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What’s going on, T.O.?

This morning (after Jillian ;)) I turned on CP24 a local 24 hour news station to read across the ticker that 2 people were shot and killed at a BBQ last night.

Sadly, I really didn’t think that much about it as gun violence is a little too common in Toronto. 😦 I figured it was two “gangbangers”.  Not that that makes it acceptable, but it makes it a little more understandable.

I was wrong.

Watching the news this evening made me sad and angry.  What I didn’t realize this morning was that 23 others were injured including 22 month old.

Gone are 2 people kids who could should have had a bright future.

One was a 14-year-old girl; same age as Princess.  I can’t … I can’t even imagine what her family is going through.

The other was a 23-year-old man who wanted to become a police officer.  From the news he seemed like an upstanding member of society.

My heart goes out to the families of the departed.  I will keep them in my prayers.

There is talk of retaliation. 😦

I am reminded of Gandhi’s quote; “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.”

This madness needs to end.

This city needs to get back to being “Toronto the Good”.