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Anyone still out there?

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Firstly Happy New Year!!

I was going to try to pretend like I having been MIA for the past 3 months but you’re smarter than that!! LOL

Truth is I has little to say, then I got a life. I tried on-line dating and went on more than my fair share of first dates. Met a guy I thought was cool, he claimed to feel strongly for me. This creeped me out as we had not known each other long before he professed his love. As it turns out “love” to him has a very different meaning to him than it does me. lol

Met another guy, who seems to be entertaining to say the least. He does not require nearly as much attention so I am back!!!

Dating makes you fat. There I said it. So it is back to on the exercise bandwagon for me. Much to the dismay of the new dude as he likes the extra size. Crazy!!

Project Get Healthy (PGH) is back in swing. I have recruited some friends and coworkers to join me on my quest to reduce my size. First thing I am committing to is daily exercise in some form. So much so that I came home tonight at 2am and did a quick light (non-Jillian) workout so that I could count it for January 1.

The next thing I need to do is get back to tracking my calories. That will be Tuesday’s fun. Can’t have too much going on all at once. **tee hee** 😉

Work has been crazy. We started flex hours which means I come in 1 hour earlier and leave at regular time IF I am lucky. I am going to try harder to get a handle on this as time progresses. Really need to get my work/life balance back.

I am so behind in my blog reading. I am reading posts from early November … OCD me will not let me skim ahead or work backwards. I was hoping to catch up over the holidays and I made great strides just not enough yet. I will get up in a few and get back to it.

Other than that life is good. My kids are doing well and have not driven me to drink in a while. Touch wood as now that I’ve said it I feel like I have opened it up to the universe.

What’s new or good with you?


5 random things

  1. I think I am becoming an old biddie.  Remember Diva was stuck in the elevator with a friend?  Well the friend is 12 and is wearing contact lenses.  I think that’s way too young for contacts but I am starting to feel like there are a lot of activities that used to be done later in life that are now being done by younger and younger kids. 😦
  2. There is a dead squirrel on my balcony … I am not a fan of dead bodies of ANYTHING!!  Please feel free to volunteer to come by to remove it.  It is half eaten. 😦 I did not discover it and as far as I am concerned it can stay there indefinitely. If ever I needed more reason NOT to go on the balcony this is it.
  3. I am willing July to be over.  All this working out is making me tired.  Ok, it’s not the working out but lawd, it is hurting the little muscles I have.  I need to learn to go to bed much earlier.  My body needs the rest to recover.  I am not as young as I once was. 😦
  4. Having said that, I feel like I am getting stronger. 🙂 It might all be in my head but I can live with that right now.
  5. Divorce and the celebrity, yes I had to touch on it.  I am not going to debate Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes and what went wrong.  I couldn’t care less.  What I really want to know it how is it possible to file for divorce once day and the divorce be finalized 2 weeks later.  That seems like an awfully short amount of time to dissolve a marriage.  Is it just a celebrity/New York thing??