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A short rant

I need new friends.

Back story, I have a male friend who I dated briefly but it just was not meant to be. We have settled into being friends.

We go to the movies and meals out, which now that I type it sounds like dating but without any physical contact. He was a great help moving my Mom’s fridge and freezer.

So I thought I would do something nice.

Maxwell was coming to Toronto (technically is here tonight), so I confirmed that he would be available and was interested in seeing Maxwell before I bought the tickets.

Bought a nice thank you card and put the 2 tickets in.

First things first he was surprised and I told him not to feel obligated to take me as that was not my plan but he said no he wanted to go with me. This was back in April.

Nothing else is said about this event.

Fast forward to last night and we’re texting as he’s at work from 3pm-11pm. So I ask him if he’s working this shift all week. To which the answer was yes. So I confirm that this means he’s not going to see Maxwell. He says yes. I ask if he pawned the tickets. To which I got another yes. O_o

What the what!?! I want to cuss.

Now I know I gave him the tickets so they were his to do with as he pleased but I thought we had plans to go. There was no mention of not going. This makes me wonder had we not had this conversation yesterday what would have happened had I texted today to say I was ready and what time should I pick you up.

All I can do is shake my head.

Not impressed at all.

Lesson learned.

Come on Toronto Hydro

Or whomever is providing electricity to my area.

It is 1 AM and I am up waiting for Princess to get home and my power has blipped … again. Now before we discuss my main reason for ranting, don’t you worry little Miss P is going to get an earful when she finally wanders through the door. It might be more than an earful since I’m a bit worked up already. 😉

Anyhoo …

A week and a half ago, we experienced a power blip. While power returned, it was not enough to keep my fridge, freezer or TV going. I must confess that I was very worried that those appliances were permanently damaged. The thought of having to replace them all at the same time was dreadful. Thankfully it was not the case. On a side note, I did, for a split second, think they (the freezer & TV) might have been rebelling against me going out the day before and lusting over replacements in Costco.

The power was restored after approximately 3 hours. In the mean time I had what I am referring to as romantic mood lighting.

Romantic mood lighting

I am a fan of bright white light so to have every light in my home be a soft orangey glow (think salt lamp) is not as pleasing to me as you would think.

It happened again this evening at 6 PM. Since I am now “experienced” with this kind of low power I did not lose my mind or think the appliances were going on strike, like I might have 10 days ago. Again it took about 3 hours to get full power restored.

All was going well until 30 minutes ago when the power blipped again. I would be less annoyed if:

  1. I wasn’t in the middle of episode 1 of season 4 of Homeland AND
  2. I wasn’t waiting for my kid to come home

**Yes I am aware that I could watch it on my laptop but it’s not the same.

When talking to my super earlier this evening, he told me that he didn’t think they fixed the problem from 10 days ago. GREAT! Did I mention that they are going to be building over 150 new townhouses across the street from me? If they can’t keep electricity going for the current residences, how will it be when there are more people?

A sad day for Diva

So what was supposed to be “the greatest day” for Diva has turned into a big disappointment.

I ordered the 16 GB 5th generation iTouch and it wasn’t until we went to buy a case for it did we learn that there is no back camera on this model.  One needs to buy the 32 GB model in order to get a back camera.

All I have to say right now is Apple really knows how to get money out of people.

So we returned the iTouch and Diva is stuck with a case for a toy she no longer has.  The store we were in was all sold out.

My girl is so sad and disappointed.  It’s breaking my heart.

When we got home I looked online to see if there were any on sale.  I found one in store.  The store agreed to put it on hold.  I am going to go get it for her.

My child is so spoiled.

Work Frustrations

I don’t really talk about work at all.  Not here or IRL.  There is very little to say most of the time.  I got to work. I come home.  Real simple.  Whatever happens at work, usually stays at work.

Recently we have been experiencing some technical difficulties.  A program that runs all our jobs has decided to quit.  Because we are 3 versions behind the current version, there is no support available.  Our options are buy the upgrade, used a different program or run it manually.

Right now it is being manually run by yours truly.

I have no issue running the jobs as I can do it from home.

My issue is with the member of my staff whose position is dependent on the running of the jobs.

She usually starts at 6 something.  This is a decision that she made.  She can actually start work at 7:30 and still get some work available for those employees that come in at 8:30.

