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Still sore

My legs are still feeling the effects of Wednesday’s workout. I think this might be my longest recovery yet.

I’m a little afraid of the two workouts I have scheduled this week. I hope I haven’t bitten off more than I can chew.

I stayed home on Thursday to rest so the cold I’m fighting wouldn’t get worse. While I had plans to laze on the couch on clear off my PVR, my old TV had other ideas and it refused to turn on. Google tells me it’s most likely a capacitor. Luckily for me, Diva came home for lunch and we switched out the TVs. The new picture is fantastic, so clear and bright. I’m very happy with my purchase and so glad I bought it when I did.

I’m pretty much on the mend. Although I will still take it easy as I don’t want to relapse. My cousin is still fighting whatever ails her. She’s been sick for the past two weeks.

I’m looking forward to having dinner on Tuesday with a couple of old coworkers. Other than that and my cousin’s wedding coming up next weekend, I’m going to stay in and keep my spending low. Need to focus on rebuilding my stash.

Bad Decisions

In my first or second week, I was asked to volunteer to work the warehouse sale. Help set up on Friday night for a free box. Work the sale on Saturday and get a lieu day. I signed up for both. It was said that I might not have to work, until our “friends and family” sale made a local popular blog. At that point it was all hands on deck.

Meanwhile my BFF calls to say we’ve been invited out … on the same Friday. I agree to go.

I get up at 6:30-ish every morning as I have to get my workout in!! 😛 The “work” day was cut short for those doing the set up. So from 3:30-9pm I opened boxes and dumped heavy items into a bin … on my feet … in a hot dusty warehouse. It was not pretty.

I get home with just enough time to shower and clean myself up before my BFF comes to pick me up. I tell her of my day and the fact that I have to be back at work for 7:30am the next day.

We stay out until after 2am. 😲

I get up at 6:30am and curse my bad decisions. I did not have to stay at work until 9. I was supposed to leave earlier so I could nap before the club. But I was already there and there was so much to do.

We guesstimate that there was at least 2500 people who showed up for the sale. I managed to finish out my shift without issue. In fact I even ran a few errands before going home. But once I stopped moving, it was game over. Although I only slept for 2 hours around 7pm, it sort of messed up my sleep and I had a hard time falling asleep Saturday night.

On Sunday guess who went to bed not feeling very well? This girl!! Yup I  have been fighting a cold all week and I am not sure I am winning. 😦

Basic take away, sleep is important my friends, very important.

I did too much

Last Wednesday I felt like I was on the mend, so I went for a walk. I stayed up later than I had been. I started to carry on like I wasn’t just knocked off my feet. That kind of arrogance costs …

While I am not back in the land of sick and suffering, I am not a picture of health. 😦

It doesn’t help that this weekend had me out socializing.

Friday night, my cousin invited me to one of those escape game rooms to celebrate her hubby’s birthday. Premise is that you & your team are locked in a room based on a scenario and given a time limit to find the clues that rectify the situation. Our room was a deadly viral infection and we had 45 minutes to find the antidote.

There were 4 of us and it was not a clear as it should have been. We had to ask for a hint as we were stuck for the first 20 minutes. After that we were on a roll until we hit another bump. Then we ran out of time.

Overall I would do it again just not as this particular venue. The space was quite small, the first set of clues were unclear and they turned up the heat as part of the scenario and I don’t think that it was necessary. Regular price is $30 per person … highway robbery if you ask me. Thankfully my cousin had a group buy deal.

Saturday night I dragged my BFF to a club to celebrate the birthday of one of my friends. The event was marketed as for 25+ mature, upscale clientèle … It was a lie!! LOL It was definitely a younger crowd. I was surrounded by drunk 20 year olds. I was amused, the others were not. We were only there for 2 hours. Afterwards my BFF & I went to a Chinese restaurant that we used to go to “back in the day” when we used to party hard.

Sunday should have been rest day but I had tonnes of laundry to do. I really wanted to wash ALL my bedding. Since I feel better I wanted to kill all the germs and have clean sheets and comforters. By the end of the night I completed 7 loads of laundry. My poor washing machine.

