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Happy Mother’s Day

This day has been very quiet day. My oldest is in Europe and my youngest went to work. I spent the day lounging. Went to see my own mother. She was in a good mood. Called my Aunt who is like a second mother to me. It was a good day.

Last week was great on the exercise front. I still don’t get up every morning but a workout was done 4 days last week. I’m getting there, slowly. I am still not eating after 8:30 pm. So that should help.

I ordered some clothes from Walmart of all places. I am a fan of Gloria Vanderbilt jeans. They manage to hide my side fat. I have more pairs than I care to admit to. Unfortunately some of them are starting to suffer from the inevitable chub rub. One of my coworkers told me that my jeans are in the local Walmart. I went online and found them for $9/pair!!! I bought all colours that were in my size.  4 new pairs of jeans for me. 1 pair is just slightly too small but I’m going to keep them as they were nine dollars! I’ll fit into them eventually.

I also picked up 2 dresses and a jumper to take to Florida.

Surprisingly these all got approval from my youngest.

My schedule change at the PT job was approved. Not sure when it will take effect as I am on the schedule this Saturday, but I know it is coming. Hello social life!!

I have been challenged by one of my very good friends to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life. He knows that I will continue to put it off until my death bed if I am not pushed. This is still a work in progress. My first task is to identify the top 10 (minimum 8) things that are holding me back. This is harder that I thought it would be. But I will get on it.

My girl comes back on Thursday evening so I am going to have dinner with a friend near the airport before picking her up. Other than that this week should be mundane.

A little burnt out

This week was a complete wash where exercise was concerned. I focused instead on getting to bed on time. And for whatever reason that seemed to make me more tired. Not sure why that happened but I was not motivated at all to workout. So I didn’t. I feel no guilt or regret. Sometimes more rest is a good thing. I will start fresh tomorrow.

Thursday night I went out with some of my coworkers to all you can eat sushi. I ordered and then someone else added to the order and we ended up with a ton of food. I figured we would have to pay extra for the waste but another coworker showed up and ate a few. When it was determined that we could eat no more, someone else said she’s take some of the rolls home and that was the end of that. I was so full that I missed eating breakfast on Friday. And at lunch I figured I should eat even though I didn’t feel hungry. I really over did it.

Yesterday my oldest turned 21 and her wish was to spend the day in Buffalo. So I took the day off. We left later than I wanted to but we still managed to hit most of the stores on my list and all of the ones on hers. Except for not finding a purse she had a great day. We bought a lot of food, so much so that the border security agent did not believe we spent so much and didn’t buy clothes. My daughter ranted on the way home that it is sexist to assume that we bought clothes. I will cringe when I see my credit card bill. In my defense I only bought what we like to eat that is not available in Canada.

The evidence of the cutting of the PT work hours is here. I lost an hour this week coming. Not much but I’ll take it. It means I will be home earlier on Monday and Wednesday. Although I am sure there may be the option to go home early or not work at all if the shift is slow.

Missing 3 PT shifts on the last pay period will have a significant effect on my next pay cheque. Thankfully this will just slow down my reno fund and not my day to day life. I feel badly for my coworkers who depend on this job.

This coming week, I don’t think I have any plans so it should be smooth sailing. I made cheese cannelloni and vegetable lasagna for my meals and will probably make something else on Tuesday to supplement.

I think I am ready for the upcoming week.

Impromptu challenges

On Monday, I randomly decided to try intermittent fasting. Stop eating by 8pm, restart again at noon the next day. It was easy as I was working Monday thru Wednesday night. Thursday however … I decided to grab a bite with a friend, which ended up being much later than I would have liked. And just like that intermittent fasting is over for me. lol

While I was intermittently fasting, I was also having a few no spend days. Yeah me! But again once the fasting fell off, so did the no spending.

I bought the Samsung S8. After putting feelers out, I was given a price that was about 45% cheaper than what I had seen in the stores. I debated it for about 12 minutes. I was tired of running out of storage space. So I am now the proud owner of a new phone. The camera is fantastic and I will be taking a ton of pictures moving forward. Especially when I hit the west coast next week. 🙂 There is a bit of a learning curve and a search for a few favourite features. I did lose the ability to give personalized message tones but I’ll get over it.

I accepted my fate for a minute and bought 2 pairs of pants in a larger size. I am tired of being uncomfortable. But not tired enough to consistently commit to a diet and/or exercise program. When I return from vacation, I will be getting back on board. I am still doing some exercise but it’s more maintain than create change. I put My Fitness Pal on my new phone and will start tracking everything this week so I can get back into the habit. It will probably be very discouraging to see my lack of progress.

Wednesday, I am meeting with my financial institution to finalize the renewal of my mortgage. I am glad to get this resolved before going away.

Got my schedule for the PT job for this week and was surprised to see that I am on the schedule on Saturday. That will be hard to do when I am not in the country. I think that when I asked for the time off, someone confused June with July as I had an unexpected week off last month. Hopefully no one will be calling me when I am off to ask where I am.