The problem with the scheduler started on Friday.  When we finally decided to just run the jobs manually it was after 9 am.  The first job finished at 9:45.  She started to do her work then and still managed to get it all done and left the office by 1:45 pm.

So I asked her to come in at 8 am Monday morning.  She came in at 6:45 and then texted me to start the jobs.

This happened again yesterday.  So when I came into work I asked her to stop contacting me before 8 am.

This morning she texted me every 10 minutes starting at 6:50 to run the job.

We had a meeting today to say officially we are changing the start times of everyone in here.  She asked why could I not get up at 7 and press the button.  Or rather still why could we not teach her how to  press the button.

She actually said “I am not happy about this”.  Fair enough.

The owner of the company is not comfortable teaching her to “press a button”.

I’m not sure what exactly is her problem other than it’s a change and she does not handle change well.

My boss brought up the fact that she was now asking me to start work 2 hours earlier and I am inconvenienced by this so she is not the only one who is being affected.

There was no recognition of this fact.  It really seemed like it didn’t matter to her at all.

Did I mention that she reports to me??? ARGHHH!!!

So is it me?  Am I being an unnecessary pain or is she just a bit unreasonable?

Fool me once …

I think there must be something not right going on in my world.

Usually my negative interactions with Rogers are limited to at most 3 times a year.  For that I am willing to put up with their good service.  But in recent months I have had to call Rogers once a month to get a discount they said they would give me that has yet to appear on my bill.

Every month I am assured by someone that it will be on my bill next month and then the bill arrives and SURPRISE NOTHING.

So for the past 4 months I have been calling Rogers monthly because the credit to my home phone is not on my bill.  Last month, I spoke to a lovely lady who credited my account for the amount that should have been taken off for the past 3 months. 🙂 She also told me that the credit would be there on my next bill.

Anyone want to guess what was missing from this month’s bill?

The latest CSR swears it was a system glitch and recommended that I short pay the bill.  And of course the discount will be on my next bill.

I don’t know whether to laugh or shake my head.

OMG Really Rogers!!

I can not say it enough.  I do not like having to call Rogers customer service.

I was reading Frugal and Thankful’s recount of how she saved money by calling her Internet provider to ask for a discount and this reminded me to check my latest Rogers bill.

You see ever since I moved into my apartment, I have gotten a deal on my home phone.  Unfortunately the deal can only be given in 12 month increments so I have to call back every year to ask for it again.

Knowing that it expires sometime at the end of the year, I called Rogers back in November.  I was told that the promotion was put back on my account.

December’s bill comes.  No discount.  I call back Rogers and was given some song and dance and assured that the promotion would be on my next bill.

January’s bill is here.  Guess what’s missing???  Yup, my discount.  ARGHHHH!!!

So never-mind that it was after 11:30 last night, I called Rogers.

The first person I get on the phone I explain that I was promised a discount and I did not receive it.  I asked him if he was the right person to talk to.  He said no and transferred me to the home phone department.  The next customer service rep agreed that I should be getting a discount but needed to transfer me to the customer retention department as they were the one that made the promise.


It’s now close to midnight and I have to tell my tale to a third person??? I had to pray for strength as “ugly” Sunny was about to rear her stink attitude.

The third Rogers employee was nice and spoke in soft tones, calming the angry beast within me.  She commented on how I surely must have better things to do than to call a company three times in order to get a discount.  She was pleasant.  She even offered to back date the discount to the months I was supposed to be getting it and then start my 12 months from today.

I get that Rogers is in the business of making money but they really need to train their customer service reps better.  Making a promise and not delivering on it is just bad business all around.  Thankfully their service is reliable or else I would have left a long time ago.  I rarely have to call them but when I do, 90% of the time it is grief.

I am willing to be hired to train their CSRs … just saying.

Do better BB&B

I went to return an item yesterday at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Stood up at the return counter only to have another “customer” jump the line. The employee behind the desk made no attempt to explain or apologize. The customer was beyond rude, telling me “I didn’t know the situation”.  She was right I didn’t but instead of giving me stink attitude she could have explained but whatever.  The last straw came when she actually started cashing out her cart full of  purchases.

