Random thoughts of an upbeat mind

WSR – 12/03/12

Nov 25 – No Spend Day

Nov 26 – $13.97 groceries

Nov 27 – No Spend Day

Nov 28 – No Spend Day

Nov 29 – No Spend Day

Nov 30 – $17 sushi lunch

Dec 1 – $14.58 dinner with my kids
$54.24 Christmas shopping
$41.42 old navy
$12.66 bulk barn
$47.74 shoebox project
$52.10 groceries

Dec 2 – $51.16 grocery
$45.11 Christmas shopping
$15.02 contact lenses solution

Grand Total: $363.00 – $147.09 ish Christmas shopping = $215.91 NET
4 No Spend Days

I am pretty much done with Christmas shopping.  I was able to fund my shoebox project from my Christmas budget. 🙂

The elevator in my building will be out of service from today until Wednesday.  I am not sure if that means it will be operational on Wednesday but I stocked up a bit on groceries just in case.

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