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Happy Mother’s Day

This day has been very quiet day. My oldest is in Europe and my youngest went to work. I spent the day lounging. Went to see my own mother. She was in a good mood. Called my Aunt who is like a second mother to me. It was a good day.

Last week was great on the exercise front. I still don’t get up every morning but a workout was done 4 days last week. I’m getting there, slowly. I am still not eating after 8:30 pm. So that should help.

I ordered some clothes from Walmart of all places. I am a fan of Gloria Vanderbilt jeans. They manage to hide my side fat. I have more pairs than I care to admit to. Unfortunately some of them are starting to suffer from the inevitable chub rub. One of my coworkers told me that my jeans are in the local Walmart. I went online and found them for $9/pair!!! I bought all colours that were in my size.  4 new pairs of jeans for me. 1 pair is just slightly too small but I’m going to keep them as they were nine dollars! I’ll fit into them eventually.

I also picked up 2 dresses and a jumper to take to Florida.

Surprisingly these all got approval from my youngest.

My schedule change at the PT job was approved. Not sure when it will take effect as I am on the schedule this Saturday, but I know it is coming. Hello social life!!

I have been challenged by one of my very good friends to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life. He knows that I will continue to put it off until my death bed if I am not pushed. This is still a work in progress. My first task is to identify the top 10 (minimum 8) things that are holding me back. This is harder that I thought it would be. But I will get on it.

My girl comes back on Thursday evening so I am going to have dinner with a friend near the airport before picking her up. Other than that this week should be mundane.

Yeah for thrift shops

I went to Walmart and bought the cheapest DVD player this afternoon. It was the only one that came with a remote and that was what sold me.

DVD player

It was smaller than any of the other DVD players I have. This is because it is missing the digital display. It worked but … well I was not completely sold. I like seeing how much time has passed when I watch a DVD as I have been known to stop mid-show and come back later.

“Funnily” enough when I plugged the dead DVD player into a different electrical outlet, it powered up. So I took that opportunity to remove the library’s DVD. Since it died unexpectedly I no longer trust it and out it must go.

As I mentioned buying a new DVD player to my BFF, she mentioned pawn shops and asked why I didn’t go used. It was like a light went on. Why didn’t I go used? It’s not like it’s hard to find used electronics. She recommended a store close to us and since I had to pick up Diva I figured why not pass by and look.

It was full of all kinds of stuff, guitars, jewelry, bicycles, cameras, video games etc. Even with trying to stay focused, we spent 40+ minutes in the store. We left with a Samsung DVD player with remote and 5 movies for less than the cost of just the DVD player from Walmart. It is similar to this one.


The sales rep at the store even hooked it up to a TV and put batteries in the remote to show me that it works. Service was great. I will definitely go back should I need anything else. Might even go back when I’m looking to replace my TV.

Tomorrow I will return the DVD player back to Walmart and that will be the end of that.

Is it the weekend yet?

This day … let’s just say I’m glad it’s over. Nothing horrible happened but there were a few things that could have lived without.

The Firm Super Body Sculpt

This video contains 3 workouts, arms, legs and core. They run all together even though you can do them as 3 separate workouts. I did just the arms yesterday and it was intense. Today I did the rest. I was a hot mess at the end but it felt good. I really like The Firm workouts I’ve done so far. I believe that you would see results in 10 workouts.

Earlier this week one of my neighbours asked me if I had heard about the thefts of the registration stickers from some of the license plates in the garage. Well no I did not. He found out that his was missing when he was pulled over by the police. Just my luck, mine was one of them.  Who ever took it got a great deal since this year was the first time I decided to buy a 2 year sticker. Not impressed. I debated waiting until I was pulled over and “alerted” by the police but then my BFF reminded me that it would most likely happen at the most inconvenient time. So today I spent 40 minutes in a line and paid $7 to replace my stolen sticker. I wonder when my sticker was taken and how long it would have taken me to notice on my own. I have not put my new sticker on as I am going to cut an X through it once I put it on so that it will be harder to take the next time.

I now own 2 DVD players that don’t work right. The first is a DVD/VHS combo where the open button for the DVD side is very fickle. It has been designated to play only DVDs that I own just in case the button decides to crap out completely. 30 Day Shred has been in there for at least 6 months now. Tonight while watching a DVD from the library, the “good” DVD player decided to die. No warning, nothing. It just stopped. It will not turn on so I will have to wrestle with it to be able to give the library back their property. 😦 Since I have 26 DVDs on loan to me I see a new DVD player in my future. A quick check to Walmart.ca resulted in a couple of options that are less that $40. 🙂 Want to guess what’s on my list of things to do tomorrow?

