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Child for sale

Diva just told me she needs $75.

Considering school is 2 days from being over …

The child (as I am not claiming her right now) is telling me it is for a math textbook that she claims was “jacked”.



The drinking will commence is 5 minutes.

UPDATE:  The textbook is actually $65 not $75.  Not sure that makes a difference but cheaper is a little better.

Do better BB&B

I went to return an item yesterday at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Stood up at the return counter only to have another “customer” jump the line. The employee behind the desk made no attempt to explain or apologize. The customer was beyond rude, telling me “I didn’t know the situation”.  She was right I didn’t but instead of giving me stink attitude she could have explained but whatever.  The last straw came when she actually started cashing out her cart full of  purchases.

After 5+ minutes a cashier took me to a sales counter to do my return. :S

While passing by the returns desk on my way out it was made known to me that the “customer” that jumped the line is actually an employee of the store.

I am not impressed.

UPDATE: Emailed BB&B to let them know about this situation.  Heard back from the district sales manager who thanked me for informing them of this need to re-train their staff.  And that was it.  In the past other companies have offered me discounts or gift cards … so I am still not impressed.