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Bad Decisions

In my first or second week, I was asked to volunteer to work the warehouse sale. Help set up on Friday night for a free box. Work the sale on Saturday and get a lieu day. I signed up for both. It was said that I might not have to work, until our “friends and family” sale made a local popular blog. At that point it was all hands on deck.

Meanwhile my BFF calls to say we’ve been invited out … on the same Friday. I agree to go.

I get up at 6:30-ish every morning as I have to get my workout in!! 😛 The “work” day was cut short for those doing the set up. So from 3:30-9pm I opened boxes and dumped heavy items into a bin … on my feet … in a hot dusty warehouse. It was not pretty.

I get home with just enough time to shower and clean myself up before my BFF comes to pick me up. I tell her of my day and the fact that I have to be back at work for 7:30am the next day.

We stay out until after 2am. 😲

I get up at 6:30am and curse my bad decisions. I did not have to stay at work until 9. I was supposed to leave earlier so I could nap before the club. But I was already there and there was so much to do.

We guesstimate that there was at least 2500 people who showed up for the sale. I managed to finish out my shift without issue. In fact I even ran a few errands before going home. But once I stopped moving, it was game over. Although I only slept for 2 hours around 7pm, it sort of messed up my sleep and I had a hard time falling asleep Saturday night.

On Sunday guess who went to bed not feeling very well? This girl!! Yup I  have been fighting a cold all week and I am not sure I am winning. 😦

Basic take away, sleep is important my friends, very important.


It’s been a weekend I will never forget. Grab a coffee and a snack it’s going to be a lengthy one.

Let’s go back to yesterday. I slept in and woke up to no one up. 🙂 So I made myself a cup of coffee and curled up with “The Book Thief”. It’s been on my list for a long time and has made it home a couple of times. I’ve had it for way too long right now and it is due in 10 days and I would really like to finish it. Although I do have a few other books that are due sooner that I will not be able to renew that I would also like to finish. First world problems are real!!

Anyhoo back to Saturday morning. After a little while Princess got out of bed and went to do laundry. She then went to perch on the toilet with a gadget. Diva was lounging in bed. After some time (a lot), Princess left to bathroom to step into a puddle of water… O_o

My washing machine was overflowing. The water had come out of the laundry room, down the hall and around the corner to the bathroom. It was a mini lake in my place. It was all hands on deck as we threw every available towel at the floor, after turning off the washer, of course.

It took close to 2 hours to get all the water off the floor. You really don’t realize how many things are on the floor until something like this happens. Long story short, I was left with a bathtub full of wet towels among other things and a clean laundry room. 🙂

I am feeling incredibly fortunate for a number of reasons.

  1. We have been know to turn on the washing machine and go out. I feel lucky that this was not the case yesterday.
  2. I live in a building that also has a laundry room. I can’t imagine having to load up the car with all those wet items and cart them down the street.
  3. The public laundry room is available to residents but no one uses as we all have in house machines. So I was able to use all the working machines without pressure or timing issues.
  4. The washing machine and dryer only costs $1 per load. A much nicer price than the $2.25 my BFF pays in her building.
  5. I wasn’t home alone. We were able to get this mess under control quickly because we were all working together.
  6. This mini disaster made me address some of the clutter that was piling up in my laundry room. Amazing how easy it is to get rid of things when they are wet and gross.

In addition, to all that mopping and wringing out of water, Diva and I were able to take a walk to the library. So I got my workout in yesterday!! 🙂

Afterwards I took her at work and dropped off some items for charity. By the time I got home it was after 6. I was able to re-purpose a pork roast made earlier in the week into stir fry with rice. Yeah for no food waste.

By this time I was beat and I had promised my BFF we’d go out. As much as I was not feeling like going out, I knew if I didn’t she’s just be home on the couch and she actually seemed really gung ho to go out.

We went to a meet up group function but unfortunately we were way too late so we just hung out at the pub listening to music and occasionally dancing. By 1 am her feet were hurting so we left. Another friend told me about an after hours party and I was very surprised that my BFF was up for it. She’s usually in bed by 9 and when we go out ready to go home around 11.

So we waited around downtown for 2 am when this party would start. It was an interesting affair as the crowd was much more mature. Granted they did seem like a bunch of happy drunks. There was one fella in there who decided he wanted to “be with me” and repeatedly told me so for the entire 2+ hours he was there. He seemed genuinely surprised that I did not want to go home with him to cuddle. WTF!?!