It has been hotter than Hades the past few days. Thankfully we have not experienced any black outs due to the increased electricity demand. Tomorrow is going to be another scorcher. On the plus side my water intake has been at least 2.5 liters a day. 🙂

Weekend recap

I’m not sure what goes through my head when I agree to invitations when I have other plans during the weekend but I did it twice. 😮

In the week, a friend asked me to go with her to a club on Friday night to celebrate a friend of a friend’s birthday.  She didn’t want to make the drive by herself, so I agreed to go along.  Plus ladies were free before midnight. 🙂

I thought I would nap before going out especially considering I was up until 1 am on Thursday night/Friday morning.  But it didn’t happen. Coffee has become my drug of choice for the past 3 days.

Anyhoo … the club was an interesting experience.  The crowd was diverse.  The music was a great mix of everything.  I danced and had a great time.  I also forgot that my friend likes to close the club so even though the lights came on she waited until the music ended before we left.  We took another friend home, 20+ minutes in the opposite direction.  It was 4 am before I finally found my bed.

Yesterday I got up around 11:30 am and felt like I had been hit by a Mack truck.  My body was not happy with me.  I had thoughts of visiting my Uncle but decided against it.  I needed to rest up before going to a birthday dinner/party.

I did manage to do 4 loads of laundry, which still need to be put away. 😦  I also did a not so frugal thing and went to Walmart to purchase a new kitchen garbage can instead of cleaning the one I have.  I would take pictures but trust me it is disgusting.  Unfortunately for me, I bought the wrong size.  Instead of looking at it as a sign to clean my existing one, I am just going to exchange it.

During the week, one of my cousins called me to tell me he was also having a birthday party last night.  Even though I told him of my plans he asked me to still pass by as it would be a late night.  So when the first birthday party was winding down I went to my cousin’s house.  It was dark and quiet.  So I made it home “early” at 1 am.

By the time I got ready for bed and hurried the kids to their own bed it was after 2.  I woke up at 6:30 am.  ARGHHHH!!  I went back to sleep and then my Aunt called after 11 to see when/if we are going to the grocery store.  It was time to get up.

If the past 2 days have taught me anything, it is that I need to work out.  So this morning I dug out 30 Day Sculpt.  This girl is weak.  Time to change that.  🙂

I am now having a coffee and some food before going to get my Aunt.  I am starting to feel a little under the weather so tonight will be an early one.


Yesterday was a good day.  I stopped by the gas station closest to my Mom’s house and they were running a promotion that if you used your Air Miles card you got 3 cents off per litre.  Not a huge amount but I’ll take it.  Next I went to Wal-Mart and the laptop cart that I have been looking at online which said was out of stock was there.


It is much bigger that my other one but I really like it.

The Wal-Mart I went to was next to a Lowe’s so I decided to go in to see if they had another lock that would fit my door.  It really was my day as this lock was on sale 50% off.  Better lock for less than the one I had at home causing me grief!?!  Sign me up!!


I was ready to buy the burnt brass finish even though it didn’t match my door handle because at that price why not. Then I spotted the last silver one. SCORE!!!

It did require me to do a little modification on my door but not much.

This lock has an auto-lock feature which I am having trouble with as the deadbolt needs to be fully extended and the hole in my door frame is not deep enough but other than that it is working out well.  I still have to get Diva to pick a code and then we are good to go.

Scarier thing, as I was putting my lock in my neighbour came to see what  I was up to so I told her the story.  She was ill for a while and when the elevator was being repaired she stayed elsewhere.  She said when she came back the toilet seat in one of her bathrooms was up.  She’s a single woman living alone.  So she too will be changing her locks.

I’m so glad I finally got off my duff and changed the door lock.

Not present

2 weeks ago I bought a toaster oven on the way home from my cousin’s house.  I mulled it over for far too long as really it’s just a toaster oven.  I ended up letting price be the deciding factor.

I wanted a big toaster oven so when Diva reheats pieces of fried chicken she doesn’t burn down the house or the food.  My goal is to encourage the children to use the toaster oven instead of the regular oven.  Gotta try to keep the electricity bill down.

I originally bought this one made by Oster.

toaster oven

I meal planned and had pork loins ready to try out in it.  BUT … when I pulled it out of the box, the bottom knob was missing.  I searched the box but no luck.  This appliance was going back.

A quick look online told me my closest Wal-Mart did not have any in stock and I wasn’t sure I wanted the same model and the reviews were not that great.