I am counting down to my trip. I am in need of a change of scenery and some down time. My cousin has my whole trip planned out and I am looking forward to doing new things and the food. I have already sent her a long list of places I want to go to. I tried to get her to commit to driving me to the nearest In N Out Burger, 5 hours away but she does not seem game.



Black Friday purchases

Before too much time passes, we need to acknowledge my Black Friday purchases.

Princess sent me a text on the day before Black Friday to let me know that the Gap was having a 50% off sale. Not a place I usually in, but I was on a mission to find new sports bras, so I thought why not.

I picked up 2 bras, a pair of workout capris and a dress. When I was shopping they only had these 2 available in my size, so I figured why not. Worst case scenario, I would just return them, no harm, no foul.

Gap Bra (Source)Gap Mesh Bra (Source)

Well I tried these babies on and jumped around and I swore the angels sang. There was no movement. The FIRST time EVER!! I am impressed. I can heard my BFF saying you get what you pay for. The capris were also a keeper.

The dress did not garner the same reaction. Princess liked it. Diva told me to return it at once.

Gap dress (Source)

I like that is has pockets. 🙂

I also bought an Instant Pot, but that is a post for another day.

All in all, I am very happy with my purchases.

Tomorrow is back to T.O.

How is it almost time to go home already???

Time has been flying and I can’t say we have done anything particularly remarkable.

There has been shopping. Lots of shopping. There has also been returning as some of the clothing I bought did not work. I was looking for workout pants and so far no luck.

I had hoped to get on contact with my cousin’s daughter and visit with her today, but she is not responding to my messages.

It is currently 1:45pm and my girls are still sleeping … so maybe it’s all for the best.

My Aunt has a few errands to run that I may tag along for. Other than that I plan to relax and possibly go to Smashburger for dinner. We went there the last time we were in Maryland and Diva enjoyed it and requested to go again.




Arrived safely

I meant to type this up last night but by the end of the evening I did not want to do a thing.

Let’s back track a bit.

Thursday night I had great intentions to get to bed by 10pm. I had a few errands to run and might have made it, if my sister didn’t need me to pass by to open the front door for her as she forgot her keys.

What was supposed to be a quick trip turned into a bit more as her neighbour was outside with his friend and we got to talking about my old car. The friend seemed interested but I didn’t have the time to have a real conversation. Maybe when I get back.

When I finally got home, I realized my kids had cleaned the house, but neglected to wash up the dishes. I quickly knocked them out and reminded the girls that we would also need to clean out the fridge.

I found my bed around 10:30 but Diva was not home. So sleep was not coming easily. When she finally made it home, I was still having issues falling asleep. Not usually a problem but with my 3:30am wake up I was trying to get it together.

I believe it was after 12:30 when I finally went to sleep. The alarm went off on time … There was a struggle to get moving.

We were in the car by 4:15 and at the local Tim Horton’s coffee/donut shop just shortly after that. As we started out I remembered I forgot my computer so I turned around and started all over again at 5am.

The drive down to Maryland was uneventful. Even though we stopped more than usual we still made good time.

One of my objectives while here is to buy a TV as ours has a short in the power cord and since it is over 11 years old, I would like an upgrade. I’d prefer a “dumb” TV but that does not seem to readily available from my favourite store, Costco.

Our first stop was Costco and they did not have the TV I was looking for. So I bought clothes instead. 🙂

Later on we went to another Costco and they also did not have the size/brand TV I am looking for. I also returned most of the clothes I bought as my “fashion consultant” Diva and my cousin did not think they were flattering.

So I am back to square one with the TV. Buy a power cord and continue with my current TV, the financially smart decision. OR buy a bigger TV that I had originally planned?

Funny how according to my kids all TVs under 55″ look “small” when in Costco.

Me and my first world problems.

Looking forward to the weekend

I am trying to get back to normal. For some reason this last road trip wore me out more than usual. I left early on Friday morning and until I got to MD. There was an accident that slowed traffic to a crawl. But all in all a good drive down. We managed to find a prom dress for Princess at Target of all places AND on clearance. It was just her size. Less than $40 US, yes please!

Prom dress

In the course of 3 days I had my favourite flavour of ice cream three times. 🙂 It was almost 4 but somehow having ice cream at 7 am on Sunday didn’t seem like a great idea.

The service for my cousin was great. It ran long but that was not surprising since there were a lot of people on the program to speak about how wonderful she was.

My Mom met us down there and I drove her back. It was a long drive back as we stopped like we usually do but she went one way and the kids went another. It was like corralling cats at times. LOL

I was hoping to get back home by 7pm but too many long stops and leaving 1+ hour later than I planned made for a long day. But by 10 I was happily on the couch.

I am really looking forward to the upcoming 3 day weekend. I so want to sleep in and spend the day lazing around.

On a side note, traveling over the weekend interrupts my regular workout schedule but I did manage to get a quick walk in on Friday with my Aunt while we waited for dinner to cool. I am back on the wagon with 2 workouts done this week, right on course.

My weekend up North

We didn’t end up leaving for our weekend up North until after 6 pm. Which put us in the heart of rush hour. I mapped out the route using the streets to get out of the city and then headed West to get to the highway. According to Google maps, it was less than an hour and a half drive to Horseshoe Valley. 🙂  Look at this sky.