Other than that it was a good night. BFF met a guy that she thought was interesting so she abandoned me to talk to him. Leaving me available to converse with my stalker. Lucky me! It took a long while before he finally got the hint that I was not interested. Lucky for me the dude that my BFF was talking to was leaving “early” or else we would have been there until closing at 6 am.

By the time we left and made our way home it was 6 o’clock in the morning. Goodness I haven’t been out that late in years.

This morning I got up and googled the life out of washing machine overflowing and figured out my issue. Was thinking I should pull the part out so that when I went to the hardware store I could ensure I bought the right piece. I watched many youtube videos on what the cause could be and then I opened up my washing machine and saw that the tube that is supposed to be connected to the water level switch had fallen out. Put the tube back in, put the machine to fill on the smallest size load and badda bing badda boom, it stopped filling up on its own. 🙂

Oh happy day!! Now I would be remiss if I didn’t mention I was already starting to plan how I was going to redecorate my laundry room with stackable machines. Thankfully I can put that fantasy on hold and keep the cash in my pocket for other things.

Right now I am starting to feel tired, so I am going to take it easy and then early to bed tonight.

No Good Deed

Goes unpunished.

Getting the appliances to my mother’s house is turning into an endeavour. I called the guy who moved my stuff 10 years ago and he wants $290 to move the 3 appliances 18 kms (11 miles) from a condo to a house. O_o

I called a second second mover and the weekend rates are $90/hr with an additional $90 travel fee and $55 for gas. If I use them on a weekday the rate goes down to $65 but they are only available 7-9 am or 11am-1pm. Don’t they think people work?

Anyhoo, I was really trying to get this all done yesterday, but when I went to rent a truck I was out of luck. So instead my sister and I spent over an hour trying to get the fridge out of my mother’s house.

At one point it looked like we had gotten ourselves up a creek as the fridge was stuck in the door way. Oy vey. 😠

I was eventually able to push shove it back into the house where we removed the doors and got it out the door. By the end of it all, we were tired and not in the mood to try moving the stove.

I have rented a truck for Monday and my friend has kindly volunteered to go get the appliances and bring them to my mother’s house. Given how long it took us to get the fridge out, it may not be an easy move. 😦 Hopefully he knows what he’s doing and can work magic to get the stove out and the new fridge and stove in.

I really can’t wait for this whole saga to be over. I can now understand why some would purchase new. So much less to co-ordinate.



Day 1 done

Today was my first day at my new job and it was great.

The people are nice and the work environment is pleasant. I met my new supervisor. She is very nice and very new as in her first day was Wednesday. So we will be the blind leading the blind. 🙂 lol

This morning Diva came into my room before 6 looking for her phone. I fell back asleep but I should have probably just gotten up as I felt like I was hit by a truck when my alarm finally did go off.

Today marks the second day that I haven’t worked out. I spent Saturday and Sunday out shopping with Princess. There was a lot of walking and my feet were hurting by the end of both days. I squeezed in a workout on Saturday but could not convince myself to get it together yesterday.

This evening I attended a focus group and was rewarded with $90 for 2 hours of my time. I even found a free place to park so there were no out of pocket expenses. 🙂 By the time I returned home I was beat and in no mood to do anything including exercise.

This just re-enforces my need to get up in the morning and get it out of the way. If I am going to accomplish this I REALLY need to get into bed earlier.

On that note I’m off.

Back from Denver

I had thoughts of posting while I was away but I was beyond beat.  The trade show started at 7 each morning.  Even though I decided to keep on Eastern time I still went to bed early for me.

On Thursday after finishing the assembly of the products, I went to TJ Maxx and found what seemed like comfortable shoes.  Well after the first day of standing from 7-4, my feet were on fire!  Saturday’s shift was 7-5.  I hobbled out of the convention center and prayed for new feet.

I went to bed most nights by 8:30/9 pm local time.  It was funny to me as I thought I would have the time or the energy to see some of the city.

Because we started so early it was dark when I drove in so I didn’t see many sights.

Yesterday I made the decision to go in late.  I saw the mountains for the first time and they are beautiful.  I only wished that I had the time to go see them.  The only things I saw on this trip was my hotel, the convention center, the airport and the roads between them.