This week I am going to try to take it easy. Get back to taking better care of myself as this is lacking right now.



Sick and suffering


Oh my world is upside down.

I have been fighting germs all week and I am ready to concede. I have lost the battle. 😦

Diva brought germs into the house and then I spent time with a sick cousin and now I’m suffering. It doesn’t help that I have not been taking the best care of myself recently.

The past two nights I resorted to drugs along with slathering myself in vapour rub. I thought I was on the mend but this morning I woke up feeling like death warmed over.

I’m really hoping that this is the worst of it and I will be better soon. I am not a fan of being sick.

This weekend’s plans

I can’t recall if I mentioned I bought some herbs & veggies earlier this summer.  I was trying my best to keep them alive.  Well I have failed at that task.  I just looked at my plants for the first time since probably last weekend and it’s a dead zone. 😦

Dead plants

I told you it wasn’t pretty. 😦

It’s bad enough that when I’m well I forget about them but when sick … they had no chance.

I plan to relax this weekend and hopefully build up my immunity so that when I go back to work on Monday I am ready to fight the germs.

Since the majority of our clients are in the US, the boss offered up taking July 4th off instead of the first so we could have a long weekend.  There was talk about a vote being held.  I swear I was at work on time yet it was decided by the co-worker that had been working there the longest that we would take Friday off.  And before you could object she had already informed the warehouse.  While I don’t object to the Friday off, it would have been nice if we actually voted.

Today I think I’ll take the girls for fro yo and I borrowed Despicable Me 2 from the library.  We will definitely be watching that tonight.

Since my appetite has been non-existent this past 5 days, I have lost 2 pounds.  I am hoping to piggyback on that loss and start moving.  One of my cousins recently recommitted to MFP and asked me to do the same.  So today is the official day 1.  I am debating starting fresh as in weighing myself and changing my goal since I have managed to maintain my current weight for quite some time now.  I just looked and the last time I weighed myself was almost exactly a year ago.   My weight is a little more than 3 lbs over last year’s number.  So not bad in my books.

I need to find myself something to eat and figure out what I’m going to do with this afternoon before the fro yo. 😉

Under the weather

As if all this rain isn’t bad enough, I have gone and caught whatever germs have been floating around the office.

Yesterday, my face & back were in agony.  I struggled to stay up as I had to pick up Diva from the mall.  After I brought her home, I went to wash up and ended up sleeping for over an hour.  Princess was kind enough to warm up a can of soup for me, which she had to re-heat.

I barely ate half the can and a grapefruit cup before I called it a night.  I took my last 2 Advil Cold & Sinus tablets, which worked wonders.

It was a hot, then cold, then hot again night. 😦

I somehow managed to sleep through my alarm.  Lucky for me Diva came to ask me if I was going to work at 7:48.  I usually leave for work at 8.  It was a rushed morning without breakfast or coffee.  But since I have no appetite I didn’t even notice until around 11.

I had my usual lemon, honey & oil of oregano this morning and I am hoping it will lead me to the road to recovery.

The original patient 0 at my office gave me some herbal teas to take tonight.

I feel a little better but still not out of the woods.


Belly bloat is no joke

For the past few weeks/months I have been craving steak.  So when one of my friends suggested we get together for dinner, The KegSteakhouse seemed like a good choice.  When I was last there I tried a mini creme brulee and enjoyed it.  So when I was there on Thursday I ordered a full size one.

And for a while I was good.  A little over stuffed but good.

Until I went to bed.  

I don’t know if it was the shift from vertical to horizontal but my stomach started talking to me … loudly.  At one point I thought I was re-enacting that scene from Alien where the alien pops out.  

Of course I don’t stock things like Pepto or Tums so I gathered what strength I had and warmed up my magic bean bag.  

I spent the night curled around it.

Yesterday morning I could not straighten up without pain so I took the day off and hobbled around the house.  Eventually the pain subsided but the bloat is taking it’s own sweet time to go away.

I still have a little bloat this morning which I am going to possibly irritate by going to an all you can eat sushi lunch.  I would cancel but since this lunch has been rescheduled twice already I feel like I should just take one for the team.

Here’s hoping that I don’t make things any worst.

