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I have been meaning to post on here sooner I swear!

Inspiration has been lacking and the truth is life has not been that fun or exciting.

I changed jobs in May because I was under-employed and felt like this change would be a good one.

It’s not.

Like P. Diddy said “Mo’ money, mo’ problems”!! LOL


This new company is incredibly dis-organized to the point where I am not sure how it is they make any money or why people still do business with them.

It has been baptism by fire and it’s more stressful than I think life should ever be.  We seem to be always behind the 8 ball. It is a rare day that I am not apologizing to a customer.

This has caused me a lot of unnecessary grief. I am looking for a new job and it can not come soon enough. There is another trade show coming up that I am contractually obligated to go to that I do not want to attend AT ALL.  I am praying that an opportunity to leave this company presents itself before then.

I could tell you lots of crazy stories about the business ethics of this new company but I am really trying to get myself in a more positive head space.

I know this too shall pass; I am just willing it to pass faster. 😉

On a completely different note, I increased my internet monthly GBs from 60 to 270.  Last 2 months usage – under 60 GBs.  I don’t know what’s happening here.

Fool me once …

I think there must be something not right going on in my world.

Usually my negative interactions with Rogers are limited to at most 3 times a year.  For that I am willing to put up with their good service.  But in recent months I have had to call Rogers once a month to get a discount they said they would give me that has yet to appear on my bill.

Every month I am assured by someone that it will be on my bill next month and then the bill arrives and SURPRISE NOTHING.

So for the past 4 months I have been calling Rogers monthly because the credit to my home phone is not on my bill.  Last month, I spoke to a lovely lady who credited my account for the amount that should have been taken off for the past 3 months. 🙂 She also told me that the credit would be there on my next bill.

Anyone want to guess what was missing from this month’s bill?

The latest CSR swears it was a system glitch and recommended that I short pay the bill.  And of course the discount will be on my next bill.

I don’t know whether to laugh or shake my head.

OMG Really Rogers!!

I can not say it enough.  I do not like having to call Rogers customer service.

I was reading Frugal and Thankful’s recount of how she saved money by calling her Internet provider to ask for a discount and this reminded me to check my latest Rogers bill.

You see ever since I moved into my apartment, I have gotten a deal on my home phone.  Unfortunately the deal can only be given in 12 month increments so I have to call back every year to ask for it again.

Knowing that it expires sometime at the end of the year, I called Rogers back in November.  I was told that the promotion was put back on my account.

December’s bill comes.  No discount.  I call back Rogers and was given some song and dance and assured that the promotion would be on my next bill.

January’s bill is here.  Guess what’s missing???  Yup, my discount.  ARGHHHH!!!

So never-mind that it was after 11:30 last night, I called Rogers.

The first person I get on the phone I explain that I was promised a discount and I did not receive it.  I asked him if he was the right person to talk to.  He said no and transferred me to the home phone department.  The next customer service rep agreed that I should be getting a discount but needed to transfer me to the customer retention department as they were the one that made the promise.


It’s now close to midnight and I have to tell my tale to a third person??? I had to pray for strength as “ugly” Sunny was about to rear her stink attitude.

The third Rogers employee was nice and spoke in soft tones, calming the angry beast within me.  She commented on how I surely must have better things to do than to call a company three times in order to get a discount.  She was pleasant.  She even offered to back date the discount to the months I was supposed to be getting it and then start my 12 months from today.

I get that Rogers is in the business of making money but they really need to train their customer service reps better.  Making a promise and not delivering on it is just bad business all around.  Thankfully their service is reliable or else I would have left a long time ago.  I rarely have to call them but when I do, 90% of the time it is grief.

I am willing to be hired to train their CSRs … just saying.

Do better BB&B

I went to return an item yesterday at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Stood up at the return counter only to have another “customer” jump the line. The employee behind the desk made no attempt to explain or apologize. The customer was beyond rude, telling me “I didn’t know the situation”.  She was right I didn’t but instead of giving me stink attitude she could have explained but whatever.  The last straw came when she actually started cashing out her cart full of  purchases.

After 5+ minutes a cashier took me to a sales counter to do my return. :S

While passing by the returns desk on my way out it was made known to me that the “customer” that jumped the line is actually an employee of the store.

I am not impressed.

UPDATE: Emailed BB&B to let them know about this situation.  Heard back from the district sales manager who thanked me for informing them of this need to re-train their staff.  And that was it.  In the past other companies have offered me discounts or gift cards … so I am still not impressed.

Is it just me?

Or does a red light no longer mean stop?  Especially for those turning left.

If I had a nickel for ever time I witnessed someone run a red light, I could hang out with Donald Trump or at least afford to stay in one of his hotels. 😉

I am at a loss as to when we became this society that is ALWAYS in a rush.  And of course let us not forget that “where ever I am going in much more important than where you are going so I can justify breaking the law” mentality of my fellow city mates.

It’s insane.

I am sure that my area is not the only one with this problem, but as a member of the driving public it is down right scary.

Computer Problems

Yesterday I had this great post in my head.  When I got a minute to sit, I turned on my computer and was about to log into this blog and then I heard it.




At the time I did not know what it meant but it didn’t sound good.

I logged off my computer and went to restart it and I got a black screen and a request to load a disk …

Oh, oh.

This I now know is the black screen of hard drive death.

While I hadn’t experienced it myself I was only aware of the blue screen of death.  I had no clue that there are screens of  any other colours.

A quick call to a techie friend and I was brought up to speed.


