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Sealed Pot Amount

I meant to come back during the week and not keep you in suspense for so long. As I know you have been holding your breath waiting to learn how much all those coins turned out to be.

Wait no longer my friends, I rolled $272 and there was $22.25 left loose.

Yesterday I took the rolls of coins to the bank and used them to pay a bill. I know super exciting right?

I put the loose change back in the pot and am searching my home looking for some tape to seal it again.  I know I have a roll of painters tape somewhere. I’ll find it when I least expect it. In the mean time I have hidden the can from prying eyes. 😉

2016 Sealed Pot

Every year I throw my change into a “sealed pot” as a way of saving for Christmas. Usually I open and cash out in early December but as I did my Christmas shopping throughout the year I was able to squeeze it into my regular budget. Also I didn’t think it would be as much as previous years as I was using plastic more than cash.

Anyhoo, on the the reveal.

Some days I really am not the sharpest crayon in the box. Every year I weigh my sealed pot on my bathroom scale and it is a challenge.

There were more attempts which makes this next shot proof that I need to wear my thinking cap more often.


First and only shot on my kitchen scale. Why did I not think of this before?

Last weekend I took my sealed pot to the local bank where I previously threw the contents into their coin machine and presto change-o, a slip of paper with the grand total. Guess what is no longer there? Yup, the coin counter.So in the week I had to get coin wrappers.


Looks impressive, right?


Now to sort it all.


Top pile is “twoonies” which are 2 dollar coins, next “loonies”; 1 dollar coins, then quarters, dimes and nickels with a small amount of pennies, mostly American as Canada got rid of the penny years ago.

Any guesses as to how much is here?



7lbs!?! Not bad at all.

Last week I took my can to the coin machine at the local bank. Since I have an account there, it is free to count my change.

For some reason 2 Toonies, 2 Dimes and 1 Nickel did not get ingested into the machine so my receipt total was $369.87. Not as much as 2013, but still not bad considering I don’t use cash often.

Since we no longer have pennies, this amount was rounded up to $369.90. I added one of the dimes that were in my hand so I would only get paper money back.

The leftover change went back in the tin for next year.


Christmas savings

Now that Remembrance/Veteran’s Day has passed I think it’s acceptable to start talking about Christmas.

Sealed pot 2015

Sealed pot 2015

All year long I throw all my change into this “sealed pot”. It is my easy way to boost my Christmas savings. I don’t miss the coins and it makes such a big difference.

This is the fourth year that I am doing this. I got the idea from SFT and I love it.

Last year’s netted me $310.30.
2013 $445.37
2012 $106

Last year’s pot weighed 5.6 lbs and the year before was 8.8 lbs so it will be interesting to see how much this pot will net. I will not find out until the first Saturday in December.

2.5 weeks to add a few more coins. 🙂

Then the hard task of figuring out what to get everyone.

Opening this year’s sealed pot

This is my third year participating in the sealed pot.  A great idea by SFT.  Basic premise is to choose a “pot”, seal it and put all spare change in it for a defined period of time.  I use it for Christmas spending.  It really is phenomenal how much these bits and pieces add up to.

The first year I can’t remember what it all added up to.  But last year’s pot weighed in at 8.8 lbs and turned into $445.37.

I didn’t really have high hopes for this year’s pot as it was a heavy plastic year for me.  Or at least it felt like that.  Yesterday I weighed my tin.  And it was confirmed that it is significantly less than last year.

Sealed pot 2014

3.2 lbs less than last year.

Today I walked to the bank with my tin and dumped it into the coin counter.  Final result is $310.30.  No bad but not as good as last year.

The pot is now once again sealed and the $0.30 has been used to start it up again.

This exercise has definitely goto me thinking about really trying to make next year an all more cash year.  But I have enjoyed the perks I get from my credit cards.  So I will have to figure out a balance.

Now that I have a rough budget, I guess I really need to figure out my Christmas shopping.

Sealed pot reveal

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!

I have been twitching with anticipation to open my sealed pot.  It was driving me insane, which is a short trip. 😉

I weighed my pot one last time.

Weight of the pot


8.8 pounds!?!  I’m rich!!! LOL

It took a little bit to rip off the tape sealing the can.  I thought that the can was close to full but …

Inside of sealed pot


It was at best a third of the way full.  I was surprised. But now I know for next year.

I thought about dumping the contents into a coin counting machine, but since I already had some coin rolls I figured I’d roll up what I could first.

Pile of coins


Hardest part was separating them into piles. 😉


Piles of coins


All rolled up.  Living in a country that has given up the penny I was surprised to see how many I had.

Rolls of coins


You are looking at starting in the upper left hand corner and going left to right in rows:

2 rolls of $0.05 plus an additional 22 pieces
5 rolls of $2 plus 1 additional piece
1 roll of $0.01 plus 17 extra
2 rolls of $0.10 plus 21
4 rolls of $1 plus 12
6 rolls of $0.25 plus 14

Which amounts to $424.50 in rolls and $20.87 in loose change, for a grand total of $445.37.

