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Thrift shopping & some updates

Yesterday my BFF and I hit the local thrift shop as she’s lost some weight and needed some new clothes.  For $90 she got a pair of jeans, a bra, 2 shirts and 3 dresses. I on the on the other hand bought a shirt for Diva, a book and Bob Harper’s yoga DVD for less than $19. The DVD was $3!! 🙂 Three dollars!?! I’m very happy with my find. It as on my long list of things to buy somewhere near the bottom as I didn’t want to pay a lot for it.

In other news, Diva has finished her training at a local youth employment center and has been placed at The Gap. She goes in for an interview on Thursday.  Her uniform is black pants and a collared shirt. The shirt I bought at the thrift store was too small but we went back and was able to exchange it for another. Now we need to go over her shoe collection to see if any are acceptable.

Now to get Princess motivated to finish her resume and out applying for jobs.

I have recently discovered “Dexter” the TV series. Yes I know I’m way behind. My cousin recommended it years ago. I’m only on episode 2 but I’m really enjoying it.

On the list of things to do this weekend:

  • library
  • shoe shopping
  • grocery store
  • watch more episodes of Dexter 😉
  • meal plan
  • take Princess to a few stores in the neighbourhood to apply for jobs

Traumatizing my kids

Book of Negroes


Like the bad mother I sometimes am, I have been watching “The Book of Negroes” with my daughters.

I just recently finished the book and it was a fantastic read.  I made sure to read it the moment I heard there was going to be a television show. The mini-series strays from the book.  There are a lot of details missing.  While I enjoyed the book, the mini-series is not holding my attention as much as I would like.  But I will continue to watch it along with my girls as it gives me an opportunity to have discussions that might not have been had otherwise.

After the first episode in which the lead character, Aminata is kidnapped and her parents killed, my children decided they just couldn’t deal with all that had happened to her so far.

It was decided we would watch an episode every other night, giving them time to “recover” from the emotional toll of the story.

In the second episode, Aminata’s child is sold. Diva was outraged. Princess looked shocked. There was a lot of yelling at my TV that night.

Tomorrow we will watch the third episode.

I feel privileged to be born on this side of the planet at this time.  I have had countless debates with friends over what would have happened to us had we been stolen, born into slavery or taken to a concentration camp.  I think I would have done what was necessary to survive.  Although I think if you sold my child that would be a game changer.

It’s that time again

New TV season!!

There are so many new shows and so little time. 😦

Since I don’t have all day to watch TV we have tried to narrow down the list.

First up is Gotham.

Gotham (2014) Poster (Source)

Princess has been on the look out for this show for quite some time.  Even if I wanted to not watch it that is not an option.  My girl even got ready for bed early so there would be no reason not to watch it tonight.

Next up is Forever.

Forever (2014) Poster (Source)

I’m not sure about this one, but I’ll watch a couple of episodes before I make my final decision.

Another Princess pick is Flash.

The Flash (2014) Poster (Source)

Can you tell who is a complete Marvel Comic fanatic??

Lastly one just for me

How to Get Away with Murder (2014) Poster (Source)

Because I need more ideas. 😉 LOL


Jam packed Wednesdays

Every new TV season I try not to add any too many new shows as there are only so many hours I want to devote to watching the old boob tube.

Of the 15 shows I think I am going to watch this season, 8 of them are on Wednesday night.  Huh!?!  Why!?!  Thank goodness for time-shifting and my PVR.  I know my life is hard!! First world problems.  LOL

Princess and I are huge Marvel comic book fans so you know Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D made the list.

Agents_of_SHIELD_logo (Source)

So far I am not all that impressed but it’s some bonding time with the big child before she completely thinks I’m not cool.

Princess also loves Alice in Wonderland so she is patiently waiting for Once Upon A Time In Wonderland.

Wonderland (Source)

Thankfully this one is on Thursdays.  Since we all love Once Upon A Time, I hope we will enjoy Wonderland as well.

The only other shows I have added are Super Fun Night and Ironside.  Super Fun Night looks like it will be funny and Ironside … well I have been in love with Blair Underwood since my mother used to watch L.A. Law back in the ’90s.  I swear he has not aged at all.

I think 15 shows is way too many for one week.  This translates to 13 hours of TV a week … that’s almost a part-time job. 😦  Maybe I can salvage some of these hours by picking up my not so forgotten scarf.