Today is Thanksgiving and I was “voluntold” to help my step-Mom with dinner.  I need to get myself together for that.  My body is protesting and I still need to pick up my kids.

Can’t wait for school to start

As my girls get older I am really trying to loosen the apron strings.  During the school year I send them to bed at what I deem is an appropriate hour.  I still had a bit of this power during July as they had summer school.  But lately it is a full on gong show at my place in terms of bedtime.  They are staying up later and later.  Which if they didn’t disturb me I don’t think I would care.  Many times over the past 2 weeks I have been woken up at time that really didn’t work for me.  Thursday night/Friday morning it was 4:30!?!  Colour me not impressed.

I have had many words with them and they are trying but I don’t think they realize how lightly I sleep when there is noise/light present.  Needless to say between the lack of sleep and the long hours at work I am busted.  Next week we are going into prep mode for school and everyone is going to bed before midnight.   Hopefully this will help my constant tiredness.

I am sure that exercising would help the tiredness but I have fallen off that wagon.  “Lucky” for me the elevator is out so I am forced to do a little bit more than usual climbing 4 flights of stairs every day.  I think after the elevator comes back in service I will continue to take the stairs.

My girls are complaining about my late arrivals at home.  This week alone I have put in at least 5 hours of overtime, that I don’t get paid for.  If I worked a 37.5 hour week it might not be so bad but I am already working 40 hours.  This new normal needs to stop.  I supposed it didn’t help that I took a work trip out to visit a client in London, Ontario on Tuesday.  I swear I waved Carla as I was “in the neighbourhood”. LOL

I passed my 3 month probationary period on Wednesday.  The big boss took me to lunch and we talked about my progress.  So far they are happy with me.  I am not sure I can say the same.  This is the first job I’ve been to EVER where my benefits didn’t kick in the day my probation was over.  According to another lady who has been there longer, sometimes you need to stay on management to ensure you get it.  Well at least that was her experience.  Unacceptable.

Passing my 3 months also brings a pay increase.  I am waiting to see if that will be an issue.

What I know for sure is I do like my job 70% of the time, but the level of disorganization is killing me slowly and there really isn’t any time to get organized or make changes. 😦  I will continue to truck along all while still keeping my eyes open for other opportunities.

Now you are relatively caught up.  My apologies for the abandonment.  I hope you don’t have issues because of it.


New routine

I need a new routine.  I feel like there is never enough time for everything I want to do.

I have thought about writing a post many times.  As you can see that’s not translating to action.

I am not working out.  I have to get back on the wagon.  I feel tired all the time. 😦  My eyes are always sore.  #$%^@# you allergy season!!!

As much as I enjoy my new job I am dragging to get out of bed most mornings.  I just don’t get to bed early enough.  I wish I could tell you I am doing something important or productive.  But sadly that is not the case.

Since I absolutely have to be on time I ended up moving my alarm to 30 minutes earlier.  And while my eyes open, I just don’t get out of bed until I’ve hot snooze twice. 😦  That’s part of the reason I changed my alarm.

Tonight, I have to pick up Diva at 11 pm.  She’s at her athletic banquet.

I don’t see me working out in the morning tomorrow.  Hopefully I can get up after 1 snooze. 😉

I love long week-ends

Lately I have been feeling like I’m fighting a cold/flu/tiredness/old age.

Every night I just want to curl up on the couch.

I had posts in my head … but they somehow did not type themselves on this blog. 😦

I am way behind on my reading.  It’s crazy how fast your inbox fills up when you are not paying attention to it.

I had big dreams of doing nothing all weekend and that has not happened.

Friday night found me going to visit one of my cousins as another was here visiting from the States.  Late night #1.

Yesterday I wanted to just relax for a moment when my BFF called looking for help putting together her furniture. Last night found me at a different cousin’s house having a family dinner since we had out of country guests.  Late night #2.

Today I had plans to spend some time with my couch and PVR.  My BFF called in a panic as she needed additional help with putting together a book shelf.  We then went to Bed Bath and Beyond where I lost 2 hours of my life while she wandered the entire store and debated curtains.

It is now after 9 and my head is pounding.  Diva is trying to convince her BFF’s parents to let her come over tonight.  Not sure who she thinks is going to drive her as I am in for the night.

I am going to relax on the couch with Bruce Willis in Live Free or Die Hard. 😉

One long day

For some reason today feels like it’s extra long.  