I bought this computer brand new in August!?!  I still have my old laptop that I bought 6-7 years ago refurbished and it still works.  It’s slow but functioning.

I had to do a search for the bill, but I found it.  Took my laptop and the bill to Future Shop only to be told by the service guy that he will send it out to Toshiba.


I can do that myself.  WTFrench fries!?!

My first call to Toshiba was not fruitful as I did not have the laptop in my hand.  But the person on the other end did tell me where I could take it.  Turns out there are 2 places close by.

Lucky me.

After a quick walk to the car, I called back Toshiba to get the necessary paperwork and a recommendation that I take it to the official service depot not one of the authorized dealers.

Well, OK.

So tomorrow before I go to work I will drop off my laptop.  The estimated time to fix is between 7-10 business days. 😦

No this is not the end of the world as both Princess and Diva have their own computers so I can easily get online.  It is however an annoying inconvenience.

Ahhh first world problems!!! 😉

Seeing red …

On Tuesday, I agreed to renew my contract with Rogers with the special plan that was offered on Saturday.  It included 200 daytime minutes, unlimited incoming calls, unlimited text messages to anywhere in the world, unlimited evening and week-ends starting at 6 pm.

This morning my phone rang and my caller display said unknown number.  I thought nothing of it until the library called.  Their number usually shows up.  So I tried calling my cell from my work phone.  Again unknown number.  Huh!?!

I called Rogers who informed me that since my new plan with value pack was not to start until the next billing cycle in November, my old value pack containing call display and voice mail was removed.  Say what!?! 

After some back and forth, Rogers decided to put my new plan into effect today.  Alright, call display is back!!  Only when I log into my Rogers account, there is a monthly charge for the unlimited incoming calls.  WTF!?!  Apparently the notes made in my account reference that it was offered but nothing about it being free.  **insert heavy long-winded sigh here**

The rep I was speaking to, told me they need the rep I signed up with to confirm that I was offered free incoming calls before they could remove the charge.  They would investigate and call me back.  That was 6 hours ago …

What was I thinking?

I work for a small company with 40 employees.  There are 3 people including myself who work in my department.  I am the back up for BOTH of them.  This year for whatever reason the fates have aligned so that both my co-workers end up taking vacation at the same time.

This is the third time this year.   (I have started a rumour of them being in a secret stalker love affair in order to pass the time … no one believes me…)

To make matters worst, one of the people I supervise has visitors from far far away (not to be confused with near far away).  So with my stupid generous hat on, I told her while she could not be off at the same time as the others, I was willing to split the difference and she could work half days.  She gets in at 6:30 so she is out by 10:30 leaving me with a few things to do on top of everything else.


Did I mention it is month end …

I get the pain pleasure of reviewing all the invoices this month, because THERE IS NO ONE ELSE!?!

Today was Day 1 of 5, before someone returns, the other does not come back to work until Sept 12.  I was at work from 9 am – 7 pm.  I usually leave around 5:15 ish.

I STILL have work sitting on my desk that needs to be completed.  😦

Hopefully tomorrow will be an easier day.

Ever feel like you have bitten off more than you want to chew?


Oh Rogers, what have I done to endure your wrath

I am cheating at work and writing this post.  Something I know you all NEVER do.  😉

Now you might be saying to yourself, “Sunny, why are you telling me this?  I couldn’t care less.  You don’t report to me.”  As true as this is, it is how I will launch into my rant.

**getting on soap box**
**tapping microphone**

I have been a loyal Rogers (provider of all things communications related) customer for 15+ years.  When I moved into my condo 4 years ago I became the supreme customer, taking ALL the services they offer: home phone, cell phone, internet and cable. 

And what has my reward been?  Up until last month I would say great reliable service.  Today I am starting to look at my options. 

About a month or so before my vacation I had no internet.  A technician came out and fixed the problem during a work day.  He split the cable to give the internet it’s own cable.  Life as we know it is great again.

When I returned from vacation, my home phone was not working.  A service call was placed.  I spent 2 hours during a work day at home to get it fixed.  Now my internet is spotty.  To fix my home phone the technician split the cable (again) and now the signal to my internet is not strong enough to provide me with consistent service. 


To fix this, another appointment during work hours has been made … on FRICKIN’ Wednesday!?! 

**getting off soap box**

It’s only Monday … 😦

Don’t they know I am an addict???

Pet Peeves

Not much bothers me more than people who complain excessively about the following:

The weather: I live in a city that has two climates, hot and cold with a few warm days in between.  It’s been like this for a long while now get over it.

Traffic: We have 2 seasons, winter and construction.  That coupled with the increased number of folks who are driving it just seems to be getting worst.  Don’t like it, take public transit.

Your excessive weight: If for whatever reason you are overweight and have not been exercising for at least 4 months consistently you do NOT have the right to complain.  Have you ever noticed that it’s the ones who complain the most who are usually the first in line for the free treats?

Your imaginary weight: Why do skinny women like to pinch themselves and complain about how fat they are?  It’s called hips honey, you’re a woman you are supposed to have them.

Your job: If you do not enjoy what you do and are not actively looking for another job you do NOT have the right to complain.  I don’t understand in this economy people who are not grateful to have any job.  I think being unemployed right now would really be a downer.

Life in general: I don’t know about you but any day I wake up breathing is a great day in my book.  My life is the only thing I have control of.  Things I am not happy with I have the ability to change.  I am not the only one with this gift. 🙂