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OTMTW – 6/29/14

On a completely unrelated topic, we have managed to go over our allotted 60 GBs for the month and there is still 5 or 6 days until this billing cycle ends. ūüė¶

Since school ended and my girls were on exams, they took this at time to sit on both their computers and iTouchs while watching TV.

On Friday they told me reached 100%. ¬†I checked our usage today and we are over by 6 GBs already. ūüė¶ *sign*

I used to plug out my internet when I went to bed since I was the last one up.  When they were on exams I left that to them.  And while they did plug out the internet it was at 1, 2 or 3  in the morning.

Anyhoo no use crying over extra money spent unnecessarily.  For the rest of the week, the internet stays off until I come home.

Back to the task at hand, I am going back to meal planning.  Yeah me!!

I took out some chicken to thaw this morning which I intend to bake. ¬†We shall see what difference this will make as Diva tells me constantly we have no food. ¬†But that girl gets on her high horse sometimes and tells me she also doesn’t want to eat leftovers. ¬†And while I have the take it or leave it mentality when it comes to food in my house, I am finding that too often she “leaves it” and then doesn’t eat. ¬†$%%Y#$%#!?!

I worry about her eating or lack of it. ¬†When there is¬†leftover take out she will eat that no problems, no fight. ¬†When I cook she will sometimes eat seconds or thirds that same night but not the next day. ¬†If I buy veggies and don’t cut them up they don’t get eaten. ¬†It’s all very annoying. ¬†I don’t want to fight with her about food as I don’t want to make a big issue out of it and then it becomes a bigger point of contention.

Yesterday no one was hungry.  I threw a pizza in the oven and magically 2 hungry girls appeared.  I think Diva would have eaten the whole thing had she not had to share with the rest of us.

It’s very frustrating. ¬†I don’t want to cook every night. ¬†Diva will cook but then I have to worry that she’s going to burn my kitchen down. ¬†Her method is to turn the stove on high and then when things start to burn turn it down. ¬†I have a couple of ruined pots to show for it.

Today I am going to make oven BBQ chicken legs with Sidekicks and green beans.

On the menu for the rest of the week is:

Chicken Alfredo
Hamburgers with green beans
Pork tenderloin with Sidekicks
Dirty rice (rice & ground beef mixed together)


April Savings Challenge, Update 1

April Savings Challenge (Source)

One of the things on my to do list is to research reducing my bills.  So this prompted a call to Rogers to see what they can do.

What I used to have was a 20% discount off my internet for a year.  Since the discount ended I now get the 12% bundled discount since I have every service Rogers offers.

Now that you are caught up let me recap the phone conversation.

CSR: Thank you for calling Rogers, my name is blah blah blah.  Please tell me your name, rank and serial number so I can verify you are the account holder.

Me: Sunny blah blah blah.

CSR: Ok, how can I help you?

Me: I used to have a 20% off discount that expired and what wondering if I could get it back.

CSR: Well ma’am, we no longer have that promotion. ¬†Let me see what else is available.

Me: Alright.

CSR: Ok, what I can offer you is an upgrade on how much data you get.  So instead of 60 GBs you can get 80 GBs and at a faster download/upload speed of blah blah blah.  You can get a free modem upgrade for 1 year.  And a 15% discount.

Me: I don’t really need more GBs. ¬†Plus at the end of the year what would that modem cost?

CSR: Well ma’am, it seems that you used 46 GBs this month, maybe you are watching how much data you are using, blah blah blah.

Me: And the cost after the year?

CSR: Only $8/month.

Me: Only huh?  Ok, well let me think about.

CSR: I can put through the work order and if you don’t go pick up the new modem in the next 5 days then it’s cancelled.

Me: I’ll think about it and call you back.

Is it just me or does this not seem worth my while?

I currently own my modem. ¬†We don’t need 60 GBs of data so going to 80 doesn’t seem all that appealing to me. ¬†At the end of a year this account change will save me $18.72. ¬†I know it will be $18+ more than I had before but I am more afraid of the lifestyle creep. ¬†Will I be able to use my old modem in a year or will the internet service plans no longer support it?

I’m going to pass on this “deal”. ¬†In a week I will call Rogers again and see what is offered then.

Wish me luck.

Fool me once …

I think there must be something not right going on in my world.

Usually my negative interactions with Rogers are limited to at most 3 times a year.  For that I am willing to put up with their good service.  But in recent months I have had to call Rogers once a month to get a discount they said they would give me that has yet to appear on my bill.