After 5+ minutes a cashier took me to a sales counter to do my return. :S

While passing by the returns desk on my way out it was made known to me that the “customer” that jumped the line is actually an employee of the store.

I am not impressed.

UPDATE: Emailed BB&B to let them know about this situation.  Heard back from the district sales manager who thanked me for informing them of this need to re-train their staff.  And that was it.  In the past other companies have offered me discounts or gift cards … so I am still not impressed.


Last night I attended Princess’ Grade 8 graduation ceremony.

It was quite a production held in a banquet hall.  There was the actual ceremony that ran from 4 pm to 6 pm for parents.  From 6 -6:30, quick refreshments of juice/pop and cookies for parents and students were served.  At this point the parents were asked to leave and the 185 graduating students enjoyed dinner followed by a dance that ended at 10 pm.

I think the whole event was a bit excessive for leaving elementary school.  Before you string me up and light the fire, let me explain.

To attend this ceremony all you had to do was show up be registered in the school.  This “graduation” was not a reflection of the effort put forth by the kids.  Even kids who failed all subjects will be going on to Grade 9.  They would just be “promoted” instead of “graduating”.  😐

Maybe my expectations are high but celebrating leaving Grade 8 to go on to 9 which is legally required seems a bit much.  It’s not like the kids have a choice in continuing.  I don’t expect to whoop it up like my kid graduated university when they are 14.

What will the graduation from high school look like?

I expect my children will graduate from grade 8, high school and some post-secondary school.

I expect to party like it’s 1999 when my kid gets her first second degree, masters or doctorate.  Not to say that her first degree will not be celebrated but in an age where she will need a least that to be competitive in this economy, it has moved to the expected list.

Don’t get me wrong, I think they should have a party to commemorate leaving elementary school just not one on such a grand scale.

Don’t even get me started about the dress code.

It was a dress up affair, but I was appalled shocked at what 13-14 year old girls are choosing to wear.  Even more so that their parents agreed and bought these “not too there” strapless dresses and “break your neck” stilettos for their young children to put on.

Call me old-fashioned, but I don’t think my responsibility as a parent is to purchase my daughter’s first pair of sky-high high-heeled shoes.  Especially considering I don’t wear them myself.  She has plenty of time on her own dime to do it.

I worry about the way our society is going.  Princess was not happy with my choice of shoe for her once she saw that others in her grade were in shoes commonly found on strippers burlesque dancers.  But at the end of the night when she was walking and a lot of her schoolmates were hobbling she was a little more understanding of my decision.

Either way the over-sexualization of young girls is greying my hair.  I don’t want my girls to feel like they have to look like baby prostitutes toddlers in tiaras “sexy” in order to fit in.

Is it just me?

Or does a red light no longer mean stop?  Especially for those turning left.

If I had a nickel for ever time I witnessed someone run a red light, I could hang out with Donald Trump or at least afford to stay in one of his hotels. 😉

I am at a loss as to when we became this society that is ALWAYS in a rush.  And of course let us not forget that “where ever I am going in much more important than where you are going so I can justify breaking the law” mentality of my fellow city mates.

It’s insane.

I am sure that my area is not the only one with this problem, but as a member of the driving public it is down right scary.

Seeing red …

On Tuesday, I agreed to renew my contract with Rogers with the special plan that was offered on Saturday.  It included 200 daytime minutes, unlimited incoming calls, unlimited text messages to anywhere in the world, unlimited evening and week-ends starting at 6 pm.

This morning my phone rang and my caller display said unknown number.  I thought nothing of it until the library called.  Their number usually shows up.  So I tried calling my cell from my work phone.  Again unknown number.  Huh!?!

I called Rogers who informed me that since my new plan with value pack was not to start until the next billing cycle in November, my old value pack containing call display and voice mail was removed.  Say what!?! 

After some back and forth, Rogers decided to put my new plan into effect today.  Alright, call display is back!!  Only when I log into my Rogers account, there is a monthly charge for the unlimited incoming calls.  WTF!?!  Apparently the notes made in my account reference that it was offered but nothing about it being free.  **insert heavy long-winded sigh here**

The rep I was speaking to, told me they need the rep I signed up with to confirm that I was offered free incoming calls before they could remove the charge.  They would investigate and call me back.  That was 6 hours ago …