Since I had to check on my Dad’s house last weekend I figured I’d stop at Wal-Mart on my way.  Well that didn’t quite work out as I was running late to meet up with a friend so I ended up at my local Wal-Mart which had 4 boxes of the model I was returning.

Anyhoo … a friend of mine recently bought a convection toaster oven which got me thinking that might be the way to go.  So I decided to check them out.  It was between two models that were the same price so I went with the one Princess said was prettier.

I picked up this one.  It also won because it claims to be able to hold a 12″ pizza.

toaster over 2

The price on the shelf was $20 more than I paid for the one I returned.  I knew convection would cost more so I was okay with it.  My girls found bottles of soda that were 2/$1 so that went on the bill as well.

I swiped my card, grabbed my new toaster oven and went home to try it out.  It worked wonderfully and my kids have used it almost daily.

Are you wondering about the title of this post?

Well it was only yesterday when reconciling my budget did I realize I didn’t have the receipt. When I looked online at my credit card statement there was the return of the broken oven and a charge for $11 less than the return.

That can’t be right.

I went to find my weekend purse and sure enough.  The receipt showed the new toaster oven was $40 less that the price listed on the shelf, $10 less than the returned oven.

I had no clue.  If you had asked me I would have told you I paid $80 for it, not $40.

I’m glad it worked in my favour but it’s scary to think how zoned out I was that day that I didn’t even notice I was getting a deal.

Someone is sleeping on the job

MY BFF had me looking at venetian blinds online today.  Since searching on venetian blinds did not work on walmart.ca, I just typed blinds.  Every item on the page was $199.

Blinds (Source)


Including …

The Blind Side (Source)

Do you see anything wrong?

I am done!!

I do not have to see a mall or store other than for groceries until next year!

I am finished my Christmas shopping.  So far, I have spent $357.50.  I still have to give money to my kids and sister.  I usually give my sister $50 and am thinking to give my daughters $60 each.  Originally I was leaning towards $100 each but I have since purchased them presents so reducing the amount made sense.

I have hit upon a little dilemma.  For the first few years that we lived in our apartment we had a Christmas tree made out of green bristol board that was taped to the wall.  A couple of years ago I bought a small real tree in a pot, which I have since killed. 😦

Dead Christmas tree

Think anyone will notice?  LOL

And yes, I still have my dead tree, not sure why but it’s still here.  One of my crafty friends suggested I spray paint it green.

The thought of getting a big real tree and dragging it to my apartment is not that appealing to me.  I saw a few small trees when I was out yesterday and for a brief second I contemplated bringing one home.

Little Christmas trees

Aren’t they cute?  The only reason I didn’t was I wanted to check my Christmas budget first. 😉  I know, it surprised me too.


On a different note, I have been plugging away at the blanket.  This is what it looked like before I finished putting all the granny squares together.  I am debating putting a border around it.

Crocheted blanket


Now I just have to tidy up the loose ends.  I wish I had thought about it when I was in Wal-Mart yesterday as the needle I have I do not like.

So tired

Yesterday after work I went to the grocery store and picked up more than I had intended.  I then went to dinner and it was disappointing.  The food used to be good.  Now it’s just watered down and bland.

I managed to go into a bakery near the restaurant and bought some goodies.  I used tonight’s dinner as justification.  It was dessert. 😉

After dinner I went to Costco to pick up a slab of salmon to bake for dinner tonight.  I was originally going to make stew pork but I invited my Aunt and she is not a fan.  While at Costco … I picked up some snacks for my girls.

This morning I got up around 6:30 am.  Much too early for a Saturday.  I went to drop Diva at her friend’s house for 7.

I came back home with the intention of getting the meat I bought on Friday seasoned and put in the freezer BUT tiredness overcame me and I went to lay down.

BIG mistake.

I did go back to sleep but I woke up more tired than I started.

I did the 30 day shred which hurt as I did it less than 12 hours before.

**Let me back track for a quick second.  Last night after I got home from Costco at 8:30 pm I had to give my girls the ugly face as I left them with a couple of chores to do and they did not do them.  So we put away the groceries from Costco and then cleaned up the house.  It was almost 10 by the time we were finished.  I was spent.  Then I remembered that I had not worked out.  My kids were “encouraging” me to go get it done.  One of my cousins popped up on Skype and told me not to overextend myself.  By the time I psyched myself up to workout it was 10:30 pm 😦  But I got it done.**

Now where was I?  Oh yes 30 day shred twice in less than 12 hours.  MADNESS!!!

I went to meet my girl for brunch at 11.  We had a nice time catching up and vowed to get back to our once a month date.