Every month I am assured by someone that it will be on my bill next month and then the bill arrives and SURPRISE NOTHING.

So for the past 4 months I have been calling Rogers monthly because the credit to my home phone is not on my bill. ¬†Last month, I spoke to a lovely lady who credited my account for the amount that should have been taken off for¬†the past 3 months. ūüôā She also told me that the credit would be there on my next bill.

Anyone want to guess what was missing from this month’s bill?

The latest CSR swears it was a system glitch and recommended that I short pay the bill.  And of course the discount will be on my next bill.

I don’t know whether to laugh or shake my head.

OMG Really Rogers!!

I can not say it enough.  I do not like having to call Rogers customer service.

I was reading Frugal and Thankful’s recount of how she saved money by calling her Internet provider to ask for a discount and this reminded me to check my latest Rogers bill.

You see ever since I moved into my apartment, I have gotten a deal on my home phone.  Unfortunately the deal can only be given in 12 month increments so I have to call back every year to ask for it again.

Knowing that it expires sometime at the end of the year, I called Rogers back in November.  I was told that the promotion was put back on my account.

December’s bill comes. ¬†No discount. ¬†I call back Rogers and was given some song and dance and assured that the promotion would be on my next bill.

January’s bill is here. ¬†Guess what’s missing??? ¬†Yup, my discount. ¬†ARGHHHH!!!

So never-mind that it was after 11:30 last night, I called Rogers.

The first person I get on the phone I explain that I was promised a discount and I did not receive it.  I asked him if he was the right person to talk to.  He said no and transferred me to the home phone department.  The next customer service rep agreed that I should be getting a discount but needed to transfer me to the customer retention department as they were the one that made the promise.


It’s now close to midnight and I have to tell my tale to a third person??? I had to pray for strength as “ugly” Sunny was about to rear her stink attitude.

The third Rogers employee was nice and spoke in soft tones, calming the angry beast within me.  She commented on how I surely must have better things to do than to call a company three times in order to get a discount.  She was pleasant.  She even offered to back date the discount to the months I was supposed to be getting it and then start my 12 months from today.

I get that Rogers is in the business of making money but they really need to train their customer service reps better.  Making a promise and not delivering on it is just bad business all around.  Thankfully their service is reliable or else I would have left a long time ago.  I rarely have to call them but when I do, 90% of the time it is grief.

I am willing to be hired to train their CSRs … just saying.

IWIW – 01/09/13

I was in the middle of this post last night when the internet died. ūüė¶¬† I thought it was only me but I was wrong.¬† Rogers had an outage that affected a great many people.¬† I tried calling customer service last night I got the “thank you for holding someone will be with you shortly” message … for over 1 hour. ūüė¶¬† I tried again this morning, the wait was said to be over 15 minutes.¬† I hung up after 20.¬† I hope by the time I get home tonight everything is back to “normal”.

Back to last night’s thoughts.

diners-drive-ins-and-dives (Source)

Over the course of the holidays I discovered The Food Network.

They were running marathon sessions of Diners, Dive-Ins and Dives.  OMG I have a new love.  Diva and I spent countless hours watching my new BFF, Guy Fieri eating his way across America.  There were lots of fattening amazing looking dishes that made us think we should go there.

Of course neither of us wrote down the names of any of these places somewhere we might find it again. ūüė¶

At the end of most episodes, we both say the same thing, “I want his job!!!”

How cool would it be to travel all over to eat food and get paid for it?

If it’s not the internet …

It’s the home phone.

Princess & Diva returned home tonight.

While they were away I did not get to move around the computers.  So they were not happy with me.

Future shop had cable for $50/50 feet. ¬†I’m not sure how many feet I need but I do know I will need 2 cables if I go that route … ūüė¶

Just before bedtime, Diva tried to call one of her friends only to learn our home phone is not working.

Another call to Rogers. ūüė¶

The CSR informs me that I am not the only lucky person without phone service in my building.  The good news is that it should be working by the morning.

I think I need to speak to the board and the building manager about what it would take to get the equipment upgraded.  This is ridiculous.


My internet decided it was not going to work for me.

Confession Time.

*raising right hand* Hi.  My name is Sunny and I am addicted to the internet.

Acknowledging it is the first step right?

So I tried unplugging my modem and plugging it in again … and again. ¬†No luck.