For the record, I am totally blaming the creme brulee for my troubles.

I love long week-ends

Lately I have been feeling like I’m fighting a cold/flu/tiredness/old age.

Every night I just want to curl up on the couch.

I had posts in my head … but they somehow did not type themselves on this blog. 😦

I am way behind on my reading.  It’s crazy how fast your inbox fills up when you are not paying attention to it.

I had big dreams of doing nothing all weekend and that has not happened.

Friday night found me going to visit one of my cousins as another was here visiting from the States.  Late night #1.

Yesterday I wanted to just relax for a moment when my BFF called looking for help putting together her furniture. Last night found me at a different cousin’s house having a family dinner since we had out of country guests.  Late night #2.

Today I had plans to spend some time with my couch and PVR.  My BFF called in a panic as she needed additional help with putting together a book shelf.  We then went to Bed Bath and Beyond where I lost 2 hours of my life while she wandered the entire store and debated curtains.

It is now after 9 and my head is pounding.  Diva is trying to convince her BFF’s parents to let her come over tonight.  Not sure who she thinks is going to drive her as I am in for the night.

I am going to relax on the couch with Bruce Willis in Live Free or Die Hard. 😉

Learning my limits

*So I swear I published this on Saturday but clearly I was wrong*

I used to be able to eat with abandonment.  But lately I am painfully learning that is no longer my ability.  I am really hoping it’s a temporary thing.

On Thursday I took my BFF to have some elective surgery done on her tongue.  To thank me she took me to a buffet where I didn’t think I ate that much but … I did not need eat dinner that night.  When I counted my calories I had over 1500 at lunch alone. 😦

I am not sure if it was the quality or quantity, but I felt like crap Friday morning.

I did not inherit my mother’s “cast iron” stomach.  My Mom can eat just about anything without any adverse reactions.

So it was because I was weak from Tuesday or Thursday’s Chinese buffet really was just not right, but either way I’m labeling this as a cumulative effect.  I am calling it a fluke and unless I have tummy issues this week, it’s a one-off in my book. 😉

Thankfully today I am back to feeling like myself.

I’m alive

I feel like it’s been so long since I was in this space.

The last time we “spoke” I think Princess was sick and I was going to visit family.

Let me back track a bit.

On Sunday, I got up later than I wanted to and made the not so good decision to Skype with my cousin in MD.  We hadn’t talked in a long while so it was a good conversation but it set me back over an hour. 😦  I ran out to Costco picked up a few things for myself.  The bouillon that my cousin was looking for and the reason I was in Costco in the first place was out of stock. I returned home to drop off my groceries and pick up Diva, who decided she should stay home and take care of her sick sister. O_o

I picked up my Aunt and we stopped at another Costco, which was also out of stock. 😦

It was a little reunion at my cousin’s house.  It was really nice to hang with family.  My Aunts had a great time catching up.  It was interesting to observe as they are both losing it a little.  So many things were repeated.

By the time I got home it was later than I had intended.  My kids had managed to feed themselves so that task was off my list.

Monday, I got up and worked out.  Got that monkey off my back nice and early. 🙂 In the evening I made a menu plan which I had great intentions of posting but getting the picture off my camera has yet to be done. 😦  The kids ate dinner but I didn’t feel like eating.  Which was probably a good thing as I baked 7 chicken legs and there was only 1 left.

Tuesday I got up and felt like I was hit  by a Mack truck.  I was nauseous.  I spent the entire day in bed.  I waited until the kids got home and had Princess make me a can of soup.  Diva was put to season the chicken for dinner.  I promised my sister I would take her to do her eyebrows and if I didn’t want to buy bagels I would not have left my house.  I did not bake this weekend so we have no bread/rolls.

Diva cooked the curry chicken.  My child cut corners which resulted in the potatoes not being fully cooked but she didn’t seem to mind.  I did not try it as my stomach was not feeling it.  Instead I laid on the couch shivering. 😦 I went to bed dressed in many layers and my beloved flannel pajamas.

This morning I feel much better.  Still not 100% but closer to my usual self.  I will be taking it easy today.

There now you are all caught up.

Tonight I will post my menu.