I got up and have just been going, going, going.

I meant to come on here earlier with a list of what I needed to do but time got away from me.

I harassed my kids to help me clean up.  We dusted and vacuumed.  I did 3 loads of laundry.  

I took my sister and Diva to get our eyebrows threaded after dropping off 2 big bags of stuff to Goodwill. 🙂 I love getting stuff out of my house.

There was a line up at the eyebrow place which gave me a few minutes to start reading You Are Here.

When I got home I got my baking on.  

I made Kelsey’s Rapid Rise Rolls and Chocolate Butterscotch Cheesecake Cookies without the Butterscotch.

Cookies and buns

 For dinner we had Skinny Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo.  This is all that’s left after my kids and sister ate.  The pot was full.

Skinny Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo


After dinner I put Diva’s hair in 2 strand twists.  Then blow dried Princess’ hair straight.

I’m beat.  I am really feeling the after effects of my massage yesterday.  That lady beat up my shoulders.  I actually have bruises. 😦

I started my menu planning for this week but I stopped at Thursday.  I will finish it up tomorrow and post it.

I’m going to put away my baked goods and get myself ready for bed.

Hope you had a great weekend.

Sleep is over-rated

Oh my word, I am in need of rest.  I have gone to bed far too late the past two nights.

Saturday was my mother’s birthday.  Her request was to go to the all you can eat sushi restaurant that I usually go to.  Since it was the weekend and that increases the cost we went for lunch instead of dinner.  I also included my Aunt (my Mom’s sister) in the celebration.  Again I am not sure why I bring my kids to all you can eat sushi as there was minimal eating being done by both of them.  My sister who is usually very picky surprised me by trying just about everything thing that came out.

When it was dessert time, my Mom turned into one of the kids, ordering 2 ice creams and 1 jello.  She looked so happy.  I think she had a good lunch.

I came home to take apart the top bunk bed in Diva’s room.  The hardest part was taking the bed off of the other one. *blush*  Then like a crazy person I attempted to put the bed (while in pieces) in my little car.  It fit but the trunk would not close.  I don’t even want to tell you what I used to tie it down.  I drove to my mother’s very slowly.  Since I had to straighten the back of the driver’s chair, my chest was about 4 inches away from the steering wheel.  It was NOT comfortable.  But I got it done.  At one point I turned a corner a little too fast and a piece of the bed slide from one side of my car to the other.  Not nice at all.

My sister seems happy with her “new” bed.

A few friends came up from the States to attended Caribana the Scotiabank Toronto Caribbean Carnival.  So I hung out with them in the evening.  It was a great time and I did not get home until 3 am.

I got up at 7 am Sunday morning to drive Diva to my mother’s house as my sister decided (on Friday) to have a garage sale.  My sister put up the signs advertising the sale late Saturday … I did not have high hopes for this sale.  Especially considering the only things my sister was trying to sell was the stuff she was going to take to Goodwill.

For the 6+ hours that the garage sale ran for, they sold $7 worth of merchandise.  My sister seems okay with it and Diva treats it like it was a one time experience no need to do it again.

There are rumours that my sister may be having another garage sale.  Putting into practice all that she learned from this one and what all the adults in her life have told her.  Diva will not be here to help with the fun.

Yesterday afternoon, I went to a family get together at one of my cousins.  When my Aunt and I got out of the car, Diva “laid down the law”.  She told us, that “we are leaving at 10 pm.  So start your goodbyes at 9 as I know it takes you a long time.  I am tired and I want to go home early.”  Why did I not see her until after 11?  So much for going home early.  We did not leave until after 1am.

While I slept in this morning I am still feeling tired.  Today’s plan will be to take apart the last piece of Diva’s bunk bed and take it to my mother’s.  Then Diva needs to get everything else out of her room so we can prep and hopefully paint tomorrow.

Tomorrow while the prepping and painting is going on I will be in Ikea buying this.

new bed (Source)

This is the new bed that Diva chose.

If all goes well we should be done this project by Thursday.  Right now my living room and dining room are in a state of confusion as all of Diva’s stuff is in there.  While I have been stressing that not everything that came out of the room is going back in, she doesn’t seem to be thinking about decluttering.  Poor girl will be in for such a surprise.  Right now  her room looks so much better without all the stuff.  I intend to keep it that way.