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Week 1 Recap

Well it was not my best effort but I am doing better than before. I worked out too hard on Tuesday and then again on Wednesday and I think it was too much. 😦

Since I’m not working out as much as I would like, I took control of my eating. Not eating after 8:30 pm and less eating out. I am in a water challenge with one of my coworkers. Unfortunately she was off for most of last week, but I was still trying to keep on track.

I went for a massage yesterday with a new therapist and it was everything a massage should be. Not overly painful and she gave me some stretches to do to loosen up my neck. Turns out all my sitting at a computer is not having a good effect on my shoulders. I was instructed to spend time stretch the front of my body as my neck muscles in the front are tight and shortening which is why my shoulders are hurting. Who knew?

This week I plan to get back into swing with “easy” workouts. Body weight exercises and walking. I forgot last week how far off the fitness wagon I had fallen off. But I am focused and determined.

Since I gave away/shared most of my Leslie Sansone videos, I will be putting my favourites on hold at the library. Along with a couple of Tracy Anderson videos. No/low impact for the win.

PGH – 2/3/16

I bite the bullet and weighted myself on Monday. 4 lbs gone!! 🙂 AND more than 1 inch lost around my waist and hips. 😀

I’m not going to lie I was hoping for more. But given my pig out fest on Saturday, I’m not completely surprised …

Last month I tried a few new to me workout DVDs. Some I liked. Others not so much. At one point I had borrowed 15 workout DVDs from the library. O_o

First up an oldie, but goodie Buns of Steel.

Buns of Steel

This is not my mother’s Buns of Steel. I borrowed it only to see if anything had changed. It was an “okay” workout. Nothing to write home about. There were six 10 minute workouts and 3 workouts.

Sculpt & Burn

I was hot and sweaty at the end of Sculpt & Burn. This workout makes me realize I need to up my cardio game. There are four 10 minute workouts and a 5 minute warm up and cool down. You can mix and match to your heart’s content.

Personal training with Jackie

Jackie, where to start with her. The personal training video consists of two 25 minute workouts, an upper and lower/core. Both are pyramid style where you start with doing 1 rep of 2 exercises moving up to doing 10 reps. This is one circuit. There are 6 circuits. Jakie showed me how weak my upper body is. Both workouts were very challenging to me.

One on one training

This DVD was more my speed, three 20 minute workouts, upper, lower and core. 🙂 Each workout consisted of strength training and cardio. The cardio broke up the intensity which I appreciated.

Tone Every Zone Walk

I loved this DVD. As in I put in a request for it the day I returned it and am patiently waiting for it to come back to me. Three 20 minute workouts, upper with weights, lower body with weights and a fast walk. The music is very upbeat which I really enjoyed.

Slim + Sculpt Cardio  Cardio dance

I have nothing nice to say about either of these DVDs. Both were hard to follow along as the instructions were either missing or unclear. I was surprised as I liked her other videos and will stick to them.


I have a few more on hold at the library and will let you know if I find anything worthwhile.

OTMTW – 10/27/15

So far the power has been consistent so I’m a happy camper.

I did the second workout from this video yesterday.

Mat workout for beginners

Part of it involved leg raises while holding on to a chair. Surprisingly my arms hurt more than my hips and behind. I am going to try and squeeze a 10 minute ab workout before I go to bed.

I did a little meal planning. I’m rather proud of myself as this seems to fall of my list of things to do.

Monday – lasagna roll ups I added jalapeño slices in a few rolls and wowza!! It really kicked it up a notch for me.
Tuesday – beef with black bean sauce with rice noodles
Wednesday – leftovers
Thursday – pan fried pork chops and rice No recipe needed just garlic salt and pepper, turns out amazing
Friday – leftovers
Saturday – shawarma

Almost 3 weeks …

Since my last post. Dreadful.

I found this DVD at my local library. Since I had so much “fun” with the last Tracy Anderson video, you know this one came home with me.

Mat workout for beginners

I have only done the 1st workout and it’s challenging. Again no jumping up and down so I don’t mind doing it late at night. According to one of my cousins, it will get me long and lean. I can go for that!! 🙂 At this rate, I might take the plastic off of the DVD I own. 😉


blue jays

I have become an official band wagoner. “My” Blue Jays are killing it!! LOL  Yes I started watching them again for the first time since the last time they were on a winning streak … 22 years ago. *blush* Shameful I know. I will do the same for the Leafs should they ever get their act together.


Sadly not much else is really going on lately. I did decide to finally host a get together on Saturday, a girls night in. It is a pot luck and if all goes well it will become a regular thing. To get ready, I will need to do some serious tidying up and decluttering. I like to entertain partly because it forces me to pretty up home. Maybe I’ll even get the mirrors I purchased over Labour Day weekend put up on the wall.

10 minutes

I found a new exercise guru to not like.

tracy anderson


So around 10 last night I come to terms with the fact that I still had not worked out. I borrowed the above video from the library thinking I can do 10 minute workouts. This is the second or third time it’s been in my house; first time in the DVD player.

Since I didn’t want to write on Sunday that I didn’t get my exercise on 5 times this week, I thought I’d cheap out and do one of these 10 minute ones.

How bad could it be!?!?!?!

Well my friends, it was challenging. 10 minutes doesn’t sound like a long time UNLESS you are focusing only on 1 body part. I started with abs as those workouts seem less intense to me. Read that as no jumping up and down. 😉 It was past 10 after all. The workout hurt a bit but I got through it with a few modifications and constantly repeating “It’s only 10 minutes. Girl you can do anything for 10 minutes”.

Well I am a glutton for punishment as I felt “warmed up and ready to do more”. Arms were next. Tracy said pick up your 3 pound weights. This genius figured let’s just use the 5 pounders. This genius had to concede to the 3 pounds. Holy moly my arms were talking yelling at me. My 10 minute mantra was not working. Breaks were taken. At the end of it all I asked for volunteers to feed me today. Diva kindly volunteered Princess. lol

This morning my shoulders felt like they did some work but I was capable of getting myself together. So much so I did the butt and legs workouts. Those ones were much worse AND I did them without the recommended 1.5 or 2.5 ankle weights.

Tracy Anderson is a beast.

tracy anderson mat workout

I actually own her Mat Workout video above, which is still in the plastic. I think I know why.

I am typing this up afraid to laugh as my abs are telling me “don’t you dare think about doing her again tomorrow”. My butt and legs are in agreement.

Can you guess what I’ll be doing tomorrow?