am looking forward to doing new things and the food. I have already sent her a long list of places I want to go to. I tried to get her to commit to driving me to the nearest In N Out Burger, 5 hours away but she does not seem game.




And so it begins

I might have to do a lot more work on my way of thinking that I imagined. My first reaction is to go to the store and buy the ingredient I need instead of adapting my recipe to what’s in my fridge.

Case in point, I want to make beef soup. Usually made with salt beef and beef ribs. I have the salt beef, no ribs. First thought? Add ribs to grocery list. Then remember I am on a no spend challenge. Next thought? Increase amount of salt beef to compensate for no ribs.

I can be taught!!!

Instead of taking stock of my freezer/fridge/cupboard situation, I moved my living room furniture around … a lot. I supposed it’s still early enough that I could knock this task off my list. We’ll see how that goes. Either way I spotted some ground beef in my small freezer which I will take out and make dinner with tomorrow.

My only goals are to come in under budget this month and empty out my freezer. This being said, there is a concert tomorrow that I really wanted to go to that I am “choosing” to miss. Or at least that is how I am marketing it. 😉 Gotta keep my eye on the prize!



OTMTW – 1/25/16

Since I didn’t really cook a thing last week, I was going to recycle last week‘s menu. Then I remembered I was running low on white rice for my dirty rice. Then I thought whatever I’ll just use brown rice and hope the kidlets don’t notice. 😉

I’m going to challenge myself to not spend any more money this month. I am under in the food categories, but paying for grad photos and the post secondary school application for Princess pushed me over my “other” category.

I am going to have to get creative as I am out of spaghetti sauce but have lots of pasta and meat. I will be scouring the cupboards if I need to. The lasagna roll ups I made tonight, the left overs from the weekend and the dirty rice should get us to Saturday. I have a couple of frozen pizzas and other convenience food in my possession. This might not be as hard as I thought.


On a completely different note, my tea mug cracked today. All I did was pour hot water … like I have done hundreds of times before and crack … hot tea all over my counter.

IMG-20160125-00392IMG-20160125-00386Not sure you can see the way it cracked right through the bottom and partially up the other side.

IMG-20160125-00390 I have never had this happen before. It was one of my favourites. 😦


N(L)S Challenge – Recap and new challenge

The No (Low) Spend Challenge is done!!  Whoo hoo!!!!

Jan 29
No Spend Day 🙂

Jan 30
$250 last payment on Diva’s QC trip!!!
$29.73 groceries

Jan 31
No Spend Day 🙂

Grand Total: $279.73
2 No Spend Days!!
Coffee Tin Change Pile: $17.07 + $33.40 (debit usage) + ???

Overall it was a trying month.  I managed to pay for over $900 worth of “unplanned” expenses with good old fashion cash and without dipping into my savings! 🙂  To do this I had to reduce my debt repayment and savings. 😦  Doable for a short while, but I don’t think I would like to attempt it on a long-term basis.

Overall I spent just over $1300 on ‘life’.  Considering $900+ was on one time expenses, I don’t feel too horribly.  I had 11 ‘No Spend Days“.  Had I planned better I think I could have had more.  Coffee tin has $74.36!  Not bad for spare change.  I will continue to add to it, but the next time I open it and count it will be December 2, 2012.  Maybe there will be enough in there for a little sparkly something.

As for my ‘other‘ challenge … I managed to get rid of some of the offending products but not all.  😦  I sort of forgot about it. 😦

So on to the next challenge.  Carla has another great one.  This month’s fun is “Decluttering AND Low (No) Spending“.  I will be doing both.

For the Low(No) Spending portion I am going to boost my vacation fund to at least $500, but hopefully closer to $1000.  Right now it sits at a measly $194.45.  During my family filled week-end, my Dad asked me if I (along with my girls) wanted to come along with him, my step-mom & siblings to … either North Carolina or South Carolina next month.  I wasn’t really paying attention.  All I heard was “This March Break we are going to … Carolina, wanna come?”  I booked the week off last year but had no plans to do much, so this is a welcomed trip.   In light of my new-found cash only lifestyle I want to have some spending money instead of relying on credit.  Hopefully there will be space in the mini-van for my cooler so I can bring back lots of Chobani. 😉

So it looks like another month of watching the pennies and minimal eating out for my household.  The kids understand that this is for a greater good so they are on board.  That makes it a little easier.

For the decluttering part I am going to take incriminating before pictures soon.

  • Week One: Personal Space Challenge
    I have a chair in my room that has become a place to rest my clothes. 😦
  • Week Two: Family Space Challenge
    We have a book shelf in the living room that needs a lot of pruning.  I have to be honest with what books I will really read in the near future and which ones I can part with.
  • Week Three: Productivity Challenge
    I am not sure about this one yet.
  • Week Four: The “Dreaded” Challenge
    Oh I have a doozy and I think it might take the cake.  I moved into my apartment over 4 years ago and still have stuff in boxes. 😦

I am sure with all of that I will be able to find 29 things to remove from my home.

One tenth

Last night was a weak moment.  I spent far longer than I would like to admit drooling over a pretty watch.  It is amazing how in life we can justify stupid irrational decisions.  Last year I fell in love with a watch … until I saw the price.  Now I am lusting after another one whose only redeeming quality other than it being pretty is that it is 1/10th of the price of the original watch.  1/10th!?!  **shaking my head**

It’s a slippery slope people, watch out.  (pun intended!!)  LOL

It is no secret that I like pretty sparkly things.  But I am trying hard to keep it all under control.

I don’t need to buy things.I don’t need to buy things.I don’t need to buy things.

Maybe if I say it often enough maybe it will sink in. 🙂

On a different note, once this month is over and the no (low) spending is relaxed just a little, I will turn my coffee tin change pile officially into a “Sealed Pot“.  It will not be opened again until December 2, 2012. At that time it will either magically turn into a watch or be put towards Christmas shopping.  Either way a WIN-WIN. 🙂