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July plans/goals


Canada Day

It’s been way too long since I set out some monthly goals. I have been flying by the seat of my pants. And while it’s not too detrimental to the budget, I definitely could be doing better. There was WAY too much spent eating out last month. It doesn’t help that the new job has a cafeteria and I can get good, fresh, healthy food for $6. Or that since I changed jobs, I am in a much better place mentally and want to see my friends. 🙂

1. I am going to stick to the budget this month. Really, I am!! LOL

2. I am also going to work out in the morning before work. Every morning. No really I am!! 🤣

3. Blog with some kind of regularity.

This long weekend I am going to start decluttering my place. I have a ton of items that will never be used again; lotions and potions and what not. Last weekend I was looking for sunblock and found 3 bottles all expired. I don’t think they are the only ones. O_o

I will empty the cupboards under both bathroom sinks and only put back what I am sure we will use. I think we have a lot of stuff and I want to inventory it properly so I know for sure. I ran out of body lotion and have been putting off buying more as I think we have more somewhere.

I will attempt to be ruthless and really get rid of things we are not using. I already have a few things set aside to donate. I will be adding to it AND taking it out of my place.

I would also like to rearrange my living room furniture. I do not love the current layout. Having a L-shaped living room/dining room is a small challenge. Plus I might have too much. There may or may not be a couple of dead plants in my home. 😳

Now to execute! 🙂



I love Stat Holidays

Good Day.  I don’t have to work today!!  Whoo hooo!!

Considering in the past 4 days I have worked 33.25 hours.  Having today off feels fantastic.

I had plans to go to my cousin’s house in Kingston.  It’s a 2 plus hour drive away from home but my schedule doesn’t seem to allow it.

Princess and Diva went to visit their Dad but unfortunately he can’t drive Diva to her gymnastics class so I will.  Because the class is in the middle of the afternoon, this does not allow for me to travel unless I am going to go after.  And for that to make sense to me I would have to sleep over.  But I want to be home Sunday as I still have chores that aren’t going to take care of themselves.

Oh well there will be other week-ends.