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Adventures in slow cooking

I have not had the best luck with my slow cookers. Yes I have more than one. The problem is not with the slow cookers themselves but more so with the food that comes out of them. I only have 3 recipes that my kids will eat. I have tried 8 or 9 and they were met with stern faces and loud requests to never make them again.

My first slow cooker was a gift from my step-mom.

slow cooker

It is the creme de creme. It is 6 qt which I think is too big for the 3 of us. I love it though, it is completely programmable in 30 minute increments. I looked for a programmable 4 qt version similar to it and the cost was way more that I really wanted to spend.

I did find this 4 qt for $20 when Target was going out of business.

4 qt slow cooker

It is “programmable” but there are only 4 options; high for 4 or 6 hours OR low for 8 or 10 hours. Not ideal but it works. And the price was right.

The 3 recipes I have had success with are pork roast, Mexican chicken and Jamaican oxtail.

Today I have a new recipe to add to my “collection”!! LOL 🙂 I made Honey Garlic Chicken and my girls said it was good enough to make again. Success in my book.