Not bad considering I think I use debit/credit much more often than cash.

I have already spent $141.52, leaving me with $303.85.  I wonder if I can make this work for the remaining 7 people on my list.

My list consists of my Mom, Dad, step-Mom, 2 sisters, 1 brother and 2 daughters.

After realizing what deep discounts are offered after Christmas last year I decided to give my kids the gift of shopping.  I am going to give them money and then drop them off at the mall of their choosing for an afternoon of what they consider fun.  I know I should be a “better” Mom and go with them but if last year taught me anything it is that I do not like shopping with my kids.  They like to walk up and down and up and down the mall again.  I like to get in and out quickly.  And I definitely do not like crowds.

I never know what to get my Dad.  He is ridiculously annoying picky and not shy about letting me know that he doesn’t like the gift.  The worst to buy for.  The only gift I can recall my Dad really liking was a pair of shorts from Lululemon which he cussed me for spending so much money on.  I can’t win. lol  I usually get his wife a gift card to a spa.  This year I think I am going to get them gift cards to a nice restaurant and call it a happy day.  Gift giving should not be this stressful.

My youngest sister usually gets money.  My other sister gets movie gift cards.  This just leaves my brother … who loves expensive electronic gadgets … At this moment I am leaning towards movie gift cards for him as well.

I think that’s all she wrote.  I might be able to get most of my gifts out of Costco.  One stop shopping!!!  WHOO HOO!!

I can’t wait to be finished with Christmas shopping.

A special thanks to SFT for this great idea.  I will definitely be doing it again.

Sealed pot update

Back in January I started my sealed pot challenge that I learned about from SFT.  The premise is to take a “pot” and seal it.  I know complicated, right?  I found an old coffee can and taped that bad boy up.  I had thoughts of decorating it but well that fell off my radar a long time ago.

The purpose of the pot is to save all your change for a specific goal and time frame.  Unsealing day is December 1, 2013.  I am using my pot for Christmas presents.  I am not sure that I can wait until December as the malls get busy the closer we get to Christmas.

When I was in school, I used to be finished all my shopping before Halloween.  Those were the days.

As of today my pot looks like this.

Sealed pot


Almost 8 lbs!!!

Now my debate is when do I open the pot.  I am leaning towards sooner rather than later, as I have half a mind to roll the coins myself instead of taking it to the closest coin counting machine.  Although now that I have put it out there it just seems crazy and time-consuming.

Any guesses as to how much will it contains?

Before the year is over

I have a few things I would like to do.  Not too many as the new year is almost here.

  1. would like to will be creating a vision board for what I would like to get out of 2013.  I spoke about this in the past but have yet to deliver.  I have the bristol board and the ideas, now to put them down and put it somewhere I can see and be inspired every day.  The pic will come when it’s finished.
  2. Seal my sealed pot so no one can get into it until December 1, 2013.
  3. Finalize my 2013 budget and goals.

I was going to review and see if I met my goals for 2012, but looking back I realized I did not make any!!! LOL  So I guess I achieved them?? lol

Seriously, I had the usual reduce debt, increase savings, achieve a positive net worth.  Done. Done. And done.

I will do a proper look back at my financial life on Jan 2, 2013 to see what changes I accomplished over 2012.  My last payments on December 31 should have cleared by then.

I rolled the rest of my sealed pot and some pennies I had lying around collecting dust and came up with $106 which I will put on my debt tomorrow. 🙂

I can’t believe the it is almost 2013.

I have no plans to celebrate except to go out with my BFF & her in-laws for dinner with my girls.  She wanted to go some place a little upscale but her in-laws vetoed it and so we are headed to the local Swiss Chalet.  It will be an affordable and enjoyable evening.

What are your plans for New Year’s Eve?


One tenth

Last night was a weak moment.  I spent far longer than I would like to admit drooling over a pretty watch.  It is amazing how in life we can justify stupid irrational decisions.  Last year I fell in love with a watch … until I saw the price.  Now I am lusting after another one whose only redeeming quality other than it being pretty is that it is 1/10th of the price of the original watch.  1/10th!?!  **shaking my head**

It’s a slippery slope people, watch out.  (pun intended!!)  LOL

It is no secret that I like pretty sparkly things.  But I am trying hard to keep it all under control.

I don’t need to buy things.I don’t need to buy things.I don’t need to buy things.

Maybe if I say it often enough maybe it will sink in. 🙂

On a different note, once this month is over and the no (low) spending is relaxed just a little, I will turn my coffee tin change pile officially into a “Sealed Pot“.  It will not be opened again until December 2, 2012. At that time it will either magically turn into a watch or be put towards Christmas shopping.  Either way a WIN-WIN. 🙂