On the way up

Being the foodie that I am I more importantly checked the “You Gotta Eat Here” show website to see if they went to any restaurants nearby. My options were a pizza joint named Pie or a burger place named Kenzington Burger Bar.


Wanna guess where we went? This was their Californian. It was a good burger.

By the time we checked in it was after 9 pm. So we just chilled out in the room.

Jacuzzi area with double sinks, just off the bedroom.

The jacuzzi area

The bedroom with a king sized bed.

The bedroom

The fully loaded kitchen

The kitchen

The living/dining room with pull out couch.

Living/dining room

The bathroom with shower and another sink.


For a family of girls, it was nice to each have our own sink. 🙂

Since we were on vacation, we all slept in. I’m still trying to figure out if it was the bed, the blackout curtains, the quietness or the fresh air that had me sleeping very well.

By the time we go up on Friday, it was well past breakfast time, so we went to the only grocery store we saw and bought some frozen waffles and bacon, pancake syrup, salad and corn on the cob. 🙂

Then we lazed some more before going back to the grocery store as Diva thought we should have spaghetti and sauce for dinner, also we forgot to buy her a toothbrush and well … O_o Once groceries were bought we eventually went to the pool for quick swim. That was enough activity for Princess who remained in the room as Diva and I went to explore the area. There were lots of interesting houses to look at. Oh wait I forgot, we also had ice cream at this place across the street from the grocery store.

Ice cream

Kawartha Dairy Black Raspberry Truffle; white chocolate and raspberries OMG so good.

Dinner was mediocre at best. We bought sauce that was not too exciting and it showed. 😦 But hey it was $5 and we only used half. The uncooked spaghetti we brought back, the sauce nope.

On Saturday, my Dad came up for a visit with my brother. They were supposed to arrive by 1, but didn’t actually show up until closer to 3 pm. We were perfectly fine with that. My Dad was appalled that we had only been swimming at the “local” pool and took us up the road to this place where you could zip line, play mini golf, climb a rock wall or use paddle boats. Princess was in a mood so she was not interested in doing anything. Diva and my brother went on the zip line which they both enjoyed.


This was the only time I wished I had brought my big camera.

We then went to Wasaga Beach to walk around and try this pizza that my brother says is the best ever. It was alright. Princess is having issues with dairy so she opted for fries. 😉 The beach at 6 ish when we arrived was still very crowded.

Wasaga Beach  Wasaga  Georgian Bay

After that it was time to figure out dinner. We found a BBQ joint on yelp that called our names, but when we got there it was no longer there. 😦 So we went to Boston Pizza. Not my first, second or eighth choice but I was not the sole decision maker and we were hungry.

By the time we returned to our room it was almost 9:30, so my Dad and brother hightailed it out to make the 2 hour drive home. We packed up as much as we could since check out was 10 am.

On the way home we stopped at the Cookstown Outlet mall. We walked it twice as neither kid could make up their minds regarding what they wanted. Diva bought Adidas slippers with the massaging nubs and complained about the “massage” the whole time she wore them. Lol Princess found a pair of black sneakers that will replace a pair at home that have seen better days.

When we travel my aim is to try food places we can’t get “back home”. We were beyond hungry when we rolled up to Master Burger in Cookstown. Luckily they had chicken fingers and fries which is Princess’ go to meal when out. Don’t get me started. The burger and onions rings hit the spot.

It was close to 3:30 by the time we returned home. All in all it was a good trip.

Rookie mistake


I am kicking myself ever so slightly. I just finished updating my budget and realized that I paid full price for sunblock that was supposed to be on sale. 😦

I used to be more diligent about checking my receipts before I left the store.  Time to bring that back.

If the store was closer I would go back but it’s not worth my while to try to get to my cousin’s neighbourhood, a 40 minute drive without traffic, to get back $6.

This is my PSA … check your receipts people. Don’t be like me!

Thrift shopping & some updates

Yesterday my BFF and I hit the local thrift shop as she’s lost some weight and needed some new clothes.  For $90 she got a pair of jeans, a bra, 2 shirts and 3 dresses. I on the on the other hand bought a shirt for Diva, a book and Bob Harper’s yoga DVD for less than $19. The DVD was $3!! 🙂 Three dollars!?! I’m very happy with my find. It as on my long list of things to buy somewhere near the bottom as I didn’t want to pay a lot for it.

In other news, Diva has finished her training at a local youth employment center and has been placed at The Gap. She goes in for an interview on Thursday.  Her uniform is black pants and a collared shirt. The shirt I bought at the thrift store was too small but we went back and was able to exchange it for another. Now we need to go over her shoe collection to see if any are acceptable.

Now to get Princess motivated to finish her resume and out applying for jobs.

I have recently discovered “Dexter” the TV series. Yes I know I’m way behind. My cousin recommended it years ago. I’m only on episode 2 but I’m really enjoying it.

On the list of things to do this weekend:

  • library
  • shoe shopping
  • grocery store
  • watch more episodes of Dexter 😉
  • meal plan
  • take Princess to a few stores in the neighbourhood to apply for jobs