So I took a deep breath and called Rogers. ¬†Rogers and I have not had the best relationship as evident here and here. ¬†The CSR tried a few options but they didn’t work. ¬†Resigned to a day or 3 without internet I braced myself for the reveal of the next available appointment with a technician.

It was my lucky day, I was on the phone at 11:30 am with the CSR and he told me he could get me a tech before 2 pm … SAME day.

Whoo hoo!!

The tech told me what I already know. ¬†The building needs to be updated and that will not happen until my building management and Rogers get on the same page. ¬†While he did give my internet a dedicated cable it wasn’t enough to make the signal constant. ¬†His suggestion was to move my modem closer to the cable jack and that would be enough to make the signal stronger.

Since I have a slight addiction, I tried what he suggested and it worked.

What this does for me is constant internet.  What this means to my kids is that they no longer have internet on their computers as they were plugged into the modem.

My options are:

  1. Buy 2 internet cables long enough to run around or over my dining room to reach my kids’ computers
  2. Buy 2 wireless cards to plug into their computers
  3. Move the furniture around to bring the computers closer to the modem for free

I don’t know about you but I will be trying #3 first.

Today I have to take my Aunt to Future Shop so she can look at televisions.  While there I will price out cable and wireless cards just in case I am not impressed with my free fix.

A win for the budget

I can’t recall but I think I have mentioned that over the Christmas holidays every one in my household got an iTouch.¬† Well being the cool mommy I was, I hooked my kids up to our wireless internet.¬† What’s the point of having a fancy internet gadget without the internet, right??

Well …

I was happily in ignorance until mid-billing cycle last month when Princess casually mentioned that she had seen the “you have used 100% of your monthly internet” message pop up on her computer.

Huh?  Say what?

We have 15 GB and usually only use 6 or 7.

Of course she tells me this as we are in the car on the way somewhere.¬† So when we returned home that night I logged into my Rogers account and sure enough we were over our allotted 15 GBs by … wait for it … 2.5 GBs!?!

What.The.French fry!?!

Did I mention that we were only mid-cycle???

Not impressed.

It seems that those lovely iTouch are bandwidth suckers.¬† Now I had heard this about the iPhone but never really thought about the iTouch.¬† It doesn’t help that my kids will sit in front of their computer, log on to the internet and then play on both their iTouch and the computer.

So that night the internet was removed from each of their iTouchs and I turned the wi-fi off on mine.

The next day, I called Rogers to see if there was anything I could do.  They were able to move me up a tier to get 60 GBs for the month for an additional $11.  Since they were charging $4 for every GB over the 15GB that I signed up for I figured this would do for the month.  This was a good decision since we used 21 GBs last month.

Fast forward to yesterday.  The billing cycle is over, I want to downgrade, so I call back Rogers to do so.  I was informed by the Customer Service Rep the change would take place in March as they could not make any changes to the current cycle. Had I called them 3 days before the changes could have been in effect for this month.

I’m not sure why I can go up a tier and give Rogers more money mid-month, but 2 days into my new billing cycle I can’t sign up to give them less??

I mentioned to the fellow on the line that it was more than I needed and more than I wanted to spend.  He put on his helpful customer service hat (which was surprising to me) and went to see what he could do.  Well I clearly caught the right person on the right day as he was able to offer me a 20% discount for not just this month but for the next year.  So even when I go back to my regular plan I will be getting an additional discount.  He also looked at all the other products I have with Rogers to see if he could do anything with them.  But unfortunately I am getting all the possible discounts on those.

Score one for the budget!!!

The competition

Ever spent time with people who make you question why you spend time with them in the first place?

I have a co-worker whom I am positive if we didn’t work together I would not talk to. ¬†She is loud and abrasive and just down-right cold and annoying. ¬†Most at work seem to tolerate her and even find her amusing. ¬†I am not one of those folks. ¬†Sad part is we used to be closer but the more time I spend with her the more I am repulsed.

Background info

She is a single woman who lives with her brother. ¬†The nature of their relationship causes my eyebrows to raise often. ¬†She often buys him expensive personal gifts that seem odd to me. ¬†Since I did not grow up with any of my brothers I don’t know if their situation is “normal” or not. ¬†I have asked friends with brothers and most of them give me a screw face and tell me that seems strange. ¬†I am all for taking care of family but under no¬†circumstance¬†will my brother be treated like he’s the main man in my life. ¬†One that I shop for while on vacation. ¬†You might get a cheesy¬†souvenir¬†but that’s it. ¬†

A few years ago, we went on a week-end shopping trip to PA with one of my girlfriends in a rental car.  On the way to the border I held on to the car door for dear life.  She drove like a maniac and blamed it on being used to her own car.  Huh!?!  The rental was smaller than her car it should have been easier to drive.  At duty-free I relieved her of the keys.  Of course we had to buy liquor as she is a drinker (more on this in a bit).  The stop at the border was almost an hour due to indecisiveness on what to buy.  Ciroc won. 