After brunch I stopped by the eyebrow place and there was NO ONE waiting in line.  Rare for a Saturday.  I was in and out in under 10 minutes. 🙂

Then I was off to pick up Diva from her friend’s house, then pick up my friend to bring her to my place.  On the way home I stopped at the liquor store to purchase a bottle of wine for my step-Mom.

It took us 3+ hours to clean out most of my cupboards.  My friend suggested that I group things in my cupboards by like items.  So all the canned goods go in one spot.  The spaghetti sauce in another, etc, etc.

I got rid of a lot of expired food and also food we were not going to eat.

Of course it is only when I sat down to write this post does it occur to me that I should have taken before pictures … or even after pics. O_o

After cleaning, I seasoned the salmon and then went out with my friend to pick up my Aunt.  My girl wanted to stop at a particular Walmart that was a bit out of the way.  Had it not been after 6:30 and I was only running on food from brunch it might have happened.  But hunger won and we just picked up my Aunt.  I told my friend we could go when I was dropping my Aunt home since that Walmart is open until 11 pm.

I had Princess make rice and put the salmon in the oven while I was out.  By the time we returned the rice was supposed to be ready but it was still wet so that gave me time to steam the carrots.

We ate dinner, had bakery goodies for dessert. 🙂

Then after 8 pm my girl reminded me of our trip to Walmart.  I said we still had time.  She stated she wanted to walk around. 😦  I swear she was just going to get 3 or 4 things.

My Aunt said she wanted to make the trip as she needed a battery.

So after 9 off we went to Walmart.  We spent over 1 hour wandering around while my girl went up and down most aisles.

I did not return home until after 11 pm.

I am beat.

I still have meat in my fridge that I need to season before putting in the freezer. 😦  I plan to get this done tomorrow before I go to my Dad’s.

If time permits, I would like to take my girls to see Iron Man 3.  I have movie passes. 🙂

Shhhh, don’t tell Princess, just in case there isn’t time.

PGH – 3/7/13

Going back in time …


My Aunt bought this tape ( yes as in VHS tape) brand new.  I am not sure how it came into my possession but I remember doing this back in high school.  I remember another Aunt doing the exercise program back then as well.  Sadly I remember chuckling to myself as she could not stretch as far as I could at the time.  Little did I know that 3 years ago at a family reunion, this now 70-year-old Aunt would put on a bikini and put ALL of her nieces to shame.

How full of my self I was back then … Oh to be young. 😉

Anyhoo, I pulled this oldie but goody off of the bookshelf and vowed to do it every 4 days.  So far I have done it 4 times.  This video promises visible change to your body after doing it 10 times.  I usually see a change after 5 or 6 and then stop doing it. 😦  I like that there is no impact and lots of stretching.  Something I don’t get from Jillian or Leslie.

The library has become an even bigger asset to me as I am now using it to borrow all kinds of workout videos.  Test driving them before I think about buying them.  Much better for my wallet and I get a variety of workouts.  My only complaint is that I only get the videos for a week at a time so I have to hustle to try them.

Last week I went back to Jillian.  There is something to be said for that wiped feeling after a workout.  You know when you are huffing and puffing and high on endorphins. 😉  And you think, “man that was one tough workout.”

banish fat boost metabolism (Source)

What I like about Banish Fat Boost Metabolism is that it was a good lot of cardio.  While weights were not used I still felt like I got a great workout.  I only did it once cause it’s almost an hour!!!  I am the queen of the 20 minute workout.  Although now that I am lighter I am learning that I will have to workout longer in order to get the same calorie burn as when I started. 😦

Today I did No More Trouble Zones.  OMG …

no more trouble zones (Source)

Miss Jillian was not kidding around with this workout.  Again almost an hour with weights.  My arms are like jelly right now.  I haven’t felt like this in a long while.

I am debating purchasing both of these workouts.  Right now I can order them from Walmart.ca for under $16 total with taxes and free shipping.

As of Monday’s weigh in I am down 18 lbs.  I have 12 more to go to hit my goal.  I think however I might try to lose a bit more than that but I will assess and make that decision when I get to my goal weight.

The first set of measurements I took were back in September.  Last time was mid-February.  At that point I was down a total of 11.25 inches.  I shall measure again this week-end to see if anything has changed.

Right now I am feeling much better than I have in a long while.  It’s crazy to me that I let it get so out of control.

I am really glad that I bought a scale.  If I didn’t have one I would have stop working out as my clothes are loose and I feel fantastic.  But I am still heavier than the top weight in the range for my height.

So back to the exercise video for me.