We did not get to our hotel until after midnight.  

That night the bottle of liquor had to be opened.  We drank less than 1/4 of the bottle (make note of this) then went to sleep.  

Saturday started with a journey to find breakfast and then to Wal-mart.  Picture it we are in small town USA.  The Wal-Mart is adequate.  It is the only place to shop other than the outlet mall.  This caused my co-worker (CW) and girlfriend (GF) grief.  They could not imagine living in a place without shopping options.  **insert eye roll here** Anyhoo, throughout the time in Wal-Mart it seemed that whatever my GF picked up, CW would pick up 2.   It seemed like a competition to see if she could buy more.  It was insane.  We hit the outlet mall and separated since we all had different interests.  It was a long day.

Dinner was had at a local restaurant. ¬†The food was decent. ¬†CW ordered a steak that was closer to medium well than well done. ¬†Remember this detail. ¬†We went back to the room and CW decided to drink. ¬†So the Ciroc was shared out. ¬†GF bought her own bottle of something else so she was content with only a taste. ¬†I drink when it makes sense and 3 women in a hotel room drinking just seemed sad so I did not indulge much. ¬†This left CW with over 1/2 the bottle. ¬†By the time we went to sleep, the bottle was empty as she “can’t waste liquor”.

Throughout the night I was awoken by CW’s many trips to the bathroom. ¬†She was in there for a long time each time. ¬†I am relatively sure it was the Ciroc that got her but she is blaming the steak. ¬†Far be it for anyone to suggest that she can’t hold her liquor. ¬†**more eye rolling**

Around 6 am the fire alarm in the hotel went off and stayed on for roughly 1/2 hour. ¬†This made Sunday an unproductive shopping day for my travel mates as they were sleep deprived. ¬†No problem for me I quite enjoy shopping by myself. ūüôā ¬†

We left PA in the early afternoon.  We stopped in Buffalo to go to Sally Beauty Supply and the Olive Garden; then home!

The trip left me feeling like CW was the type of person that always has to do more than whomever is there.  You spend $2, she must spend $4.  You drink 1 drink she must drink more (see how I rhymed there, I got mad skills!!! lol).  It was sad to me.

Which brings me back to present day. ¬†On Friday, I shared with CW the fact that there was a little cellular kiosk selling various Blackberry phones and the pricing I got. ¬†Her reaction was one of semi-interest as she did not want to be locked into another contract. ¬†She wants the new Bold but it is $525 from this company. ¬†I personally didn’t think she would buy the phone outright as she’s strange with what she will spend money on and $500 is way out of her comfort zone even though she will never admit it.

As you know I got the Bold.  This was not intentional on my part by any means.  I have been researching cell companies and phones for a few months as I knew my contract was coming to an end and was debating leaving Rogers.  She is not with Rogers but was thinking about switching companies as well.  


Anyone else this would not seem strange to me but with her …

I sort of dreaded going to work yesterday as I am one of those people who leave my cell phone on my desk. ¬†Since it has a pretty case it was screaming look at me. ¬†Another co-worker saw it and then mentioned it to CW. ¬†This sent CW to call her current provider. ¬†At the end of it all she tells me that she got the Bold for free without having to change her current plan and no data plan. ¬†I don’t know why but I find this hard to believe. ¬†

This just seems like “Oh you got a deal, well I got one better”. ¬†

Is it just me?


Seeing red update

Since no one from Rogers called me back, I got on the phone.  

The customer service rep that I spoke to said that my incoming calls were at no charge. ¬†She didn’t know what the previous person I spoke with was looking at. ¬†It was clear as day on the promotion page that she was looking at. ¬†Lawd!?! ¬†I swear the Rogers employees are trying to raise my blood pressure.

On a different note I got a phone.  I figured since I have signed away my life the next three years to Rogers, the least they could do was give me a phone.  So I got the new Bold, the price was fantastic so I figure why pass it up.  

Blackberry Bold 9900

I am still trying to figure out all the features on the phone. ¬†I think I have BBM down though. ūüėČ